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A Disgruntled Massachusetts Voter Gets It Off His Chest


Thank you for the article. Your statement is true. I have never been more comforted to know how easy they actually are. And always in tune to testing how far they can go. Their best hidden talent is still pressing buttons at the right moments, only.
The North actually didn't found America. The first colony ever was in Virginia. Also, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison and Patrick Henry were all southerners - all from Virginia, in fact.
You make a lot of valid points in a funny, borderline offensive article, but you also have a lot of raging overgeneralizations.
Thanks for the laughs, and for the legitimate points you squeezed in, but please recognize that there's a lot to love about the south. I'm a southerner, and the south - with all its flaws and hypocrisies - will always be home to me, and will always be ultimately lovable and beautiful in my eyes. And please, please, please get your history right. Plymouth would probably have happened regardless of Jamestown's existence, but I hate to think where the US would be without the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Fuck the North! And everybody in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this is an historically correct document, I wish that we could have more scholarship like this and less of say miscreants like Jack Goldstone Ph.D. Political Science. However Goldstone makes you realize that Red States are not just in the south and Blue States are not just Old New England. What an empty fuck, fucking the south might be. Not even a good masturbation. I agree, let the south go and get them the fuck out of Minnesota and Wisconsin, Illnoie and Indisana. We want to return this states to the North.
I'd like to point out that most of the greatest American writers are Southerners: Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Harper Lee, William Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, Thomas Wolfe, Richard Wright, Eudora Welty ...

The most oppressive conditions often create the best art.

As a Southern guy, I say thanks for this post. Because I love the fact that we piss you off so much. We don't give a damn what you think about us, nor have we ever, why should I lose sleep that a turd hates me? In that we pissed you off, gives many of us a great deal of joy. I could only hope that we continue in our excellence and bring forth many more acts that piss off douche bags such as yourself. We don't need the north and we already tried to detach from the turd that is the north one time. But shit sticks. My only regret is that there are a few northerners I don't want to insult because not all of them have that "hate south" attitude. To them I apologize beforehand.
God I hate liberals. 1st we have more work and more work moving in than you
2nd we have less tax than you
3rd we have less regulations than you.... reason why we have business here starting and you have nothing!
I know this b/c part of my family is from NY and all the work and people is leaving b/c of the high tax.... lots of laws and no work.
Dont piss about guns if you've never seen shot or held a gun. you city fucks need to understand some shit before you go off being all liberal. VA NC SC and GA all were in the Revolution so it was not just the North that was in it.... in fact the last or one of the last battles was in Yorktown VA and thats where the Brits got trapped by the US and French forces so ha. the north east and cali need to split from the rest of the country and become their own soviet style country. bitch about the south but we still have more work.. less tax and more freedom than you fuck ups in the north east. the south is booming and your on the way out. fuck the north fuck the liberals.
416 Ridge Rd Jacksonville, NC that's my address you yankee fucks! Say that shit to my face and I'll shove your head so far up your own ass you'll wish you were never born! James A Alford
It's satire you morons. If you feel that this is serious journalism you are the exact dumbasses that the author is talking about. How stupid are you??? Please, please remove your heads from your asses! I can't take it. You should definitely kill yourself if you can't see this is just written as a humorous piece. And if the word "fuck" overwhelms you, stay off of the Internet. What are we? 12? Losers!!!!
Really good, very funny, lots of truth. Not all Southerners take the north/south divide so seriously, I think it has a lot to do with Republican politicians pandering to stupid voters. I feel almost like this article should be directed to the MSM and GOP... they're really the force behind the bullshit arguments we hear from the right. The southerners are sold the "east-coast-devils", coasters are fed the "hillbilly cleetus hates women and coloreds" angle.
To think what would happen if Texas oil and gas were taken from the US and we produced and refined our own oil and gas. I think we could support the south on that alone not to mention all of the AG business . So to conclud my point to say fuck the south is saying the north is fucking them self's . To any and all lady's I do apologize for my use of the f word and do beg halls pardon. Levi a Johnson TEXAS born and rased
As a resident of one of the most integrated (and most blue) cities in the country - Memphis - I'll throw my hat into the ring and say "you're welcome". You're welcome for the integrated sounds of Sun Records (Howlin' Wolf, BB King, Ike Turner AND Elvis, et al.). You're welcome for the black and white mix of Stax, where blacks and whites made funkier music than all black Motown. For Big Star. For William Eggleston. For Steve Cohen. For MGMT. For Faulkner. For cities that go majority Black, but don't drive all the white people away. Hey Detroit! What were you so scared of? You should've visited us hicks down here in Memphis and Atlanta and Birmingham where we happily send our kids to public schools and where they live in their grandparents old neighborhood. How'd bussing go Boston? We're sorry our elections tilt a few percentage points right sometimes, but we'll take Clinton and Carter and Johnson and you guys keep Nixon, okay? Plz? Thx.
I grew up in the deep south and always hated Christians. I burned bibles and was called a Satanist. When I was 18 I left home and moved up to the north east. Having lived in Europe and Asia, I still prefer the New England accent and never leave New England. I am a member of the green party and hate Democrats and Republicans. I personally think the USA should split up, let the South blow up in a fiery ball of radiation, and institute the green party into the central government and provide universal healthcare for all, including dental, chiropractic, and cancer treatment.

