"I acknowledge and understand that I'm no longer permitted, invited, licensed, or otherwise privileged to enter upon or remain at the above location(s)…"

--From Seattle's Trespass Admonishment Form

Lifetime Ban/University District/Mon April 11/10:55 pm: Officer Gonzalez reports: "A security officer for the University Bookstore called to report he had an adult female [white, 28, brown eyes, brown hair, light-color pants] detained for criminal trespass. The suspect, who lives in Wenatchee, is known to everyone in the store because of the disturbances she creates. The store's security officer, after being paged by the bookstore's cosmetic counter and its general books department, found the suspect inside and detained her until police arrived.

"We arrived and verified the SPD trespass admonishment card was in the system. The security officer then provided us with a copy of the lifetime ban that had been placed on the suspect, with her signature acknowledging the ban. The suspect was transported to the North Precinct. While at the precinct, three trespass cards were located for the University Bookstore. The suspect had been trespassed from there on 11/23/04, 01/28/05, and 02/28/05. All trespass cards were to be in effect for one year. The trespass cards on file, in addition to the lifetime ban, were submitted as evidence."

White Man Banned from Deano's Cafe/Central District/Mon April 11/2:15 pm: Officer Greg Williams reports: "I contacted suspect [white, male, 48, blue eyes, blue baseball cap, blue jacket] in front of Deano's Cafe. Suspect had just been removed from in front of Safeway at 2201 Madison Street, where [he] had been trespassed from by store security. A data check of the suspect showed him to be trespassed from Deano's on 03/30/05. The suspect was arrested and booked into King County Jail. The trespass card was placed into evidence."

Keep Moving/International District/Mon April 11/7:46 pm: Officer Kokesh reports: "At 4:30 a.m., I observed the suspect [Asian, male, 55, thin, tan shoes] sitting next to the building on 1032 South Jackson Street (Asian Plaza). I told the suspect he needed to leave this area because he was currently admonished from this area by Officer Dentinger until 01/06/06. I watched suspect walk westbound on South Jackson Street and stop at another store's doorway in the same business complex. I re-contacted the suspect and told him to keep moving. Suspect asked to be transported to First Avenue, and I provided him with courtesy transport to this area, and advised him not to return to the Asian Plaza.

"At 7:45 am, I observed suspect sitting at the same location where I observed him earlier that morning [Asian Plaza]. I placed the suspect under arrest, and completed another Trespass Admonishment card."

What is curious about this week's police reports is the silence of the suspects. They don't complain or try to explain what it is that compels them to trespass a particular building or area. For example, one would expect the woman who is banned from the bookstore for eternity to implore, to beg, to present her case as one that is totally hopeless. For reasons that are cosmic, she must leave Wenatchee, travel to Seattle, enter the University Bookstore, and cause a disturbance. But instead of explaining herself, the woman--like the homeless Asian man banned from Asian Plaza and the white man banned from Safeway--remains silent. Without a word, she signs the admonishment agreement that she is doomed to disobey.