News Nov 11, 2004 at 4:00 am

A Disgruntled Massachusetts Voter Gets It Off His Chest


PLEASE.someone remove all the "fucks"and print this where the whole fuckin' country can read it.not only true,but,very amusingly stated.
Actually, it needs more "fuck"s.
Tedious, lazy and a complete generalization of the south. Is anyone really surprised. He should be more concerned about why states like North Carolina have blown the entire northeast's economy away. I'm a democrat and I always thought we were the party that didn't make blanket statements about any group. Oh, I forgot, southerners are the last acceptable group to stereotype.
WOW, what can I say? That pretty much sums up some Northern attitudes about Southerners. As a Southerner myself and a career military man, I have routinely been subjected to cultural discrimination (many of those from less educated Northerners) because of my accent and southern upbringing. It’s really sad because these are so many good people in all parts of this great nation. There are many times that I am embarrassed by my fellow Southerners due to their feeding into Northern to make a quick buck (i.e.; Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy). I am a self described white southern liberal who has dated outside his race many times. I have only voted Republican in 1 of 6 presidential races in my life so maybe I’m a bit biased and not the norm. The truth of the matter is that Dr. King got it right: Judging by character and not by color is the right way and should apply to this discussion. I don't think all people from New York are rude and sarcastic as I have many dear friends from there and not all of us in the South just dumb rednecks bent on marrying their 1st cousins and following to the beat of Rush Limbaugh. I hope that the writer of this post reconsiders his rant because while some of the facts that are mentioned are true, they seem to be overly focused on the negative. I did my B.S.B.A. from Touro College in New York. Lol!
Iowa allows gay marriage. California, the (bankrupt) glorious blue state, does not.

Good luck making it without the food, oil and armed forces of the south. Next time someone flies a plane into one of your buildings, say "fuck you, leave" to members of the armed forces, because a disproportionate number of them come from the south.

Good work, bash them for fighting for state rights (and incidentally, slavery), then you go on to judge people based on where they were born and stereotypes. Just for fun, Abe Lincoln was a huge racist. The North wasn't fighting for slaves' rights. Relax and hop off your moral superiority throne. Wait, where have I heard that before...

Yeah, the “North” founded this country, but in case you didn’t notice, the South is FAR MORE in line with the ideals and principals on which this country was founded. Small government, free markets, individual liberties- you might remember that from your superior grade school history class. Unfortunately, people in the north aren’t smart and responsible enough to be trusted with their own freedoms, so they have to restrict and regulate everything from guns to healthcare. Yeah, Northerners are literally too irresponsible and./or stupid to be trusted with a weapon. Think about that next time you bash the South for something

While you were hypocritically running around with a holier than thou attitude bashing the south for being holier than thou through stereotypes, you might want to take a minute to realize your farts don't smell like roses. Cocaine? Other hard drugs? Jersey Trash? Rude and arrogant Northerners? (Gee, where did that one come from?) Clusterfuck corrupt wall-street executives and investment advisers? Let us not forget the GLORIOUS guidos blowing out their hair, taking steroids, blowing out their hair drinking their MUSCLE MILK and living at home with their mom. Oh, look at that. Idiots live in the North too!

However, the absolute best part of this was how you referred to southern as being "holier than thou" and "morally superior" while you proclaim your superiority and bash them based on stereotypes.

And this is why, when I am out of the North East, I am embarrassed to tell people I’m from New York- people associate me with ignorant, hypercritical, pretentious, ethnocentric fools like you.

Grow up,

A thoroughly embarrassed New Yorker.
Sounds like you have a lot of fucking anger, and need to take it out on other fucking people. I'm rally glad you got this forum for your vitriol, and even more glad what with a finger tap of my mouse, you are gone. Read Jimmy Carter "An Hour Before Sunrise" if you want a different view than the one you are trying to burn into the minds of others.
Well I have to say that it’s really true about what I said about New Yorkers in my earlier post. There are some really cool people there! I know how Embarrassed New Yorker feels when I see our own Idiots here saying stupid things that feed the stereotypes that get tossed around like some of those from Disgruntled Massachusetts Voter and let me say out loud we have them here in the South as well, those like Disgruntled Massachusetts Voter. What I will say is this: all regions of this great nation contribute in their own substantive way to all shared prosperity. Without the North East, our financial system would not be envy of the world (not to mention the Arts heartland of our nation). The South with its agriculture, military, and manufacturing capacity and the Midwest with its massive farming that can feed the world (it’s where all of the developing countries send their farmers to learn new ways to do it better. The west with its military, cattle ranches, movie stars and natural resources are what foreigners see as our National Personality. This doesn’t adequately describe all but I hope it demonstrates that we are "a people" and not sub-groups bent on hating each other. Our enemies would Love to think they can divide us by the way and this feeds their stereotypes. I know this as the military has taken me all over the world. I really appreciate what Embarrassed Northerner brought this discussion. The truth is we are all much more alike than our accents and customs would have some believe.
Remember, guys. This was written the week after Bush got re-elected in 2004. It's venting, it's hilarious, and it's fuckin great. God bless the northeast and its big mouth. Better to shit-talk than to shit-think and be mentally constipated.
This is a very old article. I first saw it right after George Bush was re-elected. At that time a map of the red & blue states resembled the battle lines of the civil war.
actually, that's how west-siders feel about east-siders here in the state... just sayin'...
Unbelievable that the Stranger would edit the original (at ), and also leave out the links, which are the best part of this hilarious essay, in my opinion.
"'Cause we fucking founded this country, assholes." Massachusetts est. 1620, Virginia est. 1607.

Read a history book dickhead.
United States est. 1776 in Pennsylvania. Your point?
Yep, we should have let them secede when they wanted to. Their racism and arrogance -- towards the President and all of us millions who voted for him -- are beyond offensive. They all make me sick (with the possible exception of Northern Virginia, North Carolina and New Orleans)...TIME TO BOYCOTT THE SOUTH -- MONEY TALKS. WE AVOID SPENDING OUR MONEY ON ALL THINGS SOUTHERN. We DON'T TRAVEL THERE. WE CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE...RACISTS AND FASCISTS. WE'RE DONE.
A Generalization of the south? Obviously. (Leave it to the Stranger, my old neighbors in Seattle, to go over-the-top with Op-Eds!)

As a proud southerner and ex-Seattlite of 9 years, who swears his love of both places equally, the premises of "F**k the South" are so ridiculous that it negates some of Seattle's own nefarious past.

The fact that in both the Southern Cascades and the Northern Rockies, have moved the majority of White Supremacists in the country, should raise an eyebrow. To be fair, these numbnuts chose the PacNW due to its wide open spaces, where one can hide out, hunker down, and ferment their paranoia unchecked until they become some of the area's most favorite form of criminal, mass murderers. In the last 40 years, they've moved to the area to escape the mid-west and south, where more and more minorities, women and *EEK!* liberals have taken charge or are making inroads.

But, let's not stop at 40 years; lets go back to the depression. Just 4 counties south of Seattle on I-5 lies the sleepy twin cities of Chehalis and Centralia in Lewis County. The predecessors of companies like Weyerhaeuser were lacking in workers to clear cut the new frontier of the Southern Cascades, in order to rip out and destroy old grow trees so erosion and toxins could build up in the streams.

