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FSU Members Arrested for Weapons, Drugs Outside Local Club


Yo.. that stuff about the Templars and skinheads is a bunch of crap. Real skinheads have nothing to do with racism and if your looking for brotherhood it's all about Oi Oi! Music. Fight the system not each other. Visit

While some of the attributes of the 'gang' FSU are noble as in their ethnic principles, but ultimately these lunatics consist mainly of 'outcasts' in its purest form. In defining this stereotypical moron, one may assimilate their mindset with that of a "cop without a badge"! Or in laymen's terms; a slow person, slightly handicapped, and evidently unable to psychologically control, accept, or locate recreationally intended mind altering substances, which explains their outright anger and violence toward others that have the mental capabilities to appreciate the occasional 'party'. Many could say these once oppressed retards of childhood have simply united and are unable to fundamentally secure the badge likeminded, but educated ‘jokes’ of youth have sought. Finally, these drooling, illiterate fools should join our military. This is where they belong!
bullcrap!!! the oi term is heavily used by the nazi skinhead group. if your gonna speak your mind on here be sure you know whos readin, becouse the only thing those brainwashed, inbread morons can understand is hate and intolerance, and the only way to teach them anything is to stomp it in to thier heads with the heel of a boot,look around you... there everywhere in seattle, like rats and the plague they carry. they should be destroyed, just like we started to sixty years ago, DEATH TO ALL NAZIS AND SKINHEADS
Looking at the behavior and ideology of FSU, try to remember this is what it took to kick the British and All Comers OFF this continent way-back-when. I say let the cops back off a little. (Let the FSU monitor the membership as well as they monitor the hangouts) This is an American "gang".
screw fsu,they're too scared to throw dukes in texas.they're a bunch of sallys.

" F S U "

Just another set of thugsters. "Straightedge" means "dope dealer" now I see.

Go home little "jonny hardcore" and takes yer wannabe friends back with you.
Well it is unfortunate to hear that some kids got the idea that FSU puts up with drug dealers and other punks. chances are, the idea has become so diluted, no one really remembers what FSU is, not was, but is about. cleaning the scene up, and making kids safe. a bunch of copy cats putting on a jacket and slingin dope to kids outside a club is in direct opposition of what the organization stands for, and they should be punished, on the streets, if these alligations are true.
Wearing FSU jackets doesn't mean they're FSU.

Drugs? Violence for no reason?

This isn't FSU. All "FSU chapters" outside of Boston are merely wannabe street thugs who watched the Boston Beatdown DVD, and thought it was "cool."
There is a pretty big Group of FSU in maine. But i heard the name has been changed to "Clean" Their reputation
its now called "Fuck Shit Up" FSU
But 3WM is probably the strongest Gang in Maine it stands for 3rd world massacre or somthing like that.

