The Intoxicated

I drank, one after the other, seven or eight glasses of port wine. At once, instead of the impassable gulf between my desire and action, the effect of the alcohol traced a line that joined them together. No longer was there any room for hesitation and fear. --Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past

Butt Boy/Downtown/Sun Oct 19/1:15 pm: Officer Grinstead writes: "I was dispatched to Westlake Mall, where a security officer was detaining a juvenile in the parking garage. Upon arrival, I spoke with the victim [a 25-year-old white female], who stated that she was upstairs at a table talking on the cell phone when she saw [a 13-year-old white boy] walk by. They briefly made eye contact. She continued to talk on the phone. Once done with her call, she got up and, all of a sudden, the [boy] approached her from behind and slapped/grabbed her on the right butt cheek. She yelled and a security officer came to see what the commotion was. When the suspect saw the security officer, he started to run. The officer caught up with him in the parking garage and detained him until I arrived.

"I then spoke with a witness [a 30-year-old white male], who reported the following: He was sitting upstairs when he saw the [boy] approach and grab [the woman] from behind. He was unsure if the [boy] was reaching for her purse or her ass.

"I spoke with the suspect, and he stated, 'I just thought it would be funny.' I asked, 'What would be funny?' 'I thought it would be funny if I slapped her on the ass. I did not think it was wrong, everyone does it.' I then asked him about the 24 oz. bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade he had in his pocket. The suspect stated, '...I've only been sipping on it.' I then asked what school he attended; he told me Black River High School. I called the school and verified the suspect's home address....

"[To conclude], I would like to request charges of Assault and Minor in Possession be brought against the [obnoxious boy]."

Chest Man/Green Lake/Mon Oct 27/10:49 pm: I will present only the middle part of this rather long report, authored by Officer Roberson: "The dealer reached into his pocket, took out the crack cocaine, and started smoking it with [his girlfriend's cousin]. Both instantly became intoxicated. The dealer put the crack pipe in his pocket and said to his girlfriend's cousin, 'You have to the count of three to take your motherfucking clothes off.' He started counting and she removed her T-shirt and jeans. The dealer then approached her and said, 'Let me touch you,' and she replied, 'No.' The dealer pushed his girlfriend's cousin onto the couch, lifted his shirt, and told her to suck his chest. He then pressed his bare chest against her face. She could not move, as he used his body to keep her in that position....

"The dealer retrieved his pipe from his pocket, and began backing away from her as he lit it. Once he was far enough away, she rose from the couch and walked into her bedroom. He followed her into the bedroom, said, 'I'm fucked up,' and left her residence."