So, what did they do? "Say, let's go to North Carolina were many loggers are impoverished and out of work." Why not? The lumber companies of NY had completely decimated the Appalachians so that they looked like a desert, so of course folks needed a hand up! So the left coasters packed up their trucks and drove to Mount Airy: polluted swimmin' holes, pig sties, hillbillies!

But, even by western standards, findin' all those good ole boy's up n' dah hollers was a might tough. After tryin' Elks, Eagles and "Odd Feller's" Clubs, they tried the organization that boasted more than just "a -few- good men"....they tried the (drum roll maestro please) John Birch Society! The lumber companies promised them acres of rich land in exchange for meager subsistence pay a company store (which like all, gouged them) and a hovle to live in. (If the Okies had only known how welcome they'd have been in Washington State, they'd never had gone to California after the dust bowl!)

They land they got was flood plain bottom land. Summers were great for growing, but come autumn - yer flooded, so don't build there! But, with thousands of acres between them, they knew they coould eek out a living on crops - particularly -after- the depression and WW2. What happened after WW2? Eisenhower built I-5 using public domain to take land from them for I-5. No problemo: there was so much land to be had, the government simply traded them land further off on high ground, with their frontage -on either side of I-5!-

Up went every form o' business along with land values, making the John Birchers and their decedents instant millionaires - which they remain to this day. Gone are their southern accents. Now they are civic leaders, padding their millions hidden in UBS accounts. The John Birchers were and are basically a more legitimized version of the KKK. The main difference is that instead of a scowl and a hand gun pushed into yer yeller belly, they smile, extend a hand and tell you that as an American, you have a right to die if you don't buy into their Limbaugh/Beck belief systems, and leave it at that. They have booths at county fairs, bake sales with the ladies auxillary and gun shows just to balance the whole Holsum Bakery style charade.

Down in Lewis County, they still have the habit of ppolitical corruption, raping the land, public policy and keeping down those who oppose them. They also have the habit of displaying and using their own good ole boy network to grease palms.

The next time you drive down I-5, stop at exit 76. You'll see a billboard with Uncle Sam on it and some epitaph along the lines of "US out of the UN" or "Divest in the commies at Evergreen College" (one of their favorite targets.) or "procecute Mothers who abort their babies" and other such backward thinking mindlessness. All courtesy of the used car dealer underneath it - a John Bircher. In fact, there are more John Birch society members living in the PacNW than anywhere else in the US.

In conclusion, the south no longer boasts as many conservative crazies as it used to - oh, we have our share. But, we statistically produce more PhDs, more writers and artists than any other region of the country. My resident state, Virginia, put Barak Obama over the top.

Go into the Hills around these parts of VA and down into NC, and you find, like in the rest of the country, quite a few red necks and specifically confederate flags. In fact, the family down the street, who are directly descended from slaves who once worked the property they now own, keep a confederate flag up every day.

We southerners love grits n' red eye gravy, cows tongue, ocra, chittlins and the plentiful supply of venison from deer that are so over-populated that 10 times as many are road-kill than could ever be hunted, at current rates. We like country music, sure. But, we also love blues, jazz and rock n' roll: all of which are southern inventions. We love our hills, shores, lowlands and the outdoors much more than the city, even if we -live- in the city. But, we also love the fine and performing arts in our states that spend more on the arts than most others in the country. (At one time Mississippi, the poorest state, spent more on arts funding from both public and private sources, per capita, than any other state.)

So, if conservatist extremism is the criteria to determine that we should "F*ck the South", ya better "F*ck the Northwest" first. Ergo, the next time you hear banjos playin in the distance, don't think of the south; think of driving along beautiful Route 20 cutting through the mountains from I-5 all the way to Yakima. Remember folks, if you're abducted while hiking the Cascades to "squeal like a pig", if you value your life.

Philip, now living in the Shenandoah mountains, known as Northwestern "the Freestate" Virginia.
I gotta say. I read fuckthesouth right after the second Bush thingy and it gave me some reassuring solitude. After sitting through the incredible Democratic shrinking spine decades of the 80's. Then seeing Southern Baptists in charge of the Executive Branch and taking over leadership in both houses of Congress in the 90's, I couldn't get behind the Democratic Party of which my own political independence had slightly more faith. Seeing John Kerry attacked as elite while "plain-talking", the guy you-could-sit-down-and-have-a-beer-with dipshit grabbed another destructive 4 years as top-dog of our country.

There was very little to be proud about through most of this decade. As David Broder said about Clinton, but somehow, along with the legion of deaf, dumb and blind journalists who hypnotically or hallucinatingly tripped through the mid-90's and continued through Cheney/Bush, absentmindedly couldn't see just how "He came in here and trashed the place, and it wasn't even his place to trash." applied so aptly to the Cheney/Bush years, the "Fuck the South" Rant provided me some comfort.

Sure, the Reagan deregulation years and faux Conservative fiscal responsibility and brief experiment with 19th century trickle-down econ. not to mention the endeavor into illegally selling military equipment to an enemy to fund coups in Central America didn't apply to the South very much, but like fellow Californian Nixon before him, Reagan used all the political tools to exploit the stereo-types of the South to whip it up to his advantage for maximum support and usher in the shit of the 90's.

And then we had to live with the shit.
Fuck yeah. Hear fucking hear!
Ummm well I agree with you on some things, however being a girl from the south. The south isn't that bad. Hell yea I want to leave, but there are some advantages of living down here.
I was born and raised in the South, and let me tell you it's not all stereotypes. Course, I was raised in one of the most crazy, fundamentalist towns in the South. Some parts of the South are crazier than others, some aren't too bad. I don't think Charleston is bad, but there are certain towns, enclaves, etc., that truly are full of John Birchers and the KKK. Hell, we had both organizations in the little rural farm town I lived in. Every week, one of the member made sure to write in the paper. But, I suspect the fundy crazy thing is not just a Red state thing any more. A lot of them have moved to traditionally blue state areas like CA and WA.
Okay. Let’s think about this "fuck the south" bit for a moment.

I should start off by saying that I live in Arkansas and consider the area I live in Northwest, AR, to be more tolerant than your “fuck the south” rant doles out.

I know it may seem to you that the south is a shit-hole, but for every story of idiocy here there are the same number of similar stories north, east and west. As a true progressive I must say that the tone of the piece is a huge overstatement.

Believe me, I understand your frustration with some elements of the South, but trust me when I tell you that you are incorrect about the whole of the South. Even Blanche Lincoln is finding out just how many liberals and progressives live in this state.

By the way, Arkansas is not as far south as you can get you know.

Just remember there are many, many, many good people here who do not share the old values or the backwoods ideals. Just last week a boy from West Fork, Arkansas refused to stand to or recite the Pledge of Allegiance until gay rights become equal to heterosexual rights.

I’m just hoping that you understand that even in your neck of the woods ignorance thrives.

Mark (thepoetryman)
People with values, common courtesy, manners, etc. Come from the south.

There not rude, pushy, run there mouths without backing it up, you are as cold as the wheather you live in.
love it, love it, love it. i am a born and raised charlotte nc resident. i have dealt with the southern religious, god's wrath republicans my whole life, many members of my family. this guy makes great points across the board about my peers. having visited boston for work frequently over the last twelve years i totally understand his over usage of (fuck). do not uses this as a judgment on the writers intelligence. the most brilliant people i have ever met in business have been from Boston and San Francisco. its no wonder they hold the two technology centers in the united states. ok, i await the gay references. (you are predictable)
I grew up in Boston, but have lived in the south for the past 18 years. Statistics don't tell the whole story. All the major cities in Georgia voted for Obama, and black and white people canvased together through the neighborhoods during the election, driving people to poles, and baking cookies for people working the phones.

