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Cronenbergia/South Park/Tues May 20/10 pm: While patrolling the city, Officer S. Halling and his partner, Officer J. Pitts, were dispatched to First Avenue South and Mead Street to respond to a citizen who called 911 and said that "a female was running southbound on First Avenue South without any clothes on." The caller also said that the female was yelling for assistance. Upon their arrival, the officers made contact with the naked female. She spoke very little English, and appeared to be intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol and/or the lusty R's of the Spanish language. While saying a string of things that only confused the monolingual officers, the female kept pointing to her groin area.

A Spanish-speaking homicide detective who was near the scene was called and translated her story: "She had met a male friend at her home. The two went to the La Hacienda Motel. The two began to have consensual sex in the motel room. The sex was normal until the man began to act strange and reached into her vagina. This hurt and surprised her. She ran out of the motel room. The room number was 45."

The officers went to "room #45" and found the door open. Officer S. Halling reports: "Inside we found three used condoms, and four opened condom packages. There was a twelve pack of 12 oz. Budweiser beer cans still cold to the touch. Several of the cans were empty. [The naked lady's] clothes were strewn about the room. A small plastic baggie, which officers recognized as the type commonly used to package narcotics, was found on a desk in the room. Near the front door, a black plastic baggie containing 15.3 grams of cocaine was found." The officers spoke with the motel manager, who said he saw the woman running from her room without any clothes on, and that shortly afterward her dressed friend left the motel.

The officers returned to the room, and asked the woman, who was now dressed, if she would like to press charges against her male friend. Her response was no, she did not want to press any charges, nor have a report written about the incident--a request that was evidently disregarded. However, the once naked woman agreed to let an ambulance transport her to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

At approximately 11:30 pm, an HMC nurse reported to the officers, who had returned to their patrol of the night, that the once naked woman wanted to speak with them again. The officers responded to HMC, and through an HMC interpreter were told this: "Moments after the third or fourth time that she and her male friend had sex that night, the man placed his fingers inside her vagina and pulled something out of her uterus. She did not know what it was, but it was definitely something. She then ran out of the room, because she thought the man was holding something from inside her." She said she had only one beer, and that the drugs belonged to the man.

The officers gave her an SPD business card with a case number, exited the hospital, entered their squad car, and resumed their patrol of the dead streets of Seattle.