Ice Body/Aurora/Sat Oct 4/11:07 am: When Officer W. L. Edwards arrived at the Nites Inn on Aurora in response to a call of a DOA, he made contact with a woman of interest, whom we shall call Dolorous, at the door of the small room that accommodated the scene. Members of the Seattle Fire Department (Engine 31), who were already in the motel room, informed the officer that the man on the floor had clear signs of rigor mortis.

Dolorous explained to Officer W. L. Edwards that she and the man on the floor had been friends for about two years. Last night, he came over to her place and suggested that they go to the Sunset Bowl in Ballard for a beer. The suggestion was approved, and both went to the Sunset and shared bottled beers amidst the racket of hard balls beating on hard floors and the primitive panic of crashing pins. After drinking, her friend, who is homeless, said he was tired of sleeping on the streets, and wanted to get a motel room. She answered his wishes by calling for, locating, and securing a vacancy at the Nites Inn. She then requested a cab to transport them to their reserved room.

While waiting for the cab--they were on the corner of 15th Ave NW and NW Market St--a clean-shaven man in his late 30s, and of medium build, appeared from nowhere and, after a short discussion, gave her friend something. She didn't know exactly what her friend had secretly received, but a short time later in the cab, she asked him if he was doing drugs. He told her that he had taken a "Pink Cocktail" and felt like he was flying high in the black of the night sky.

At about 11 pm, Dolorous and her friend ("who appeared to be very drunk, but that was not unusual") arrived at the motel. They drank more beers and around 1 am she decided to go to sleep. Officer W. L. Edwards writes: "At that time, her friend was incoherent, but that was not an unusual state for him to be in. He was sitting on the end of the bed, rocking back and forth, but, again, that was not unusual. She went to sleep, and woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. At that time, she noticed [her friend] was lying on the floor. As it is not unusual for him to sleep on the floor, she didn't think anything of it.

"At about 10:40 am, the manager called, waking her up, and informed her that it was almost checkout time. She got up, and noticed her friend was lying in the same position as he had been when she woke up during the course of the night. In an effort to awake her friend, she grabbed his leg, and thought, 'You're cold.' She then grabbed his arm--it felt ice cold. At that point she thought, 'You're dead' [which even for her friend was very unusual]. Dolorous called the office manager, who in turn called 911."

Officer W. L. Edwards called the medical investigator, and obtained a case number for Dolorous.