The problem with the liberal elite is that they are politically correct, but not streetwise. They don't understand what it means to be poor and struggling, but they know how to solve poor people's problems. They are out of touch.

As for the south: right now, in Savannah Georgia, my daughters go to a public montessori school with a plethora of gay teachers and fifty percent white and fifty percent black kids. They are living in a much more diverse world than I lived in when I grew up in Somerville Massachusetts.

As for founding fathers: Jefferson Davis and George Washington were southerners. Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are the original thirteen colonies.

Why not spend some real time in the South before kicking us out of the union?

To the Disgruntled Massachusetts Voter... Its better to keep your mouth closed and appear to be an idiot, than to speak and remove all doubt.

"In Dixieland I'll Take My Stand"!
Hey - listen - the Northern states were just as racist as the southern states in the mid 19th century - and the civil war wasn't about slavery - it was about state's rights - before you radically criticize a group of people please do a little research first, or you are just as ignorant as any racist in the world - and remember - New York at the end of the 19th century was way crueler to the Italian and Irish immigrants than the southern slaveholders were to the Africans - they had somewhere to sleep and food on the table - the North left the Irish and Italians out in the street and let their babies die because they couldnt afford milk. All slave babies got don't be too hasty with your criticism because the south isn't the only place in the world where ignorance exists...its everywhere - you cant escape it.

I'M FROM THE SOUTH AND KNOW the truth is often hard to accept. You can never tell someone the truth against what they have already been told and expect them to believe it right away, they must verify a wide range of topics Lies don't last long under scrutiny In the long run, the truth ends up standing out for those peaying attention I've learned the truth about things like fluoride, vaccinations, false flags, the Iraq and Afghan wars, history, assassinations, oil, the Constitution, law, the court system, politics, gold, the media, corrupt politicians, the Federal Reserve Banks and much more, relying on mainstream media for news is ignorant most mainstream media is deceiving our nation it is a shame to see truth and open discussion suppressed in favor of political expediency if you speak the truth your labeled a conspiracy theorists and as soon as the public hears those
words your dead in the water, conspiracy theorists speaking lets research and see what happens
425,000 cubic yards of concrete and 200,000 tons of steel were designed to hold up against a Boeing 707, the largest plane built at the time the towers were completed in 1973. Analysis had shown that a 707 traveling at 600 miles an hour (and those had four engines) would not cause major damage. The twin-engine Boeing 757s that hit on 9/11 were going 440 and 550 miles an hour.
"gravity driven collapse" without demolition charges defies the laws of physics. These buildings fell, at nearly the rate of free-fall, straight down into their own footprint, in approximately ten seconds scientists found chips of nano-thermite peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal, in April 2009 Think long and hard about what is happening around us America who thinks all threats to the American Dream are from external sources The threat from within is so imminent and such a large elephant, and so in-the-open that many fail to see it
Xe Services (formerly Blackwater), Haliburton, KBR, Carlysle Group, Raytheon, DARPA, Dept of Defense, and Dept of Homeland Security, for starters. 9-11 has resulted in Hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue to these entities. Time to start thinking, researching and answering your own questions while the internet is still uncensored organizations that are really running this country: Big Banking, Big Business, Big Government Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain On Sept. 6, 2001, the Thursday before the tragedy, 2,075 put options were made on United Airlines and on Sept. 10, the day before the attacks, 2,282 put options were recorded for American Airlines. Given the prices at the time, this could have yielded speculators between $2 million and $4 million in profit "Owner" of the WTC, Larry Silverstein collected; In February of 2002 Silverstein Properties won $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild on the site of WTC 7. Silverstein Properties' estimated investment in WTC 7 was $386 million. So: This building's collapse resulted in a profit of about $500 million.
A federal jury on Monday ruled that the assault on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was in fact two occurrences for insurance purposes. The finding in U.S. District Court in Manhattan means leaseholder Larry Silverstein may collect up to $4.6 billion, according to reports I would guess that would be a great place for you to start when it comes to trying to follow the money. You know what they say, you want the "Truth"? Follow the money. In long before the enormous corporate mergers of the past decade, the then Chase Manhattan Bank held 5.2% of the voting stock of Mobil Oil and 4.5% of Atlantic Richfield (now Arco). Through ownership of shares or membership on Boards of Directors, the Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgan families also controlled the largest U.S. insurance, pharmaceutical and food corporations in 1972.
Department of Defense awards for the top five weapons contractors grew from $43.5 billion in 2001 to $66.4 billion in 2003. During the first 24 hours of the 2003 war on Iraq the U.S. fired 500 of Raytheon's Tomahawk missiles at a cost of $600,000 per missile.
gas in the U.S. rose despite the output of oil from Iraq also rising toward its pre-invasion level of 2.4 million barrels a day
OMG !!!! I just looked in the mirror, and scared the hell out of myself!!! I must be a real danger to the establishment! Oooooooo-- should I call the FBI on myself? out of 278,058,881 people, 2,752 deaths is regarded as a small price to pay in order to gain public support for policy
The people who actually have power in any highly established government/corporation of any country, (and by this I mean the few at the very top layers of our social structure, those in a position where money has no meaning and is mearly a tool of control over the herd) can do what ever they desire. We then have to pick up the pieces. Yet sadly by the time transparency is achieved over a matter, BANG - a new event unfolds. americans have had the worst brainwashing/indoctrination on the planet (it seems to me anyway) hence this sort of thing is unimaginable to most americans, yet the rest of the world have known for decades.(think of all those american flags that have been publicly burnt, these people dont just burn flags in their spare time for a laugh I can assure you.) Think about it.
we will have another false flag but i'm not as conserned about that as i am about the plans for us look in your own back yard whats
happening is comming faster and faster just some of us can see the ground before others and when we hit its not going to look good
any body want some ketchup thats not good for you it could be dangeries its gatt to much truth syrup in it you might not like the taste
but as they say never know until you try it (i'm just a tiny little fish with some really big sharks trying to eat me just trying to stay ahead of the game and warn others) i care thats why i share.

People, read what "Like2no2" and "Seattle can learn something" posted and chill out.

I'd just like to add that, in the end, what this guy was railing against was the double standard in which Southern stereotypes are considered the handiwork of elitist, baby-killing heathens, while stereotypes of us Northeners are thought of as pretty much on the mark. OK?
Damn; as a Southerner, you make me (and I'm sure every other Southerner who reads this) extremely embarrassed I am not part of, and envious of the "fucking northeast liberal elite." Your ignorance is truly astonishing as you seem to be a part of the "fucking northeast liberal elite."
Though I am a conservative, and I suppose ignorant because of that fact, just as you have explained in this article, I do beleive that it is true that the 42nd president of the United States, and that the 2000 democratic Presidential candidate was Al Gore. As Gore is from Tennessee and Clinton is from Arkansas, I would believe I am right in stating that they are both are from the South.
Also, on another note, I would believe I am right in stating that many of the founding fathers were from the South. In fact, I believe George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson are all from the South. Even during the Civil War, the infamous President Abraham Lincoln was, in fact, from the South, as he was born in Kentucky and considered himself a Kentuckian until death.
On another note, the Northeast is home to seven top ten states in terms of federal debt. In fact, your beloved Massachusetts is first on that list.....This is obviously a result of the northeast "building and supporting" the South though.
It has also appeared to me that many people from the northeast vacation in the South. I am sure you are against this, and I am curious as to why they would want to come to the South if it was sooooo bad. I will take it on you to stop this trend, as northerners vacationing in the South puts money that should be in the north's economy into the South's economy. You should get them to vacation instead to the New Jersey coast,or the Vermont coast, or Cape Cod. I have heard those places have wonderful weather during the winter, as long as their isn't a blizzard. I have also heard that the New York bay has some of the best swimming water in the country. Thank God liberals care so much about saving the environment.
I am sure I have made countless mistakes in this response and I will leave it to you to correct them. Once again, I am just completely ashamed not to be a "fucking northeast liberal elite."
Haha!! This is simply superb, dont alter a single word...just reading it acts as a brilliant vent for the average northeasterners pent up frustrations! Just what I needed! :oD

