Tim Eyman's anti-gay-rights Referendum crashed and burned earlier this month, despite a last-minute plea from Darth Vader himself. But there are still forces of evil lurking at summer festivals and parades, trying to gather the 159,000 necessary signatures for a few other state initiatives. Here are four you should be wary of.


The only one of Team Eyman's 21 proposed initiatives that might actually make it onto the ballot. Returning to his anti-tax roots, I-917 reiterates Eyman's previously passed initiatives that demand a $30 cap on vehicle-registration fees and the repeal of all vehicle fees and taxes in excess of $30.

War Chest: $151,564

Biggest Donor:

The only person in Washington that Eyman has yet to alienate is Michael Dunmire, an investment executive from Seattle's suburbs and Eyman's perpetual sugar daddy: $80,000

Sound Bite: "For decades, Washington's taxpayers... were tortured with tab fees reaching hundreds and many times thousands of dollars. For decades, politicians arrogantly dismissed the average taxpayer's plight."

Bitchy Question to Ask Petitioner:

How does sucking $1.8 million from King County's annual transportation budget by capping fees help improve transportation?

Or, if you're kind of into the idea of capping car fees: You know, lower car fees are fine by me, but isn't this initiative being pushed by that crazy media whore Tim Eyman?

Organized Opposition:



Repeals the Washington State estate tax that burdens about 250 families whose estates are valued at over $2 million.

Martin Selig, the Northwest's most rapacious megadeveloper: $177,000; John Nordstrom: $50,000

"We will vote for our family rather than an aggressive revenue department attacking our assets. Let's keep the revenue department and their appraisers out of our family affairs."

Since I don't belong to one of the 250 families, and the value of my estate is approximately the cost of a six-pack, why should I vote to nix an estimated $40 million a year from public-school funding?



This year's right-wing "takings" initiative mandates that the government provide compensation for any direct or indirect damage to the use or value of any private property, such as requiring that a portion of the property be kept in its natural state or prohibiting the removal of trees.

Americans for Limited Government: $200,000

"If the politicians and agencies decide to damage the use and value of private property, they must follow the state constitution and pay for the damage."

So should Issaquah compensate me for all my tax dollars spent paving roads to their strip malls?



Forces employees of federally funded programs (public schools, food stamps, Medicare) to verify ID and immigration status of all clients before helping them. It also makes it a misdemeanor to not report undocumented persons to immigration authorities.

"Illegals have access to $360 million a year from our state in benefits. And I don't think anybody feels that's fair, that it's something that we as the taxpayers of the state should be paying for these people that are here in our state illegally."

Do you think doctors and nurses should be jailed for treating immigrant children?

United for a Healthy Washington, www.no946.org

There are a few do-gooder initiatives on the streets (state and city initiatives) that you might consider signing: I-937 requires big utility providers to meet renewable energy targets, I-92 would provide health care to the elderly, and I-87 and I-88 raise money to fix Seattle schools.