And for you Europeans who think the south is cool because of the Blues, I can vouch as a Southerner that I have never once seen a black man play a guitar anywhere in the South. It's like the Indian on a horse bit: you just dont see them riding horses anymore! All cliches.
I am from the south and have lived in New England for almost 20 years and would not think of living in the South East, even for a large amount of money. I am white, but I am a volunteer English tutor to African et al immigrants: free English teacher. I believe in communal effort and voluntarism. All this bitterness between the Republicans and Democrats shows a lack of communal effort and gang-style turf-fighting. After all the Democrats were originally a southern party of reactionary Bourbans, and many Democratic candidates like Bill Clinton are ulster-scot style southerners.

Also. if you hate The South as I do, you know to hate also the Europeans and crankee Yankee types who are pro-southern. There are plenty of idiots in the North who have confederate flags and act like rednecks, just like in Europe.

When you say "fuck the south", you really have to buckle down and figure out some alternatives, because the rest of the world thinks southerners are merely clowns that have blues music. You can count on only limited support from Europe or Canada in this venture. Canadians after all often make fun of the Yankee accent rather than the southern one.

That is why I suggest the Green Party and actually giving up on car ownership. I myself don't own a car or rely on oil from the South or the Middle East.
One interesting point to make would be that regardless of what president or party is in office, the president always has Ulster protestant ancestry. Even Obama:…