#5 is wrong!
The history of the Civil War, and the reasons for Southern rebellion, all have their roots in slavery and the Southern Elite's wish to keep them (to protect their revenue streams, cant beat free labor)...they were also in fear of being murdered in their sleep by those newly freed slaves (long live John Brown). 'States Rights' have always been the 'thinking-Southern-man's' impotent excuse for the conflict...but this argument fails just below the surface becasue why? What rights were those states trying to keep? Thats right...slavery. Try as you might we southerners cannot wash away the horrible past with a clever lexicon. And I don't care if Lincoln was a racsist (which I don't believe) he freed the slaves so who gives a shit!
OK, I feel like I have to weigh in here. I'm from the Midwest, but have lived in the South and now, D.C. No, D.C. is not a "sleepy Southern city", the District votes 90%-92% democratic. Having said that, I lived in the Northern Virginia suburbs, and got to know Virginia fairly well. I think I saw one blogger who correctly pointed out that the FIRST English settlement was in Virginia, not Plymouth. In fact when the Mayflower hit the big rock, there were 11, yes ELEVEN settlements in Va. In case you missed it, Jefferson and Washington were both Virginians. Yes, , Southerners. I'm an active liberal, but please, get your history right.
I live in Northern VA...born and raised. I don't think people who reside here really consider us a part of the south at all. In fact, we're a world apart from the rest of VA. There's even been talk of forming a separate state with DC. In a hypothetical splitting of the country I highly doubt northern VA would go along with the rest of VA...that is if VA would even go along with the south at all at this point. We were a blue state in the last presidential election.
If anyone who is reading this thinks that this is a literal interpretation of what the North thinks of the south is just incorrect. What I think this was an attempt to do was to rant about the Southern Republicans who seem to be against everything that Our President Obama tries to accomplish in the name of not wanting the government to interfere with their lives. It was to poke fun at the Sounthern Conservative agenda. I don't think it was intended to include all southern people. It was funny and clever and was needed because we in the Northern Blue states are tired of Republicans telling us that we aren't American enough and don't have American values!!!
AWESOME. And I'm a native Texan. Ole big hair Rick Perry wants Texas to SECEDE. Go-ahead I say. Fuck off.
Thaaank you.

Truer words were never spoken. While they are pounding it up their ass, do you think they can stuff Sarah Palin & the rest of the Republican party up there as well?

Because that would be just delightfull.
When I heard that 70% of all Federal Entitlements go to gun totin', book burning, red-states I just laughed.
Those shiftless inbred, confederate layabouts prancing around as proud as illiterate peacocks is why our nation is only a shadow of her former glory!
Whole swaths of this once great nation are teeming with lazy, uneducated inbred confederate bums!
George W. AWOL wasn't qualified to preside over a high school class but, because that southern base of inbred losers only looks at where the candidate comes from, we had to put up with 8 years of a retarded boy embarrassing my nation on the world stage!
Then we had Caribou Barbie boasting to her useless base of sister fucking hillbillies that Alaska was a Real-State and that the states where the Boston Tea-Party, the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and The Shot Heard Round The World, to name but a few, took place aren't really American I wanted to cry at their inbred stupidity.
Alaska, America's biggest socialist charity state is the Real America?
If you really believe that your Mom and Dad were almost certainly brother and sister!
So, do your useless children a favor and leave already.
I mention your useless children because here in modern America we no longer have any use for primitive children so, unless you want them sweeping floors or shoveling shit, you'd better launch your own inbred nation where your useless uneducated primitive kids can have a better more fulfilling life being Piggly Wiggly cashiers.
boboday555 - you want us to get the fuck out of your country?

WE FUCKING TRIED. You responded by sending troops to burn our homes and drag us kicking and screaming back to make yourselves feel better.
We'll gladly leave again. This entire article is ridiculous and based on spectacular ignorance, to the point where I'm not even sure if it's real or if it's satire, but one point in particular stands out: the Southern states do get more in federal tax dollars than we pay in federal income taxes, but NOT BY CHOICE. The only reason we receive so many federal dollars is that you "blue" states have crammed so many social programs down our throats that we simply don't have the money to pay for them. If it was up to us, there would be no federal reserve, no social security, no farm subsidies, no medicare, no Obamacare, etc. We would be just fine without all of your nanny-state programs and we'd have plenty of money left over to pay for our roads.

I hope that more Southern people see this article so that we can get them motivated to actually leave. I've wanted to live in a free country all my life.
Awesome! Then I don't have to worry about you retiring here? And take your grandmother back too.
Most Southerners and traditional Americans would love to leave the financial and spiritual bankrupt socialists in MA, CA, NYC and DC FOREVER! Maybe we should secede again or a better idea maybe we should just kick out the cess pool of corrupt politicians and the governments (including the Feds) of these states out of the union and go back to The Articles of Confederation without the debts and burdens of these corrupt entities.

Dare to have a history lesson? Read this article then go buy his books.

One more thing, consider yourself lucky to have been born at all. Have you traced your roots? Were your ancestors soldiers? Are you proud of your heritage and family traditions? Would you speak this way in front of them? I hope you answer no.

Whether your family fought for the north or not, is irrelevant. I feel a deep sadness that this is their legacy. This nasty diatribe from a supposed fellow human being.

Be ashamed of yourself. They certainly would be. And that goes for all that can not voice their opinions without being a filthy and uncaring person toward the populace of part of your own country. A person who can not fashion an argument without resorting to name calling and foul language truly represents themselves as a simpleton.

As a Southerner, I feel a deep sorrow for the loss of the northern soldiers who were tricked into fighting for a tyrant such as Lincoln and his ilk.

Dr. Thomas James DeLorenzo

Article entitled:

Abraham Lincoln US Authoritarianism Free Market History

First of all, the heart of the author of this article, is so lacking in virtue that in battle, it wouldn't surprise me if he wouldn't be the first to receive a bullet in the head. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh." He is no leader of any cause, truly a wicked man.
The 13th amendment freed the slaves, not Lincoln.
The 14th amendment created a Corporation out of the United States. We ALL became SLAVES because of it.
Our Nation, today, is not a socialistic or Communistic government, but a combination of both and it is now governed by what is called "corporatism" This far greater a threat than any our Constitution has to deal with. It is ruthless and it's scope is world-wide... It's buSINess as usual... Only POWER matters and what they can STEAL from everyone...
The cause of the SOUTH is the cause of us ALL!!
The South was the only Consitutional government this country ever had and Lincoln knew it, that is why he INVADED the South.
Lincoln was the beginning of the end of this Republic's Constitution. He was no hero...
I feel for the subdued and truly lost North.
They believe everything they are told, especially those packed in sardine can, multi-level hi-rise communities who have absolutely nothing and can not live without the government or they will certainly parish. There is only SLAVERY for them...You must DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!!
In corporatism, it is CHEAPER to kill a million than to support them!!! That is BuSINess!!!
That is why they allow the Mexicans and Muslims in, so we can save them the trouble of being active in thinning the crop.
Now, if we turn our attention to not only those two groups but, the Corporate elite, the real source of all our problems, FREEDOM from Government control will be ours and our Constitution restored.
Wow, what an ignorant opinion of a beautiful part of the USA. The Civil War (aka: The War of Northern Aggression) was NOT over slavery. Yes, slavery was an issue but it was more over the States Rights.

