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Seattle Graffiti Gang 3A: Artists or Assholes?



this 3A crew is a fake... the REAL, world-known 3A is based on the east coast. Seattles 3a pales in comparison, and when 3A is mentioned anywhere in the world, (including seattle in most cases) its the east coast 3A that people think of... like it or not, those are the facts...
i see ghoul adek in bremerton and siverdale.there ever where .

i want to be a part of 3a since 06

actually lester..
3A is not fake
you cant say a crew is fake because the name is taken by someone else.
i also know a lester berns
So I guess you must be the fake one.
3A from seattle is the truth. they are like a light in the fog..they are the meaning of AWESOME! lester berns is probably just another doooshbag that was beat up by the studly men of 3A..or he is just jealous cuz his slutty girlfreind had a train run on her by the awesome men of 3A.... tred btm
thanks for proving the 'broken window' theory here in Seattle.

if you see one broken window in a building, odds are more people will throw rocks and break another window...and so on, and so on...

tagging is no different. the more we allow these jerks to tag our city, the more disgusting and dirty it will become. if you want to "express your art" do it legally and not on somebody's property. a mural that somebody PAID you to paint on the side of their building is WAY different than some jerk-offs painting their names in random places to "claim turf." that's NOT ART. it's just being an asshole.

and, i'm sorry, but, "they even have a constitution "lightly based on the Mexican mafia code of conduct."" ANY group of people who base their belief system within their gang on that HORRIBLE GANGS' ways NEEDS to be shut down IMMEDIATELY.

So, to answer the question posed in the title of this article...

ASSHOLES, hands down. (if you make the city 1. unsafe, or 2. more dirty with what you're an ASSHOLE.)
Writing your name to "mark territory" is the equivalent of peeing on a building. It ain't art, and should land the mofos in jail. Banksy does art. Sounds like Edwards is trying to maximize his potential in his regard, but his talentless followers who are content to just tag are just dragging this city down with their lameness.
What a bunch of motherfucking clownshoes high on paint fumes and meth.
None of you would ever say this in the face of a 3a/btm member. hahaha, or you'd probably get killed!
You guys act like art and being an asshole are mutually exclusive... Even if they are being an asshole it is still art. "Art" isn't defined by whether or not you did it nicely or legally...
Jesse Edwards will be having a solo show to kick off 2012 in New York City! The opening will be on January 13, 2012 from 6-10pm at Klughaus Gallery in Chinatown/LES aka The Lower "Far East" Side. For more information, please visit the web site: *The show will be sponsored by Bomb Lager.
I'm a graffiti artist and I refuse to be part of any of these crews. There's nothing artistic about violence, SOME 3A members are talented and want to paint real art. But others are just the sad dumb brainless followers who become fanatics and shit all over the fucking art we make. Fuck you piecesof shit!!! Arrrrrg.
Iam from portland the smaller Seattle. But i give props to 3a and btm

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