Many Americans do not have the intelligence to grasp the gravity of this. It means literally that the very freedom of choosing their own president is not clear. Since our president has to have Ulster roots, we are thus not free either way.
John Mccain and Obama both have Ulser-Scots ancestry. What is there to argue about. You could have just elected both of them to continue Bushes war and institute the Queen's Parliament. We could all have cushy jobs working for British Petroleum!
Ahem. "ocra", when properly spelled is okra.
I grew up in Albany NY. I spent 10 years in the south building the cable TV systems in Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma,Virginia. I didn't have any preconceptions when I first went to Texas. However, Texans quickly informed me of thier superiority.
I can't count the number of times I was told "we don't like Yankees 'round here", by total strangers in diners. In every case it was one guy with 3 or 4 guys to back him up...they are that brave in Texas.
I found southerners, and particularly Texans to be arrogant, rude, arrogant, stupid, arrogant, crude, arrogant, dishonest, very, very holy in what they say they believe, not so much in their behavior, and ....did I say arrogant?
Fuck all of them.
As a person living in the South from the Midwest, I too have many time had the thought.... "Fuck the South" and still do from time to time. With a bigoted amendment one going on the ballot it is hard to "love thy neighbor" so to speak. That being said there are good people here like everywhere around this country. Unfortunately, those in power are giving a popular vote on a amendment based in discrimination. My disgust is with the elected officials for allowing this to be on the ballot... and I must admit on the people who are so scared of Jesus or what their preacher says. It is frustrating.... However one must remember that moving away from people or a place means that those people win. I for one am staying in this nice place and trying to change the SOMETIMES ignorant people... They hate that by the way... Yankees coming down here and telling them whats right. By the way everyone from anywhere that is not the South is a Yankee! Gotta love it!
Well, for starters, perhaps you should consider A) going to anger management classes and B) not using so many profanities. I would be spitting angry at you, if I didn't feel you were such an uneducated person who used profanities so often to make up for the lack of a good vocabulary. Secondly, it isn't a matter of arrogance for the South, rather pride. As for you, I'd venture to say it's arrogance. Also, don't you think you're being just a bit of a hypocrite talking about arrogance, then listing the many things that the Northern states pay for,do, accomplish, etc. over the Southern states? I certainly do. As for lower rates of divorce with gay marriages, God doesn't believe in divorce, I'll give you that, but it also states in the Bible that those who are in same-sex relationships without repenting will go to hell because it's a sin. You can't be luke-warm with christianity. It's either hot or cold. Gay marriages are in the cold. Personally, I'd rather be divorced a thousand times over, repent, and not go to hell than be married to a women and go to hell. On the topic of God and christianity, bringing that up and insulting christians is what you could call a blow below the belt. There is no need to bring religion in to a topic strictly on Northern and Southern states. Judging by your vocabulary and beliefs in gay marriages, you aren't too busy with morality to brag about it. And as for Southerners sinning, yeah, that's true. Notherners sin all the time too though. Every swear word you wrote in that ignorant rant was a sin. Your belief in the allowance of gay marriages is a sin.I was born in the North, raised in the South and I'm not biased either way. However if you are a taste of the North, no wander Southerners seem so self-righteous. I would be proud to be from anywhere but the North with people like you representing it.
To all my Southern Brothers and Sisters, don't lower yourself to the level of these scalawags. We are and have always been an honorable and decent people. We are Southerners. Our culture and beliefs are what define us and as such set us apart from these... others. Be proud of your past, be proud of what it means to be a Southron. (yes, Southron) Draw strength that we are united as a people. We are black, white, red, yellow under the banner called Southron.
To writer # 60. Sir, I congratulate you on your restraint in responding to these scalawags. Surely you are the more honorable man and this yet is indicative of what a Southron is. I find it dismaying that we are truly a nation divided not only by region, religion and culture, but of the essence of being a true American. I fear we draw ever closer to a day when Southron values and beliefs shall be tested once again beyond this playground and that mens blood will spent. I pray that this is not to be, but dark clouds are in the horizon and I feel a cold wind coming.
total truth about the south.....inbred, racist, and stupid...that about sums it up...lazy dude...isn't the south where all the white men are mad at all the black men for sitting around and being so lazy when all they do is sit around and act lazy too? I lived in the North and compared t the south, not even close. Sorry. This article is the truth.
If we want to start talking about shit holes let's start with Newark New Jersey
Only need to read the first sentence to realize you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. The Civil War was not as simple as you make it seem. It was about a government telling us what to do. Surprisingly enough the majority (North) almost lost the war to South. We went into it knowing we would lose, but the point of it was we had the balls to stand up for what we believed in, we didn't need someone to hold our hand and tell us what was what. You pussyfied yank inbred fucks don't even have the balls to put your own name on your post. I'm Sean Hatfield and I am glad to let everyone know how I feel about it

Can you hear me now???