Question: If it was about slavery, why did Lincoln release ONLY the slaves in the states where he had no authority, namely the CSA? The ones in the northern states (including Mrs. Lincoln's) remained slaves.

Did you know, Mr. Ignoramus, that there were BLACK slave owners? You really need to do a little research of history before you spout off.

Also...if secession was illegal, explain West Virginia.
I wish the person who wrote the article was here right now so I could beat them to death. But I guess that person is just a pussy, because they are hiding their identity. Liberals are pussies! Come get some; let's have another civil war and see who wins this time.

[edit: Name removed by request. - webmaster]
Being from South Carolina, let me say we were here at the beginning. And the South would be a better place if not for the ongoing constant immigration (illegal) of people from 'up there.' and as the bumper sticker says, "we don't give a fuck how you do things up North."

Oh, and show some balls by putting your name on the rant.
You make the South's points every time you open your mouth and allow your ignorance to pour out (along with all the other garbage you insist on shoveling)! There is much truth to the axiom, "give a fool enough rope and they will hang themselves". Thank you, anonymous, for being the perfect object lesson for this fact. Cowards, wimps, and terrorists are the only ones so ashamed of their actions and utterances to go by the title of "anonymous".
Who wants to have a convention in New York? Thid is one of those libertatd idiots than doesn't know history very well and makes up for his lack of intelligence with a toilet mouth.
WOW how can someone be so ignorant I guess just his vulgar language shows his true intellect
Only craven yellow bellies write anonymously...

If you haven't the courage of your convictions or a true belief in what you say, then sit down and shut up you moral and intellectual coward !!!
News flash -The north had just as many slaves as the south,we also had and I repeat we had more black soldiers fighting on our side than the north,the war was not about slavery.(that is what the north made up to make it look good on paper and in text books)You people will twist any and everything to get a vote.You are so rediculous that you are letting the Muslims build a mosgue at ground zero(what a slap accross the faces of those families who lost their loved ones) you are pathetic libs who are afraid to stand up and fight for anything moral because you are afriad that someone GOD forbid might call you racist.We on the other hand do not and will not back down and/or be bullied by the like of other countries and anyone who does not like our moral values.
In addition to having a real potty mouth problem, this author is ignorant of his history. The majority of founding fathers including Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Henry were southeners from Virginia.
Allow me to say a few words on behalf of my Southern friends, and perhaps, on behalf of those living in other “red states,” as well as on behalf of “red state” individuals like myself who live in “blue states” – all of whom you have so thoroughly insulted.

Wow! Mr. "Anonymous" is going to kick my ass? How courageous. Given the fact that you’ve chosen to hide behind an “anonymous” screen name, I’m not exactly shaking in my boots!

Ok, Mr. Anonymous, now hear this. Throughout the “Civil War”, many Southerners repeatedly stated “All we ask is to be left alone.” Of course, a lot of people from states like yours just couldn’t understand what those words meant. So let me lay it out for you, albeit 150 years too late:

Keep your gay marriage. You can marry another guy, or your dog, or your pet mongoose for all I care. Just don’t tell me I have to allow it where I live.

Keep your precious Yankee dollars. We don’t need your money to buy stop signs. We’ll build our own thank you, and we’ll include a brand new sign as well, one which will be placed at our states’ borders and which will be directed at people like you and which will say, “KEEP OUT!”

Don’t like the 10 commandments? Fine - you can stick up a picture of a golden calf in your statehouse or a picture of Donald Duck or a picture of Paris Hilton for all I care. Just don’t tell me what I may or may not put up in my statehouse.

Don’t like our Confederate flags? No one says you have to like them. You don’t live here so it should, in theory at least, be none of your concern. While it always seems that folks like you feel compelled to order Southerners not to fly their Confederate flags, I have yet to hear of any Southerners telling "northeast liberal elites" to take down that statue of the greatest barn burner in history (General Sherman) from Union Square. And given the difference in temperaments between the two peoples, I don’t expect that I will be seeing the latter any time soon either.

Don’t lecture us about the Constitution. We are quite fond of it and its amendments, or at least the amendments that were written by the Founding Fathers. The first amendment, for example, is what keeps us free and you won’t find many people in red states advocating for the scrapping of it or for government control of free speech. You will find that sort of crap however, emanating from the blue states, from, yes, those “northeast liberal elites” who are simply too dense to realize that tyranny cannot ever exist in a place where freedom of speech is a jealously guarded right. And yes, we are even willing to tolerate the verbal diarrhea of those like you in order to protect that right and to remain free. We also believe strongly in the 10th amendment. Go look it up and see if your petty little mind can comprehend what it says. And we also believe that the Constitution is to be taken literally. This belief differs markedly from the interpretation of “northeast liberal elites” who seem to feel that it is a “living breathing document,” which can be interpreted any which way that suits them at whatever time.

And don’t lecture us about the American Revolution and about how you founded this country. If we had left it all to you guys, we’d all be drinking tea and gulping down crumpets today. And Jamestown Virginia, for your information, preceded Plymouth by 13 years - go read a history book. And oh, let me give you two words to ponder in regards to the Revolution, “George Washington.” (He happened to be from Virginia, by the way). So by all means, keep your Plymouth Rock. You can fasten it to a chain, wrap it around your neck and hurl yourself into Nantucket Sound for all we care. We’ve got enough of our own history to keep us busy.

“We should have let them go when they wanted to leave”? Yes, you should have. But it simply isn’t in your nature. If left alone, you would have no one to lecture, no one to intimidate, no one to bully, no one to badger, no one to look down your noses at, no one to tell how to live their lives, and no one to hurl your 4 letter word insults at. In short, you would wither and die, because those are the things that keep you “northeast liberal elites” going. They are the things which give meaning to your droll little lives and which make you who and what you are. Do you really want to know what the true cause of the Civil War was? Go look in the nearest mirror and you’ll see it staring back at you.

Still want to let us go? It’s not too late. There are, I think, many in the Southern states and in the “red” states in general, who would gladly say “adios” to those of your ilk. Just show us where to sign and it’ll be a done deal.
48 - "Oh, and show some balls by putting your name on the rant."

Um, that's kind of funny, "proudfromsouth." Maybe you should take your own advice first?
Some time the truth hurts. I love it!
I thought it was funny, but what's even funnier is how many people got bent out of shape over it. Good thing we're not standing on a playground; there'd be pushing and bitch slappings galore.
"Um", first of all Mr. "DJDEEJAY," the author of this screed is a writer for what purports to be an online publication. The norm is that writers for such publications usually give their names. And second, I really don't think that "DJDEEJAY" is your legal name, so practice what you preach. Sorry if my rant offends you...."um"...but on second thought, I'm not sorry at all.
This guy is crazier than they people who voted for Obama!!!!

