Regarding His Wife

Soon to Be/Downtown/Wed April 23/4:25 pm: Officer Warner more or less writes this: "[The complainant] met [the woman] through a dating service and went out on dates with her on Saturday, April 19, and Sunday, April 20. During the dates, [the woman] told him that she was separated from her soon-to-be-ex-husband. She also warned [the complainant] that they had a volatile relationship and that her soon-to-be-ex-husband, who worked for a powerful government law office in downtown Seattle, had been arrested for domestic violence in the past. Sunday evening was the last time [the complainant] saw [the woman].

"On April 23, [the complainant] received a telephone call on his cell phone at 4:25 pm. He answered and a male identified himself as Officer Craig Anderson with the Seattle Police Department's Forensic Unit. The 'officer' asked for him by name and began asking about [the woman] he had dated that weekend. The 'officer' explained that [the woman] had been a victim of a crime and asked how [the complainant] knew her. How did they meet? How long had he known her? At this point [the complainant] asked how the 'officer' had gotten his cell phone number. The 'officer' replied, 'We are the police, we have our ways.'

"[The complainant] asked how he could be sure that the caller was a police officer, and the 'officer' gave him a contact phone number, which seemed to lend credibility to the 'investigation.' The complainant also believed the 'officer' because he sounded very professional. The 'officer' continued to ask more questions about [the complainant's] relationship with [the woman]. The 'officer' asked personal questions like, 'How old are you?' 'How tall are you?' and so on. The victim was about to answer these questions when his cell phone was suddenly disconnected.

"The victim attempted to call the 'officer' back at the provided number; the number came back with a recording stating that it was no longer in service. He then looked at his caller ID and called the number. He received a voice mail saying this number used to belong to an employee at a certain government law office and that the employee had transferred to Olympia and no longer checked messages at this number. [The complainant] then recalled that his weekend date had said her soon-to-be-ex-husband worked for the same office, and he became very suspicious. He called 911.

"On April 24, I [Officer Warner] was able to contact the office manager at the suspect's workplace, who stated that the suspect had been an employee for over two years. The office manager also stated that the suspect [like the police chief of Tacoma, who was to end his life and fatally injure his wife three days after this report was filed] was having personal troubles regarding his wife. The office manager characterized the suspect as a man with a 'temper.' I made contact with the suspect, and placed him under arrest. I read him his Miranda rights, which he stated he understood. I asked if he would like to tell his side of the story, but he refused, stating he would rather speak with a lawyer. He was then transported to the East Precinct and booked into the King County Jail."