News Jan 5, 2006 at 4:00 am

Hardcore Scene Disrupted After Local Gang Shuts Down All-Ages Concert

As originally printed, 1-5-06, PHOTO BY ZED CUTSINGER


Comments made by the "anonymous", NON Seattle FSU "spokesperson" are crap. L O V E the unoriginal "Fight Club" speech there in the beginning. "We are your....."
Also interesting, that this non native of Seattle, is also in their own way pitting the two sides against each other. "But to allow an outside catalyst to divide your hardcore scene is counterproductive......"Oh wait.... YOU'RE from the outside too. What voice do you have to bring? None.
You speak of "brotherhood" but have NO idea what the true meaning means. I can think of another group of semi-literate folk that use words like Brotherhood and like to infringe on other peoples rights and freedoms, like speech (no matter how skewed their thoughts are) and they're the thing that FSU says they hate the most. HammerSkins. (lets get it straight, it was hammerskins that embarrassed you first) FSU is no better than the Nazi Skins they say that they advocate against.
And get that wannabe Jonny Hardcore out of there. Jesus, he's NO spokesperson for your group.

The funny thing is, that I know somewhere, there's a FSU gang member going into seizures spouting off to his friends what he would do to me if he met me after reading this. Pound sand grassie.
In order for there to ever be a successful and continuously peaceful community there must eventually be duality. Two differing sides, two slightly different goals, are what keeps a community thriving. What the writer is describing will lead to the destruction of his community. Saying that the community "shouldn't be distracted by this nonsense" sounds almost like censorship in a way. Censorship of voices and opinions that have every right to be heard. Not only is this an American value (which they must appreciate since they have taken advantage of it to form this coalition) but it is a basic human right to go against the grain. How does he think hardcore came to birth in the first place? By people in the current scene all thinking and speaking the same ideas?

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