In Nine Parts, I-5, Fri Sept 7, 8:09 am: From a report by Officer M. McDonald.

Part One

"Victim sustained fatal injuries. Including severe injuries to his head, torso, and legs and internal injuries. Victim was administered aid by off-duty firefighters and other medical persons until Medic 16 arrived. CPR was initiated and medical aid was rendered by Medic 16 personnel. Medic 16 pronounced the victim dead at the scene [by] paramedics Dong and Hauge at 0820 hours."

Part Two

"There was front-end damage on the front right and front right quarter panel of 1996 Chevy Suburban, registered to [witness one]."

Part Three

"On 09-07-07 at 0809 hours I responded to assist Officer Sinn on I-5 southbound under the Pike Street overpass where he viewed a person who had just fallen from the Pike Street overpass onto I-5. When I arrived at the scene, I found the victim was on the ground on I-5, just under the Pike Street overpass on the left side of the far right lane. I could see numerous Good Samaritans were assisting him and rendering first aid. I placed my patrol car behind Officer Sinn's department vehicle to block oncoming traffic."

Part Four

"The Good Samaritans included off-duty Seattle firefighters and off-duty medical personnel. (I was unable to get the names of the Good Samaritans before they left the scene.)"

Part Five

"While I was at the scene, I compiled an investigation into the events that occurred at this location. I contacted and spoke with witness one, who was the driver of the 1996 Chevy Suburban that struck the victim after he landed on the freeway. Witness one stated he was southbound on I-5 and observed the victim in midair in his lane of travel and could not avoid striking the victim as he fell onto I-5."

Part Six

"Officer Sinn was directly behind witness one and did not see the victim fall onto the freeway, but did observe witness one's vehicle bounce in the air after the collision and observed the victim come out from under the vehicle. He was able to avoid hitting the victim on the ground and stopped his vehicle and backed up to keep other vehicles from hitting the victim."

Part Seven

"I spoke with witness two. He was behind Officer Sinn's vehicle and observed the victim on the railing of the Pike Street overpass and watched the victim jump from the overpass and fall onto I-5."

Part Eight

"I did not speak with witness three. I read the statement from witness three who reported he observed the victim on the Pike Street overpass, over I-5. He then observed the victim put one leg over the railing and then pull his other leg over the railing. He did not see the victim jump, as he lost sight of the victim...."

Part Nine

"After my investigation of this incident, it is my conclusion that this is an apparent suicide. The ME will be conducting their investigation and will be making the final conclusion as to the exact nature of this death." recommended