Republican Posturing

Eastside Republican Congressman Dave Reichert kicked off his reelection campaign on April 18 with an early morning breakfast for about 700 supporters at Bellevue's Meydenbauer Center. Given that the freshman incumbent is currently facing a tough challenge from Democrat Darcy Burner, all eyes were on Reichert and his supporters to see how they would frame the contest. No one mentioned Burner by name, but almost all of the speakers referred to the fact that they expected this to be a difficult race for him.

"You would think that he would have a very easy reelection," conservative talk show host John Carlson told the crowd. "Unfortunately, that's not going to be the case." ELI SANDERS

Mayoral Restructuring

Rumor has it that Mayor Greg Nickels is planning shakeups for at least two city departments: the Department of Finance, headed by Dwight Dively, and the Office of Policy and Management, headed by Mary Jean Ryan. Details on the rumored restructuring remain minimal (Ryan, Dively, and mayoral spokesman Marty McOmber did not return calls for comment) but speculation around city hall has it that either (1) too many people feel they have the mayor's ear, prompting him to reduce the number of people who report to him directly; or (2) the mayor is frustrated with Finance and OPM, and is moving to take back some direct responsibility for the departments. NANCY DREW