Many of the founding fathers were from Virgina and last I checked that was not a New England state.

Fighting for slavery? Are you serious? I'd send this out anonymous too if I was a history illiterate who only knows the "Liberal New England " version of the war. I suppose he knows nothing of the uncosntitutional tariffs and other economic issues that caused the War Between the States.

Since I am a Southerner with some class I can make my points with out using offensive language too!!!!!
Hmmm... to all those saying that the writer needs to put their name on it...

It's from "", and I'm willing to bet that at this point, no-one knows who the actual author is. Thus, it's attributed to anonymous.

He's absolutely 100% correct about the red states getting handouts while they bitch about the blue states getting them - while all the time, the blue states are the ones paying the freight though.
"Hmmm...." If you place the bet that no one knows who the actual author is, you just might lose. Look at this page on "The Stranger"'s website and you'll see that there is a whole page of articles by "mr anonymous". In fact, at the top it says "Articles by Anonymous."…

Odd that the editor's email address is on top. Maybe he wrote it? In any case, I seriously doubt that this is a one shot deal by some unknown author. Judging from the number of articles, it appears that someone is going under a pen name. No matter.

Talk to the folks in the red state about those "freight" charges. Chances are, if you'd agree to leave them alone, they'd happily give you back any money you've already forked over, and, with interest.
After years of reading The Stranger and Savage online, you have finally gotten me to register. GO FUCK YOURSELF. I am from Texas. Which is part of the south. And yes, we have some crazies here. DO NOT PRESUME TO JUDGE ME. DO NOT PRESUME TO JUDGE THE SOUTH. There are good people here. Educated people People working to advance this country and all the good it stands for, including womens, immigrant, and gay rights. I am tired of all the bigots treating us like idiots based on the actions of the extremists. Me and other like-minded individuals work hard to create a liberal, open environment for all to live in in this great state of ours. Your generalizations do a disservice to all of us. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
So three founding fathers were from the south...oooo How impressive. Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, and Paul Revere. See how easy that was. Next, most of the major battles of the War of Independence were fought in the North. Boston Tea Party, which you tea party fools named yourself after, where did that take place again? We're just as american as you red-staters and we're not gonna take being called traitors for wanting health care reform, an end to our foreign wars, or gay marriage. It was cute for 8 years, but we're over it now.

Next, We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Reread that over and over and over again, until the message sinks in.
The article makes a good point that southerners ignore because of all the F bombs and thinly veiled threats, the worst of which is giving them what they want. Don't like paying taxes? Want to let the corrupt anti-union corperations buy and sell the people of your state? Think that free enterprise will keep your freeways from crumbling and your electricity affordable? That's ok. Give it a try. We'll keep paying our taxes and our union dues. We'll just watch while you try that out. I've already seen the conservative utopia. It is a place where there is no gun control, women's rights, and attendance of religious services is mandatory. There is no pesky government regulation of banks, labor unions, or commie health care. Everybody smokes, nobody drinks, and the government is run by religious fundimentalists. Most people call this place Iraq, and you can have it because I would rather live in America.
God Damn! I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Great stuff! Forwarding it to many people.
You're an ignorant bigot. While ALL my ancestors are Southern I would never say " f**k the North". Also it's important to understand that as far as the Founding Fathers were concerned many of them if not the majority were Southern! For instance George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Patrick Henry, George Mason, Benjamin Harrison, "Light Horse" Harry Lee, Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lee etc. Next it's also important to under stand that The U.S.A. was founded in the South at Jamestown,Virginia in 1607 that's 13 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock! Next as far as the slave trade is concerned it couldn't have taken place without all those Yankee merchant ships! It's also important to remember that approximently 300,000 WHITE Southerners fought for the Union in the Civil War as a matter of fact every "Conferderate" state, with the exception of South Carolina, produced a battalion of troops for the Union Army including an entire cavalry regiment from Alabama the 1st Alabama Cavalry, USA(read Lincoln's Loyalists by Richard Current)! Abraham Lincoln was a Southerner, birth and childhood in Kentucky his parents were born and raised in Kentucky and his grandparents were from Virginia,Lincolns 2nd V.P. Andrew Johnson was born and raised in North Carolina and was elected Governor of and Senator from Tennessee and appointed Military Governor of Tennesse, the man who saved the high ground at Gettysburg,Union Cavalry General John Buford, had the SAME background as Lincoln. Arguably the best General the Union had was George Henry Thomas, the Rock of Chickamauga(read Master of War by Benson Bobrick)!The 3 best Presidents on Civil Rights have all been Southerners. Lincoln (see above)who freed the slaves, Harry S Truman (who came from Kentuckians who settled in Missouri) desegregated the Armed Services and public accomodations in Washington, D.C. and Lyndon Johnson (from the Hill Country of Texas)who was responsible for pushing through the 1957 Civil Rights act, the 1964 Civil Rights act and the 1965 Voting Rights act!Also the most successful Civil Rights leader ever, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born and raised in Georgia! And finally (whew!) the highest per capita service in the Armed Services, ethnically speaking, are the Scots-Irish the vast majority of whom are(stop if you've heard this before!)SOUTHERN! This is not to say I hate northerners (go into the hills of New Hampshire and Vermont or the backwoods of Maine or southern Ohio and they will BEND YOUR EAR on the subject of gun rights, God bless 'em!) I'm just saying that you sir are an IGNORANT BIGOT!
Made my day. I often daydream about what a great nation this would be if the south had seceded. They could have their own little nation of inbred porch-monkeys and we'd have a nation with a MUCH higher average IQ. One can but dream...
I find the illustration offensive. Why not draw Sambo's and asians with gigantic teeth?
Yeah I love this rant, I remember I first saw it right after Bush won (stole?) re-election in 2004. The Stranger published it in a very pissed, sad issue, right after election.
Liberals need to be more aggressive against these hateful, paranoid, christian-hypocrite, jingoistic, arrogant, teabagger-friendly right wingers, like this writer
I am often embarassed by the extremists and oddlots who don't seem to have noticed that the South (in which I live and am from) lost and, in that, lost any room to foment new revolution. At the same time, victors could try and be a little gracious to an area of our country which has remained, largely, impoverished and criminally ignorant since the aftermath of the civil war. Perhaps with American factories and production being shipped abroad or being unable to compete with third world labor, the rest of our nation might learn how difficult it is to reinvent a way of being nationally and globally successful. Most of my friends and I are able, after years of effort, can watch tv without moving our lips. And some of us are die-hard democrats more fearful of Republican big business politics than we are of liberal democrats who attempt to ameliorate the condtion of our growing underclass.
WOW----I feel sorry for Southern Democrats!!
How do you folks survive through all that racism, corruption and bass-ackward ignorance?

And no, I'm not being flippant. I went through basic military training in Orlando, Florida, and technical school in Meridian, Mississippi, where the KKK, 25 years after the Civil Rights Movement, proudly marched through fields, forests, and everybody's backyards.

And after the four months of my rigorous training was up, gracious Southern hospitality or no gracious Southern hospitality, I COULD NOT WAIT TO RETURN TO MY NATIVE PACIFIC NORTHWEST before reporting to my duty station in California.

In my opinion, a lot of lawmaking and beliefs down there were, and still are---just plain sad.
@72: Lord have mercy!

