West Seattle state Senator Erik Poulsen (D-34) is stepping down to become a lobbyist for public utilities. The replacement-appointment process—which happens at the King County Council—is likely to send gay state Representative Joe McDermott to the state senate. JOSH FEIT


In a long and frequently testy briefing in council chambers on September 4, Seattle City Light superintendent Jorge Carrasco presented the results of a survey of City Light employees that showed higher-than-ever levels of employee dissatisfaction at the agency.

"When we have less than 20 percent of the employees saying the executive managers [understand] what's going on in the lower levels of the organization," Council Member Nick Licata told Carrasco, "that's really a condemning statement." Carrasco asked for more time to turn employees' relationships with City Light management, much of it new, around.

The survey revealed that City Light employees do not feel they are fairly compensated, do not feel management provides leadership or adequately supports City Light's mission, do not feel adequately trained or involved in decisions that affect them, and do not feel there is effective communication between various levels of City Light. ERICA C. BARNETT


On September 1, Seattle Police swarmed Thompson's Point of View, at 2308 East Union Street, after a man was shot inside the restaurant-bar. The neighborhood has almost become accustomed to incidents like this. After Club Chocolate City—formerly located on Madison Street and 20th Avenue—closed last March, Central District residents hoped the drug dealing and violence associated with the club would go away. According to several neighbors, the problem has simply migrated over to the intersection at 23rd Avenue and Union Street. Thompson's would not comment. The police are investigating. JONAH SPANGENTHAL-LEE