Air/Green Lake/Fri June 9/4:45 pm: Officer Pisconski reports: "At 4:49 pm, I responded to a 911 call about a dog left locked in a Chevy Corsica. Upon my arrival to the area, several witnesses flagged me down. All of the Corsica's windows were completely rolled up and the visibility of both passenger side windows was obscured by condensation. The weather was warm and muggy.

"The dog was lying in the front seats and did not appear to be moving. I contacted radio and requested Animal Control. I informed radio that the dog did not appear to be moving and the only access to the animal would be to break the rear passenger window. Radio contacted Animal Control, who requested the window be broken. I used my baton to break the window of the front right passenger door. I then reached in, unlocked the door, and opened it. I felt the dog to see if it was still breathing. The animal was not breathing. An Animal Control officer arrived at about this time and began his investigation.

"Witness One reported to the officer that at 4:25 pm, he observed the dog breathing heavily and called 911. Minutes later, the dog slumped over and appeared to stop breathing.

"Witness Two reported to the officer that he arrived at the scene at 4:45 pm. The dog did not appear to be breathing. Witness two rocked the car, but the dog did not move.

"The suspect [white, female, 40] returned to the car and inquired as to the status of her dog. I informed her that the dog had expired. She, the suspect, stated that the animal had been in the car for about three hours, but that she had checked on the dog 45 minutes earlier and it 'seemed fine.' Suspect acknowledged that she should not have left the windows rolled up. She did not seem upset over the incident."