Reports from the Big Beyond

The Blind Center/Downtown/Mon June 2/6:32 am: Today, Officer S. Rice was called to Alaska St in reference to a harassment call. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the victim, a receptionist for a department of Washington State. The suspect is also an employee of this department. Earlier that day, the suspect left a phone message for the receptionist concerning a personal matter between the two. Officer Rice reports: "The receptionist is completely blind and said that she uses auditorial perception from verbal queues to determine what people are feeling. She said that the monotone voice of the suspect in the message left that morning had no inflection whatsoever and so was very frightening to her. The receptionist has spoken with [the suspect] and listened to the suspect's messages in the past without picking up on these queues. She said that the [latest] phone message is very frightening and intimidating to her. She was advised on how to obtain an anti-harassment order."

These Three Roosters/Rainier Valley/Wed June 11/11:45 pm: Officer Anderson reports: "While at a business [on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South] for a fireworks call, [I] discovered three roosters behind the business. The roosters were caged separately in small round cages. They seemed uninjured, as there was no visible marks on them. While inside the business, [I] found a cockfighting magazine. The owner of the roosters is unknown. It is also unknown if the roosters are used for fighting."

The Eternal Door/Columbia City/Thurs June 12/4:01 pm: Officer Ornelas reports: "The victim stated her son is blind and works the graveyard shift at [a small downtown business]. At approximately 3 am, he came home and knocked on the bedroom door. [His mother] opened the door and noticed that he was bleeding from the mouth area. He asked her to call 911.

"While she dialed 911, she noticed that he had fallen to the ground and was now throwing up blood. She put the phone down and laid him on his side to try to keep him from swallowing his own blood. SFD Truck #E-28, Med Truck #28, and L#12 arrived and treated the victim for approximately 40 minutes--they were not able to save him. The blind man was pronounced dead at 3:59 am."

An Area of Sickness/Greenwood/Mon June 16/4:34 pm: Officer A. Elias reports: "[When] I arrived, I contacted complainant who stated that her son, the victim, has been sick and has an infection in his groin area. The complainant stated that her son has been sick for a number of years, but has not been diagnosed by any doctor. He does not have medicine for the infection in his groin and it's getting worse.... I contacted the [victim], but he would not tell me what was wrong with him. I called for AMR and had the victim transported to Harborview Medical Center for medical treatment."