Yes Regrets

For reasons that are very personal, I regret running these reports in 2003.

Everywhere Death Is/Lake City/Fri Jan 24/ 6 am: Officer Ku reports: "Today, a woman passed away after taking an overdose of morphine sulfate. A unit dose of morphine 10mg/5mL (which equals 15mL) and an empty bottle of morphine 20mg/1mL (which equals 120mL) was found in the kitchen trash can.... The dead victim was in Seattle in her father's home taking care of him for a few weeks and was scheduled to return to Michigan next week. Her husband was contacted and was to be in Seattle the following day.... The OD appeared to have been accidental, as the victim did not realize the strength of the 20mg/1mL (120mL). It was much stronger than the 10mg/5mL (15mL). It is unknown how much was in the 120mL and 15mL bottles when the victim found them. A witness and brother of the dead woman explained that the morphine was left over from their mother's cancer treatment in 1991. She passed away in June of 1991. The witness thought the morphine had been disposed of at that time. The victim is survived by her father (who is now in the hospital), her brother, her husband, and son. The victim had two watches and two rings on her person, which were removed and given to the brother by the Medical Examiner."

The Future of His Organs/Northgate/Sun Jan 26/midnight: After leading a fleet of cops on a high-speed chase that began in Everett, a Russian-born 22-year-old named Alexander Novitsky came to a terrible end near Northgate Mall, just minutes before the day became part of eternity. At one point of the car chase, a trooper, Officer Hunter, tried to force Novitsky into a controlled crash, but he had to back off because the suspect flashed a gun at him. Before arriving at what might have been his destination, Northgate Mall, Novitsky shot himself and his car rolled and crashed. According to an obituary published in the Bremerton Sun, Novitsky continues to live "through the lives of those who received his organs."

As the World Turns/Central District/Wed May 21/4:48 am: ...At around 4 am, the man awoke from sleep and found his fiancée's body on top of him. When he attempted to remove her, he got no response. He then pushed her off his body and, after a quick trip to the kitchen, attempted to wake her up by splashing cold water on her face--still she did not respond. He then realized that she was not breathing and her body was cold. He immediately called 911.

Seattle Fire Department Engine #13 responded. Officer Chapackdeewas arrived shortly after the SFD personnel and found them working on the motionless body in the bedroom. At 4:58, while the fiancé and the officer were talking in the living room, the medics ceased all attempts and pronounced the woman dead at the scene. Outside, the darkest part of the night was, with the weakest stars, dissolving into the brightening blue of what would become the first day of the fiancée's minute contribution to all of eternity.