I couldn't have said it better myself.
Well I did see the humorous truth in some of that rant, I had to stop reading it because I just got so fucking sick of reading more fucking expletives added for no other fucking reason than to fill fucking space because the fucking author was too fucking stupid to learn some new fucking adjectives to sprinkle through his fucking opinion. I hope it ended well, but I just couldn't fucking bother to continue reading.

Well I did see the humorous truth in some of that rant, but I had to stop reading it because I just got so fucking sick of reading more fucking expletives added for no other fucking reason than to fill fucking space because the fucking author was too fucking stupid to learn some new fucking adjectives to sprinkle through his fucking opinion. I hope it ended well, but I just couldn't fucking bother to continue reading.

Not only was this op-ed poorly written and researched, but it made me ashamed to share a political party with such a hypocritical and close-minded individual.
I am from, and currently live in, the deep South. I and my friends are progressive, open-minded, and stand up to the racism and homophobia that we encounter on a daily basis.

That said, this rant IS RIGHT-THE-FUCK-ON! I live in the South because I love the weather and I stay to the big cities because the red-state rednecks scare the shit out of me. I consider leaving all the time, but there are some bonuses to living here... just can't think of any besides the weather right now.

I'm reposting this for my friends.
People who are now just reading this and commenting think about the time it was written: late 2004. Just after two years of having that whole "us here in the Red States are the REAL AMERICANS" shoved in our (Blue States) faces ad nauseum. Kerry was constantly accused of someohow being not a "real" American because he was from Mass. (you know, where the Boston Tea Party happened?) and Bush was somehow a "real American" because he came from Texas (you know, a state where the US flag is just the latest of many?). There was a certain irony there.

Then, those statistics came out which are still basically accurate. Red States do tend to take more federal dollars and have higher divorce rates. But hey, they are the REAL Americans!
Its my money, not the governments. And just to let you know, where I was born, Chicago, those Northers dumb Yankees built that on a swamp also. Long Live the South. DEO VINDICE.
Ooooh, and you said you were going to come kick my ass if I said Its my money, not the governments. Well, I diddnt say it, but I typed it. And I would say it to your face and you can try and kick my ass, Mr. All talk. But I doubt you will do it. All the times in my life I have gotten told I was gunna get my ass kicked, it never happened. My e-mail address is
If you want to arrange time and date for you to come to Chicago to try and kick my ass. Right before Ill tell you that its my money and not the governments. LOL, I diddnt see your government at my job today doing my job. I saw me there. I dripped sweat, not ur government. It was my balls that were sweating, not theirs. Yes, Its mine.
What a bunch of ignorant elitist liberal assholes, maybe you should read a fucking book that comes from the source slavery was only a small reason for the civil war. The biggest one was President Lincoln the fascist that he was sent the federal army into the southern states to impose his will and stomp all over states rights. For another thing all the people in the pacific North West practice liberal fascism think my way or you’re a bigot and a racist, we call names because we are not smart enough to argue the points. I guess it must be all that dope that you dopes smoke. Oh and fuck you all and your fucking mother to.
Beautiful. (wipes tear from eye) I mean, fucking beautiful. (sobs, runs off stage screaming "FUCKYEAH!")
Regarding the civil war: It was either North or South Carolina (I don't remember at the moment) who first seceded from the Union, as a direct response to the election of Abraham Lincoln, who had founded the Republican (!) party on an anti-slavery platform (again, !). The state then issued a declaration explaining why they felt that the Union was a contract and that the federal goverment had breached that contract. Literally every single reason that they gave had to do with slavery, either directly or indirectly.

Lincoln went to war specifically to preserve the union. That was his one goal at the start of the war. He only gave a shit about slaves later on, when it becamse clear that he needed to give the public a reason to keep supporting the war.

What does all this mean? It means that 1) if you are saying that slavery didn't have anything to do with the Civil War, then you are wrong, and 2) if you are saying that the Civil War was all about slavery, then you are wrong as well. There are many factors that went into the war and if you are generalizing either side then you're probably ignorant. Or a twat. 'Grats.

More food for thought: It wasn't until roughly the early-middle part of the 20th century that our nation's political map looked the way that it does now; most red states were blue and vice-versa. This was especially true in the South, where basically every state south of the mason-dixon was run by Democrats. I'm not too clear on the causes of this flip; Zinn glossed over it in People's History, which probably means it was inconvenient to his narrative.

@4: I'm going to have to throw up the bullshit flag on that one. If I understand that post correctly, you are saying that you suffered discrimination because you are southern and in the military; the military is QUANTIFIABLY the most trusted institution in this country right now and has been for at least fifteen years. Furthermore, if you suffered any discrimination from being southern, it most definitely was not from the military itself, because the military is laughably pro-South. So, basically, you must have been doing it wrong.

A word on northern hate for the south: They probably wouldn't get hated on so much if the south wasn't represented by a bunch of racist, idiotic and unfaithful politicians.
@80: "a book that comes from the source" means, "a book that happens to support my opinion." Look, chumley, slavery was the ONLY "right" that the Southern states were pissed about getting "stomped all over", and up until the election of Abraham Lincoln, the Northern states had bent over backwards to let them keep doing it.

Calling Abraham Lincoln a Fascist is profoundly stupid. At no point has it ever been a right of the states to secede from the union. As for slavery being a right, fine, it probably was. I'll give you that. However, I'd like to think that if I knew someone who had a legitimate right to do something as ethically repugnant as enslaving someone against their will, I'd put a stop to it as well.

Finally: way to respond to some angry, unwarranted generalizations with more of the same. Rise again, peanut.
As for participation in the Revolutionary War, actually, as many important battles occurred in the South, Carolinas mostly, as those which are selectively presented in our texts. One of the three generals of the Southern campaign was Robert Howe, a North Carolinian. George Washington was not even involved in a major campaign from 1778-81 while those battles were occurring . (Srce: Page Smith’s A New Age Begins, a two-volume text that is an excellent American education tome. He was a Marylander and studied under the renowned historian Samuel Eliot Morison at Harvard.)

A note about slavery and scapegoating the South: Much of the world in the 17th 18th & 19th centuries and before, was tainted by slavery, including Africans who sold their own people. New York leaders were against the Civil War because there were so many who were profiting from the slave trade. In fact Mayor Fernando Wood proposed that Manhattan become an independent island nation, its cotton trade intact. Because these people have had so much wealth, they have managed to whitewash their ugly involvement while scapegoating Southerners who often were mostly hardworking poor farmers (2/3's of Southerners in South did not own slaves), who could not defend themselves as being less culpable than the rich Northerners.…

Among the slave profiteers who have hidden how they acquired their wealth and power carried into present day: Tiffany, J. P. Morgan, Lehman Brothers, et al, the usual culprits, note J.P.M. & Lehman Bros.' involvement in the recent economic debacle. The leading slave trading family in the U.S. was the DeWolf family (over 50 yrs and 3 generation 1769-1820 of Rhode Island)- DeWolf reported to be the wealthiest man in America upon his death in 1837); another was the Brown family also of Rhode Island. This is a breathtaking revelation of the truth about Northern involvement:…

Re: racism, sexism, etc. In my long life I've seen this throughout America. The more vulnerable we feel, the more we shut down and act ugly, often against our own better angels. We need to find common ground and fight the real enemy, exploiters, and not be exploiters ourselves. The beginning is to work together to conserve so that we can develop our own wealth and independence from the greedy.

