WEST SEATTLE: It was just after 3:00 a.m. on June 18 when Patricia Sullivan, the resident manager at the Olympic View Apartments in West Seattle, walked into the hallway after someone banged on the door of her apartment. She found a note that read: "You racist bitch. You hate black people. So this is what you get." The note was accompanied by a piece of aluminum foil covered in feces.

At the same time, the building's elevator alarm and fire alarm were also ringing and, according to the police report, "the hallway was filled with a white powdery substance" from a discharged fire extinguisher. Sullivan called the police.

When police arrived, they began knocking on neighbors' doors to see if anyone had seen what happened. The report says one neighbor told officers she heard the alarm go off and "looked outside her apartment door and saw two white males in their underwear go running upstairs." Sullivan told police she'd previously had problems with a tenant, Deven Rice, so officers went and knocked on his door.

Rice answered, wearing only a pair of blue-and-red boxer shorts and was, according to the report, "visibly and admittedly intoxicated." When officers questioned him about the alarm being set off, he "got a grin on his face" but told them he had no idea what happened. The report takes care to note that Rice had a box of aluminum foil on his kitchen counter.

The Stranger contacted Sullivan about the report, but she would not comment. Rice, who no longer lives in the building, simply said: "I'm white. I don't know anything about [the note]. And who doesn't have tinfoil in their kitchen? [I'm] pretty frustrated with being blamed for this."