What a complete a@#hole...But exactly what I expect out of a Mass. Liberal uneducated "elite" voter....I forget, was this written before or after OWS?
Fuck you! It was more than that you god damn fucking piece of shit Yankee! Grow a set and step foot in the south and say that and see what happens to your dumb ass. Stomped I promise ya that
NO to secession of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia etc.! Don't let the go, but invade them and change their ways by bringing in huge amounts of immigrants. Wrong mentality in the damn South = trouble. I'm a newcomer and a foreigner here. It's hard to find anyone do the job for you, let alone do it right. Mostly con artists and lazy people playing games with you, ignoring new customers at their own business' peril. So damn ignorant. They will ask you "where are you from?" just a sign that they won't sell nor do any services to you. After the 9/11 scam (Inside Job) it became even worse. Now I am not only a Newcomer plus a Foreigner, but also a Terrorist Suspect, a Serial Killer, a Pedophile Suspect, a Drug Dealer, A Spy, you name it, they have got it for you! And I am from Northern Europe! I've been accused and asked of all of the above, a numerous times over the years and grew so TIRED of that! I don't take these locals SERIOUSLY ANYMORE! A bunch of retarded stupid idiot rednecks and not just rednecks but a bunch of stupid extremely dumb yanks as well! And a LOT of religious maniacs.
There is a lack of the feel of intelligence in the South. You know, the feel you get when you go to or live at places where there are a lot of sophisticated (not rich!) and intelligent people, such as writers, scientists, professors etc. In the South, that's missing.
I never knew how racist and horrible my fellow countrymen were until Obama was elected. They are an embarrassment to this nation. If it were my way, all foxbots and Limbaugh listeners would be stripped of their citizenship and dragged through the streets while everyone else points and laughs.
Hmmmm, you think you could use big boy words next time you have aq gripe? It is hard to take anyone seriously who sounds like a middle school boy trying to impress the girls.
This is very childish, why do us Americans have to constantly beef which each other & cause animosity. Our only chance of getting our republic back into the hands and oversight of the people is to be united as one against tyranny & corruption. There is no other place I would rather live on earth than the great USA. Don't matter what state. Remember divide and conquer is how the all seeing eye (more than one set for sure) secures their victory. It's like Chess, setting us all up for checkmate... Lets not hang ourselves & have our children forced into Orwell "1984" lifestyles. Think how good it would of been for the morale & anti racial sentiment of us all if Kennedy & Martin Luther would have been pres & vice pres. It would of had great affects on positive grow of our country. But no, some asshole had to say lets keep em divided they are easier to control that way. Then both of our good ol boys end up taking dirt naps. Fucking b.s. They where both good ol boys, with good hearts. Someone got really worried about the positive impacts & green lighted them. Now we have shit tons of racism and murder right here at home which helps to escalate us all into living in a POLICE state. O fkn boy, that sounds really awesome... Two choices, refresh the tree of liberty with blood, or get cornhole'd bye Robocop as you watch your kids get clubbed like baby Seals in the Arctic. Fuck that! I'm letting the Lapua's & BMG's bark. Slavery is not an option. I'm neither a Demo or Repub. I reside in the Rugged Mountains of North West Montana and wouldn't hesitate to help a brother/sister of the south, east or west out in times of despair. God Bless you all.
What an ignoramus. The Northeast "founded" America? As. If. Virginia was the first colony - the Jamestown settlers preceded the Pilgrims by more than a decade. Virginians led the way in most of the ways that mattered, from conceiving of a new country to fighting for it and then governing it. The writer of this rant shows what an ass he is without anyone else having to do anything.
That's why I'll never move to New York or any other Northeastern state, because of that kind of shitty attitude! I knew there was a lot of prejudice against southerners! I went looking for it on the internet and found it in 10 minutes flat! Do you know why the South is so windy?! Because the North blows! Ha ha! I'm a proud Texan who, if I ever move, will only go as far as Tennessee! That's as far North as I ever in this lifetime want to go!You, asshole, can take the Northeast and shove where the sun don't shine! And I hope it really hurts!
If i find you, i will kill you.
Lol ... I love this comment, it is so true.
Howsabout Nueve Yorico holds hands with el-Lay and jumps into the ocean? Get rid of the whole libtarded mess, let the rest of us out in flyover country get on with real-life.
Total ignorant BS.
North Vs South???

