CAPITOL HILL "All summer we've been battling with the tennis players," says Christi Steinbrink, a member of the informal Cal Anderson Park dodgeball league. "They called the police and the parks department [on us]." According to Steinbrink, the Cal Anderson dodgeball league—which has been playing at the Cal Anderson tennis courts since May 2007 every Tuesday and Friday night—draws crowds of as many as 100 people. Although the dodgeball league has gained a following, players will have to meet with the parks department next month to see if they can get a permit to keep using the courts. "Generally, tennis courts are for tennis," says Seattle Parks Department spokeswoman Dewey Potter. "[But] if there's an emerging population of dodgeball players, we need to do something about it." The meeting will be at the parks department building at 100 Dexter Avenue North on November 7 at 10:30 a.m.

BITTER LAKE The sidewalkless wasteland near North 135th Street and Aurora Avenue North will be getting an unexpected and unprecedented flood of new residents over the next year as five housing developments—which could bring between 1,400 and 1,800 rental units of low-income and senior housing—are being constructed between 135th and 145th streets. The projects, which could open as early as 2009, will bring a massive influx of pedestrians and traffic, which the neighborhood hadn't expected till 2014.