IF you dont like me you can LICK MY DICKHOLE fuck tard
Cocaine and brass knuckles- two important goodies needed to wage your war on the music community. Accept the fact you have a little dick and move on, thugboy.
ALL YOU DISSING FSU-are obviously retarded due to the fact they dont have you kids out there robbing and Shooting dope like most of the nations population but its all good eventually you people will see what they are really about which is preservation of the hardcore culture and the people involved
im not a member nor a supporter of FSU but its pretty funny hearing you internet tough guys talking trash. especially GM who called out johnny hardcore. you wouldnt have the balls to look him straight in the face and say that, instead, you'd be trembling and urinating all over yourself LOL, real bad boy u are.....
The only thing any of you have proven is that you have an internet connection. Pretty hard-core! Seriously, it's all the same. American gang-aphobia is strikingly stupid and disproportional (uh, frats are gangs, they are simply endorsed by society--and they still rape and sell drugs. Probably moreso, in fact.) But kids in gangs tend to be just as dumb. It's just the next reinvention of the same old, same old, the search for a "new" and "original" subculture...of a subculture...of a infinitum. Get over it. We're all the same, and that isn't necessarily a problem for those of us without mental disorders. If you don't see that, well... I don't know. Build a Piper Cub and cut back on the palm dates. What I do know is I'm watching a bunch of FSU tough guys on the history channel right now, ranting about posers, and blah, blah, knuckle-dragging-blah. The History Channel, owned by DISNEY. Congratulations FSU, you're so tough, soon enough you'll probably have a CGI movie with voiced over, anthropomorphized animals!!! YAy, I can't wait! YOU'RE A COMMODITY---all gangs are, all gang members are.
Lets see FSU morals, if i smoke a joint, which is harming nobody, i am worse then you, who beats someone until they suffer brain damage. Even though i haaate skinheads, i would love to see a group of them destroy some little FSU punks. I drink and I smoke, and I choose to and i do not encourage others to do so. FSU are the Nazis for trying to enforce their views through violence. Thats just as much of a Nazi as someone who is intolerant of other races.
if FSU is so tough why don't they go fight the hells angeles motorcycle gangs? I will tell you why, becasue they ar ea bunch of kids that are complete losers with nothing better to do. And what? they don't like skinheads? but yet beat innocent people for no reason, sounds facist to me sounds like fsu idiots have a mental superiorty complex problem brought on by obssesive compulsive disorder. Like I said, I dare you losers to pick a fight with an HA member, they would decimate you. FSU is a stupid joke by some loser drug dealer from the ghetto. Get over it. btw, that Johnny Hardcore guy is pretty funny, I lik ehis chipped tooth, he should change his name to Chip.
I have been involved in the hard core community for over 20 years and in the straight-edge movement for about as long. Living in Detroit (let me stress that, IN Detroit) I saw the Necros and Negative Approach at their beginnings and peaks. I had the guys in Minor Threat crash on my couches and floors as well as bands like Bad Brains, Youth of Today and Cro-Mags.
By using stereotypes like all Skinheads are racist you not only slander the name of a lot of good people who fought against racism, but you sound as stupid as they do.
There have always been groups of people who consider themselves as Skinheads that are not white or not hateful. They are about peace or united. There are vegetarian skinheads and those who have become hindus. I'm staring at a Black Skinhead as I write this who's my brother-in-law who is married to my white sister of Jewish descent and have two great kids. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a Jewish guy with a shaved head that considers himself a Skinhead, but not a Nazi/Racist Skinhead.
The difference is that the small percentage of Nazis are the ones who get arrested for hate crimes, are just looking for attention or looking to anger people.
Just because some idiots say "Oi!" and make their stupid extended arm salutes doesn't mean all involved in Oi! music are like them.
So, "if your gonna speak your mind on here be sure you know whos readin"
because you calling for the deaths of people who aren't associated with hate and racism, that might have very similar views to your own.

Someone should inform the author of this article that 2 members of the aforementioned skinhead band The Templars are black. Do your research.
Wtf! thats fuckin ridiculous! FSU is a straight-edge crew! Vore wouldn't have coke! FSU defends their honor and themselves by fighting alongside and for their brothers so the people who got beat up are fags and must have done something to deserve it! hahahah fuck em!

FSU supporter<3xxx
FSU is not a gang it is a brotherhood of guys that have the balls to stand up for what FSU believes in FSU is not out robbing and killing the innocent and saleing drugs to the kids but if theres any nay sayers to FSU a simple brick to the face could change your mind.
You know this is incredable, white men hateing and fighting one another, I mean for real if half of you pretend to be crazy ass nazi's, believing in old ass fork-tales you down a bunch of pills, crazy ass music, punching you dumb asses out, and screwing who-ever this non-sense is suppose to be cool, go figure this dumb shit out... from this black man WHITE POWER YEAH... Keep doing what you are doing I need to laugh everytime the sun comes up.
um skin heads are all about racsim and they dont diserve to be here im all with FSU
I saw 2 FSU Seattle Idiots get their asses handed to them last night. It was great. Don't think that you can go around hitting people for no reason and think you hard "tattoos" are gonna keep you from getting knocked the fuck out. And oh yeah, after those 2 got kicked out of the club, the small one who was the instigtor (once he was left all alone and defenseless) sure wasnt startin shit anymore. I had my 10 year old son there last night. He was there to listen to metal and have fun and you almost ruined that for him. Even he knew you guys were idiots!
What a crock! FSU (or whatever they call themselves) was started by some Mulatto (half black/half White) who was "inspired" by racist negro icons like Malcolm X and Huey Newton. Funny how everybody in FSU claim they are anti-racist, yet their savage, pube headed leader was "inspired" by the violent tactics of black Nationalists and racists. I keep hearing about how they "drove the Skinheads out of Hardcore shows in Boston"
What, all TWO of them? And where is the proof? There are videos of them outnumbering/harassing and sucker punching little kids, but nothing of the supposed Neo-Nazi ousting. FSU are a bunch of white n------ with a half breed founder.
Crews are gonna be at hardcore shows whether you want them there or not. I mean, fights happen at shows regardless if its a crew thing, or just drama from school or what ever. I don't see why FSU is being looked at as the "Bad Guys" is this situation. I actually have a lot of respect of FSU and have met other members of FSU, and they happen to be some of the nicest dudes I've talked to. FSU does what everyone would do if someone was bad talking them or a friend.
Fuck all these haters here saying "ohh, crews are the problem with the youth today!" Fuck that, being violent or primal is to me a basic human instinct. Sorry for being human!
Nietzsche's Laughing At U, lol your funny. Anyways, think before you talk. You say that skinheads are nazi or prejudice and we should "think and research" before we make judgements on people. Sure I agree with that part. I do research many things that are IMPORTANT, like voter initiatives, etc. I look at both sides. However, you model yourself after a term that is so widely publicisized as racist.. come on.. if you don't give a fuck about something like "skinheads" why the fuck would you go and learn the real deep meaning truth about them. Seriously, its not like they put forth any visible effort to change the stereotype of "traditional skinhead" and if racism is so fucking far fetched and "the opposite" as you declare then why not call yourself something fucking else, instead of a SKINHEAD. Thats like a bunch of muslim raddicals going around saying they are jewish.. but a now a diff kind of jew.. why even go there. If you label yourself after something like a "nazi" , then people will think your a fucking aryan racist. If you want to claim , or no, we are different, we actually are for diversifications and equal rights, we just act like, dress like and call ourselves nazis.. so PLEASE don't misjudge us. Take the time to find out what Neo-nazis are.. COME ON, call it judgemental, but who the fuck cares. You call your self a skin head or a nazi or anything that has deeply seated roots of tolerating hate crimes, you deserve what you get. You deserve to be labeled as that.