Sure the Govt. bankrolled the electrification of the South using the TVA, but it wasn't as if the US as a whole didn't benefit.  Conservatives decry "Socialism" in Govt. expenditures (like the TVA), but doing so ended up playing a crucial role in winning WWII: TVA provided the power to create all that aluminum needed for our aircraft, and for purifying uranium to make nuclear weapons. The sad thing is how some of our populace wants to believe they'd somehow be better off outside the whole.  

I love my state (MA), and New England, just like residents of other states feel about their homes.  The gay couples in our state have no bearing on my marriage, outside of some being our friends and neighbors.  We get divorced less because we tend to do it (get married) when we mean it, not just for sex.  OTOH our teen pregnancy rate is amongst the lowest, and by region the lowest, so maybe education and prevention are what are required to truly defend the institution of marriage (from problem marriages caused by unplanned pregnancies).  But of course the education thing is a social policy...

So many of our problems are self inflicted, but the concept of "divide and conquer" has worked since humans have existed.  Too bad the people who want to rape our shared resources, and create special interest controllers, don't read our currency; you know the "e pluribus unum" thing.

Though I agree with what was said, I do think it's a little harsh. I sell books on Amazon and requested to have an option to block certain states from buying from me (especially Georgia); they're always a pain in the a** and think their $5 makes them a valuable customer. They try to have proper grammar and speak with big words but it's obvious their minds don't work well with logic (if at all). This one woman complained that they felt taken advantage of because I charged them more for a book what I originally paid. I was like "Yeah, it's called capitalism... That's how businesses make money?" The woman felt like I robbed her and the concept of business didn't make sense to her. When southern states buy books from me, I'd deliberately cancel the order and go back to up the price - lol that's how I avoid them and their BS. I don't even know why they bother buying books because it clearly isn't doing anything for them. No amount of reading will save these people. Most are probably brain damaged by incest.
wow dak ex mu bakina.....
Not everyone from the south is a self-righteous-Christian gay-bashing racist. In fact, most of the people who I grew up with in Nashville are typically agnostic or atheist with mixed beliefs from both liberal and conservative ideals. None of us, however, make our points by blaming any particular set of people making us seem like, yes, arrogant self-involved egotistical pricks. You do make valid and accurate points, but I did have to sift through your rant and omit the unnecessary, albeit hilarious, overuse of "fuck", however you come off as stubborn and unwilling to compromise as the people you like to criticize.

Side note: Let's do a quick hypothetical. If your type of mindset becomes more than just a way of thinking in the North, and the U.S. did happen to segregate - blues vs. reds - I hate to break it to you buddy, but uh, blues would be crushed. Simple use of logic, who would win it a fight? Heavy gun controlled states, or states that actually practice the 2nd amendment? I, for example, have three Assault Rifles, two Shotguns, four Pistols, and two Sniper Rifles with a few hundred rounds of ammunition for each. Why? Because I can. And I'm just one person who is actually not a toothless, ignorant redneck. Imagine what those guys have?

Just something to think about if something like this does escalate in the future. Thought experiments are fun.
Just to be clear, George Washington was a slave-owning Virginia. What did he do again? Oh right - Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and first President of the United States - often referred to as "the father of our nation".

Then there's my man Thomas Jefferson, another slave-owning Virginian. What did he do again? Oh right - he wrote the Declaration of Independence, argued against that Yankee Hamilton's power-hungry federalist campaign. It's still the same today, by the way - Yankees still want to tell everyone what to do all the time. Oh yeah, also... the Louisiana Purchase! Boom!

James Madison is yet another slave-owning Virginian. What did he do? Bill of Rights - authored. Continuing to save us all from those who try to deny us our negative liberties, ie. Yankees.

As far as "letting us go", I'd be happy to go. I don't want to be at all affiliated with you loud-mouth, know-it-all followers. No-manner having carpet-baggers! Go home. You've never been and remain unwelcome in the south. That means. N Carolina, N. Virginia, New Orleans, and elsewhere.

Also, you can't have bluegrass and BBQ and try to make that your own either. You don't understand it and you never will.

Stay home and leave us alone.

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