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On Monday, April 26, hundreds of ambitiously pretty young women from around the country lined up outside Renton's Pure Fitness for the final audition for Season 3 of America's Next Top Model, the deeply entertaining UPN smash featuring a bevy of model wannabes navigating an eight-week obstacle course of bitchy fags, snarky photographers, and delightfully crazy fellow contestants to become America's Next Top Model, or at least the winner of the show. As for today's open-call audition: Not often do this many tall, foxy ladies gather in one parking lot--especially in Renton--and The Stranger was determined to snap a portrait of the day in all its glory. Please join us for...

Auditioner #17

5'9", Seattle

Do you have previous modeling experience?

"I'm with an agency as a plus-sized model, but I haven't been getting any work, because I'm too small. [America's Next Top Model] always has one plus-sized model--the token--and if I get on, it'll be me."

As you know, big drama erupts every season when contestants are faced with a nude fashion shoot. What are your feelings about getting naked for fashion?

"Not showing anything too much, it's fine. If they're like, 'Take off your clothes,' and I've got the opportunity to get paid for it eventually, I'm going to do it."

Are you a fan of the show?

"Of course! I requested Tuesdays off work to watch the show. I deliver pizza; I can't watch it in my car!"

Auditioner #23

5'8", Spanaway

Do you think Shandi was wrong to cheat on her boyfriend with that hot Italian guy in Season 2?

"Yeah. I'm married, and I would never ever do that."

How do you feel about the prospect of the nude photo shoot?

"I've been trying to do modeling for a while, and I get stuck in a lot of positions where I don't want to do things, but I do it, because it's what you have to do. The only thing that really scares me is cutting my hair."

If by some chance you don't become America's Next Top Model, what's plan b?

"I'm a psychology student. Modeling's just for fun."

Auditioner #42

5'9", Seattle

Which contestant from last season would you most like to see eaten by sharks?

"Camille caused a lot of problems, and I think she would've caused problems with me, so I pick her. But she is beautiful."

Why should you triumph over all these other girls to become America's Next Top Model?

"I don't know. There's a lot of beautiful girls out here, but I think I have a good personality. I'm very determined and hard working."

Do you think it's important to be nice to ugly girls?

"Yes. I think there's something beautiful about every person, even if they're not that attractive."

Auditioner #47

5'9", Seattle

Modeling experience?

"I've been modeling since I was 13. I got trained at John Casablancas modeling agency, then I've been doing runway fashion shows and different websites since then."

What would be your dream spokesmodelship?

"I really like cosmetics. Beauty is within, but some of us need a little touch up, like myself."

Auditioner #55

5' 7 1/2", Huntington Beach, CA

Would you cheat on your boyfriend with a hunky Italian model?

"If I had a boyfriend, hell yeah! That's why I'm going on the show--I saw those guys!"

Nudie shoot?

"I'm all down for nudity. I really like to be naked."

Dream spokesmodelship?

"Being a Victoria's Secret model would be cool, because they go all over the world, in really cool shoes."

Auditioner #60

5'8", Denver, CO

Nude fashion shoot?

"As long as it's art, I can go with it. Anything pornographic: ugh."

Dream spokesmodelship?


Plan b?

"I go back home to my children and my job in the mutual fund industry."

Auditioner #67

5'8", Kingston, WA

Modeling experience?

"I've done shoots before, beauty pageants, taking photographs and stuff."

Cheat on boyfriend with Italian model?

"Yeah. If there's no ring, I can do what I want."

Dream spokesmodelship?

"I'd probably like to speak for child abuse."

Pro or con?


Auditioner #84

5'9", Seattle

What makes you think you're right for America's Next Top Model?

"I'm too old for this. I'm tall enough, thin enough, just too old."

Are you a fan of the show?

"No. Too much drama. I think we should put women in a better light."

So why are you here?

"My friend's [auditioning]. She's smart and an artist, but here she is."

Gawker in Car Height unknown, Renton

"Whoa! Here's all the hot women in Seattle right now! Not all of them are hot, but a lot of them got a lot of potential."

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