Our House/Sand Point/Sat April 14/6:18 pm: The real names in this report by Officer Smith have been replaced by fake names.

Part One: "The listed residence is well- known by SPD for the amount of burglars, drug users, and other types of criminals that 'visit' or live there. Although James [white, male, born in 1926] owns the house and resides there, his daughter Jane also lives at the residence. Although she is a chronic drug user, James feels obligated to care for her. James's adult son Jeff, who is also a drug user, is currently serving time in prison and no longer resides in the residence."

Part Two: "Another drug user, Jerry, has lived with James for a year and assists in caring for him. James agreed to that support and allowed Jerry to stay without hesitation. Jerry has his own bedroom and appears to be the main person most 'visitors' are there to see. Jerry used to harbor drug users at his own house, which he no longer owns. I believe that Jerry is dealing or sharing narcotics from James's house."

Part Three: "Over the past year or so, I have made numerous visits to James's house. Almost every time, there has been a 'visitor' in the house. James has said that most of the time he has no knowledge of the 'visitors.' He claims to spend most of his time in the bedroom, which is located in the back of the house. James has told me that he has in the past ordered the 'visitors' to leave his house, but they ignore him and stay anyway. He said that some 'visitors' he doesn't even know just walk in and make themselves at home."

Part Four: "I have told James to post a [No Trespassing] sign up on his yard, which he has done. I have also assisted him in removing whomever he would like removed from the house. That seemed to cut down on some of the 'visitors,' but definitely not enough. James doesn't call 911 to report incidents, most likely because he feels intimidated by the 'visitors.' James is elderly and not in the best of health, and it appears to me that his house is not fully in his control. I believe that Jerry is the primary instigator at the time for allowing the amount of 'visitors' to come and go as they please."

Part Five: "On 04/14/2007, at 1843 hours, I noticed a vehicle pull up into the driveway of James's house. A male and female exited the car, but two people were left in the vehicle. The two who got out of the car walked right up to the door and let themselves in. The other two who stayed in the car told me they were only 'visiting.' Eventually, the 'visitors' left the house, entered the car, and departed. Later, James told me that he had no idea that anyone had been over at his house."

Part Six: "Note: About a year ago, James came home from the hospital and relied on hospice to make house calls. It didn't last long, as no hospice would enter the house in fear for their safety. James told me this." recommended