The nazis and skinheads are synonamous with that type of disgusting and vile behavior. If a group of people who identify with one another have intents that aren;t hatred based and racist, then why not fucking call yourself something else. I don't give a fuck what that your trying to paint a picture of nice skinheads, come the fuck on.

Honestly, I love bad brains, and I loved old punk. But if anything says skinhead or I think that an artist supports skinheads, then fuck them too. I was going to to trade a girl on craigslist a pair of boots, new rocks for a pair of gripfast. Until I say another posting where the title of her posting was oui (or however you spell it) want to trade skinhead boots. Know what, I don't have the fucking time to go and ask her like a fucking therapist if she identifies with the normal, standard and traditional societal view of skinheads... So I passed judgements on that bitch real fast. Fuck nazi's and skinheads and any racist, hate crime enforcing groups of people. I don't care what the name of the group is. As for FSU.. well geez, I smoke pot so maybe they would try and beat me up. But then again in cali so does everyone else. But at least they aren't slanging meth, pulling licks and pulling guns on people for fights at night clubs. I just wish people would settle shit the old fashion way. mano y mano and one and one.
Wow. I love that what people read or hear in the media automatically makes it true. You are basing your facts on hear say, internet or what the Seattle Times wrote. That makes it a fact right?

Ex: “In recent months, there have been at least three incidents involving FSU members violently assaulting strangers for no apparent reason,” the officer stated in the report.

This is right from the article above. How can they state that? Were they there when it happened? Do they know everyone involved personally? If you didn't notice people don't usually write out a full intricate statement at a show stating what actually happened. Just saying, people are so quick to judge and pass the blame.

(15) Sick Dog, you are a moron. You are the reason people want to punch stupid people in the face. The same goes for (25) Irish Boxer.

(24)JM, quick question. Why is "tattoo" in quotes? I am thinking you should have put "hard" in quotes since that was the judgmental input you had.

(12) E-Dog, I agree with most of your statement. I do not know the guy you speak of personally so I can't say anything about him but everyone on here talking crap probably would not have the balls to say it to anyone's face let alone an actual FSU member.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't promote violence but I also try not to judge a group of people by a couple people's actions.
Um, newsflash. FSU doesn't stand for "Friends Stand United", it stands for "F*ck Sh*t Up". They are well known Aryan Nation.
I Myself live in Mechanic falls Maine, Like that little immature 9 year old said there's some fsu in Maine i don't know about them changing their name to F*** S*** Up but im not affiliated with them so i wouldn't know. On the other hand i have been seeing graffiti Around Maine saying "3WM Jinks"
i have been wondering about what that stood for for quite some time now, i usually see the graffiti in Portland and in south Portland, the city needs to start Cleaning up and cracking down
atleast the shut down oniks, now i would like to see jinks blame fault and hex taken down. there tearing the city down
sounds like a bunch O` little bitch`es. Remember the movie "everywhich way but loose?

these guys are the "black widows"!!!!!!!LOL!!
a bunch of PUSSYS!

yes, i would say it to their face. then they might take a swing at me with their purse.......
sounds like a bunch O` little bitch`es. Remember the movie "everywhich way but loose?

these guys are the "black widows"!!!!!!!LOL!!
a bunch of PUSSYS!