There is much to be angry about. There are some very good comments that reveal real history that it appears many are not reading. I add this: Our country was founded on strong influences of the Scottish Enlightenment (origin of the word liberal, so twisted today. Read "How the Scots Invented the Modern World" by Harvard grad, many Southerners from this tradition, but also Northerners.)

A proud Southerner.

@ 83 ok you hold on to that lie tight and maybe it will become true for you, how about the fact that the federal troops invaded certain states to force their will on them and other states seeing the injustice of the invasion, joined with their brothers. I wonder how you would feel if federal troops marched on Washington state, all to take all you possessions’ away so they could redistribute it to someone who they felt deserve it more. Lincoln did what he did to appease the northern abolitionists that voted him into office. When ever A leader Forces his will on the rest of the country through military force is fascism and at the time this was happening slavery was the norm, I know how dare I call your god a facist, to bad someone did not shoot that S.O.B. before he caused all that useless loss of life.
I think there is only one thing to say to this.

Fuck the extremists, on both sides.
And I bash Southerners here for being so stupid as to be prejudice against Northerners. I thought that only happened in the South down here. I should have known that stupidity has no bounderies. From now now I will never speak again up again (after reading this pile of trash) when one of my fellow Southerners talk trash about the North. And I thought the war was over. What was I thinking?
Fuck 'em. And their cultivated culture of ignorant hypocritical theocracy.…
Spoken like a true liberal retard.

""we fucking founded this country"
You didn't do anything, don't take credit for something that was done by others centuries ago. Just like you shouldn't link todays southerner to slavery. This only shows your ignorance, which you seem to have in abundance.

So, take your baby killing, asshole fucking, liberal views and shove them where your boyfriend Bruce likes to lick you.

from a southerner..."fuck the south!" granted the north maybe full of loud mouthed "know-it all-assholes", but they are free loud mouthed "know-it-all-assholes. and one thing the south is not and will never be is free...examples: free-minded, free-spirited, free-willed, free-whatever. i could never in good conscience raise a child in the south to grow up to be a narrow minded bigot afraid of his own shadow(metaphor for individual thought process). the south is a joke and embarrassment to the rest of the country and doesnt know or care to aknowledge it. from the cival war to the bush administration the south has hid behind prehistoric idiosyncrasies that have perpetuated segregation, prejudice(religious, racial, gender, homosexual), and fascism(not just a northern trait) just to give a few examples of the belief system that is the livlihood and breath of the southern elitist and wannabes. theres a jealous traitorist hatefull bloodflow that pumps through the veins of southerners(whites, blacks, mexiacans, asians, everyone really) thats been degrading the priciples for which this country was founded on and will continue to do so until the end of life as we know it. beyond the low cost of living and slightly more livable crime rate the south has nothing more to offer than an inexpesive means to spawn generations of cultural and social intolerance and division. this may seem like nothing more than a simple rant, but there arent any fact or figures that can take the place of life experinces..and i have met alot of people from alot of places..and no matter what those people may have thought of my southern-ass(if they could tell, seeing as i am extremely open-minded, have no southern accent or overtly racist tendicies) those feeling have always been warmer and more accepting than those from my fellow southerners. it quite sad if you care to think about fuck yeah-FUCK THE SOUTH!
As a Northerner myself, I'd like to say Virginia was the first state to be founded. In addition, this North vs. South garbage would suggest that the writer is either uninformed, or around the age of 12. Grow up and get some soap for that mouth. Many of us Northern elitists enjoy people for who they are and not because they are from a certain region.
Alabama pays more in State tax then Hawaii the previously highest taxed state. Alabama even with a ten percent sales tax has no money for roads or schools.... If you knew anything about the south you would know about the reverse racism that goes on, it's hard to get a job, because of affirmative action. That being said.. I'm a democrat, and just because a state is judged as being a "red state" doesn't mean everyone who lives there is. Mostly the only people who vote in the state are rich and white and old who remember riots and getting beaten during the civil rights movement. As opposed to I, idealistic and poor and white. I'd rather be, idealistic, poor and white and a Southern Democrat, then snobby nose shoved in the air, northern Democrat, who thinks the world rises and sets on Seattle. Because people are so much greener and Eco-friendly. SO much more educated and refined that all they can do is scream at each other on a website.
Unh...I almost hate to point this out, but I am a southerner and a left wing liberal. I am not alone. And Aryanzona is out west.
Whoever wrote this clearly has the IQ of pudding, and that is being incredibly generous. Firtly, the man whote wrote the Declaration of Independance, the Constitution, and the leader of the Army were all from Virginia. Not only a Southern state, but a deep Red state. Further, it is the Left who opposes almost all of the Bill of Rights, not the other way around. They clearly hate the 2nd, as the author admits. They also despise the 1st (campaign finance, political corectness.) And how about the 9th and 10th? His whole rant about how he loves the Federal Government and hates the State Governments? That is precisely what this article is about. How about the 5th's protection of property? I'll assume he was okay with Pfizer's theft of property in New London. Finally, he is appearantly of the idiotic stance that divorce rates are the sole measure of values. Only in the mind of someone truly without any intellectual depth (like the author) would think that divorce is a better measure of value than the slaughter of unborn children. For the record, I am from a deep Purple Northern State, and even I can see that this man is an idiot.
You, my friend, do not know what you are talking about. Not all of the founding fathers were from the north. As a matter of fact the important ones who did the most important things were from the south. Next, it was people from the south that said something should be done about slavery now. It was delegates from the north that got the whole thing pushed under the rug. Also the north was just as guilty in slavery as the south. And your "wonderful" president (who conducted an illegal war against states who had a right to withdraw from the union) was as much a bigot as anyone else. He said he would keep all negros enslaved if it meant preserving the union. This doesnt even touch on the fact that the so called proclamation freeing slaves freed slaves in the parts of the country he considered to be in rebellion. Well, this was illegal as he had no right to do such a thing. Thats beside the point at this time-the point being is all that proclamation was was an attempt at creating a fifth column. Which did not happen. How about the fact that there were thousands of blacks in the south that stood shoulder to shoulder with whites in defending their homeland from the yankee invader. Try reading real history for a change instead of one hundred and fifty years of yankee tainted history. If you dig deep enough you will find an unbelievable amount of writing from the time. And all of the writing from southern soliders say the same thing-they were going to war to protect their homes from an all powerful federal government. It was no different than when the thirteen colonies gave the king of england the middle finger.

And one more thing-you are a backwards neanderthal. Why dont you try some honest, decent dialog instead of caveman talk filled with nothing but cussing. Did your education not get any further than the pages of the dictionary that spells out cuss words?
This person is soooooo f'n brave they can't even sign their name? Yeah, that's balls.
I hates the South and I'm from the South!
It's a fucked up world, with a fucked up place,
Everybody's judged by their fucked up face
Excellent fucked up article that will provide the incentive and basis for my work.I wonder if I can mention the fucked up article as a bibliographic reference in my work. Thanks!
True statements mostly. The South has been a boil on the ass of this country for 200 years. We must remember, however that not every southern person fits this description, many might even agree with the sentiments expressed. In times like these unity is even more important. While I tend to side with the author of the rant, I don't think President Lincoln would have. I once heard a history professor (with a horrible southern accent) go over all this, and he ended with the statement "we are all Americans". I felt a bit ashamed when I thought about it.

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