News Sep 18, 2003 at 4:00 am

The FDA just approved a new birth control pill that will allow women to have periods only four times a year--just as nature intended.


Dr. Leslie Miller is nothing short of a "QUACK". Yes I wrote that and yes it's from personal experience that left me no longer trusting doctors. She gives misinformation and when confronted will lie to get out of it. DO NOT GO TO THIS DOCTOR. She should be sued for malpractice if she hasn't already been sued. SHE SUCKS!!! AVOID THIS DOCTOR AT ALL COSTS!!!
I agree! Leslie Miller is a quack. She also has some mental issues, and for some reason dislikes anyone having a child under the age of thirty five who is not slightly wealthy , and married. I agree. SHE WILL LIE. To you, and to the office staff where she works. I asked to see another doctor after Leslie Miller had given me irrelevant reading material, then asked if I knew how to read when I looked confused. (She also interrupted the experience of listening to my child's heart beat for the first time by reminding me it wasn't too late to have an abortion.) Anyhow, when I didn't want to see her anymore SHE wrote ME a letter stating that she had decided to discontinue or patient/doctor relationship, and that she had done nothing to upset me. When I gave birth she was one of the on call doctors. She pretended to not know me, but mentioned that I seemed familiar. Later she made reference to things she had said earlier. Since my first visit to her she had said that I was going to need a C-section. I didn't understand why, seeing as how everything was fine. I did end up having one and she said " So you did end up needing a C-section to get that big fat baby out..." My baby was like 8 pounds. Regular baby size. She's a weird fucking bitch is all. Bat shit crazy, that woman is.

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