yes, i would say it to their face. then they might take a swing at me with their purse.......
People open their mouths without knowing the facts. Here's a picture of the Templars.…

Notice that they're all skinheads. And, uh... notice that half of them are black guys? Skinhead and Neo-Nazi are not interchangeable. The roots actually have a lot of interracial unity. Some groups give the whole a bad name. Think before you speak, or you end up sounding dumb. As for FSC, yeah, these guys are a bunch of idiots too.
And..I look stupid for giving a non-working link. Just look it up before spouting about a bunch of shit you know nothing about.
get it through your head, thank you, at least one person on here knows something about skins. im sure these kids say FUCK SKINHEADS then go to an agnostic front show. morons.
It's funny that people suddenly throw their lee press on balls on when they get behind a computer, I am friends with alot of FSU members and let's leave it at this I gurantee you that none of you would have the guts to say anything to there face. FSU support your local crew, friends don't let friends fight alone like it or not FUCK OFF!!!
All you FSU haters will get what's comin to you get ready for a beatdown at any show if you guys have the balls to show up. Fuck all the fakers who talk shit about real motherfuckers. FSU are the only guys out there that fight in the streets for what they believe in and aren't racist or criminals. Anyone who thinks they could fuck with FSU go ahead and come get it.
almost everyone on here is a fuckin retard. #1 skinheads are not all racist. skinhead is a lifestyle/culture and some skinheads are racist. i have 2 black cousins who are skins so fuck you. agnostic front was/is part of skinhead culture but they are not racists. crews need to exist, that's the way it is. this ain't the summa of love 1967, there's nothin wrong with mobbin and watchin out for eachother...and that's what FSU started as, just like the rest of the HC crews. There's nothin wrong with havin a crew and havin some brotherhood when you come from nothing and have nothing but each other. furthermore, just because dudes wit FSU jackets beat the shit outta somebody doesn't mean they were FSU, doesn't mean that cuz it was in the paper that it's true, doesn't mean its any of ya fuckin business either. i think most of you fucks need to get romped. anyone who's a fascist can suck it...FSU's so big now and so spread out that there's bound to be people in the crew that are fascist cunts but that doesn't mean that FSU is a racist group. also, any bitch lookin for an identity or runnin from one and tryin to be somethin they're not can get FSU gear and try to rep that crew. people do that shit all the time cuz they're fuckin weak. be real, watch out for ya friends, take no shit from anyone, mind ya fuckin business and move the fuck on.
The way FSU defends itself by saying "you wouldn't have the balls to say that shit to our faces" pretty much proves every point anyone else is trying to make about the gang. You're right, I wouldn't have the balls to say that because 10 dudes twice my size would kick the shit out of me. Does that make you any more right? Or does that mean you're secretly gutless, only finding strength in numbers, "proving" your points with violence and intimidation.

I lived in Boston for years, went to a million hardcore shows, and knew way too many FSU guys. Some were great dudes who just fell in to the crew. Others were unintelligent scum who liked to hurt people for fun. The "anti-racist" angle became their de-facto after-the-fact excuse for violence.

Let me make something clear: while FSU may in some places be a straight-edge group, MANY of these guys were selling and using drugs. A lot of the cocaine sold in Boston (at least when I was there), came directly from these guys; many who worked the door at nightclubs and venues either sold or allowed friends to sell with impunity. And then of course there's the really heinous shit: the beating, maiming, stabbing, and occasionally killing people. There is nothing to respect here; the gang may have started as a way to "cleanse" the scene, but it evolved into something much more sinister.

Elgin was an intelligent guy, he was always nice to me back when he worked the door at all the old Boston haunts; congrats to him and his new film career... but his legacy will always be the evil that was done in the name of FSU.

For all the "nice guys" who fell into this crew, maybe you should step back and think what the whole thing is really about, huh?

BTW, skinhead culture and white-power culture are two completely seperate things. unfortunately some skins were racist, and they tainted the name "skinhead" in popular culture, but by and large almost all skinheads out there are in NO WAY racist. i'm not one myself, but I've had skinhead friends of all colors.
i was a member of fsu, at the time i felt that i found a brotherhood within the music scene that i was apart of for at that time over ten years. i held true the lore and traditions it stood for,from its begining. i got into the hype of the fight like so many other young men do at that age. then i grew up and joined a 1%er motorcycle club, then the stakes def grew higher for me with the community and the police. now im no longer a member of anything i enjoy the time with my family,and still go to shows.but i look back and remember all the stuff i have done ,i wish i can take it all back and be a regular joe. my life is what i made it, and at one time i was known up and down the east coast with a terrible reputation. now im just a dude that goes to shows sometimes and takes care of his family.

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