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and a big FAT no on initiative 1029!

On the surface this Initiative sounds like a great idea. If passed, I-1029 would mandate more training, a new level of background checks, testing and certification for anyone being paid to care for the elderly or disabled. Who wouldn’t want that?

The truth is that Initiative 1029 would actually harm families.

The sponsors of the Initiative are the ones who will benefit financially. It is being supported by Washington State’s largest labor union that will get tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to train their own members.

Please help us defeat I-1029. It is not working in the best interest of the elderly and disabled and their families.
Props to The Stranger for endorsing the Seattle Parks Levy (Prop 2). But what's this about Top Ramen eaters not needing parks in down times?! Parks are free for ALL to enjoy - no entrance fee or membership or tank of gas or plane flight required. If people have to make choices, supporting improved parks throughout the entire city seems like a pretty obvious one to me...
The Parks Levy will provide a much needed investment in parks and green spaces that we will benefit from in lean times and in more flush times. For less than 23 cents per day, it ensures that we have great gathering spaces and places to run and play and to escape. It is a bargain. And, just as we need do the right thing in terms of transportation with Prop 1, we need to ensure that we have amenities like those that will be provided through Prop 2.
Aww c'mon, not even a swipe at Frank Build-the-Aqueduct Bigger, the-BIAW-has-incriminating-nudie-pics of me Chopp?

The guy's a tool.

I'm voting for the Republican on the near-zero chance we topple Chopp and then toss the Republican out two years down the road.

I bet Chopp even refused to meet with the SECB.

Lets talk about the fact that this isn't some flat $80 tax on Seattleites.

Renters won't pay a thing for this levy--it's on the property owners.

Property owners are already paying for parks from the last levy, yet this is a decrease in the tax rate from the expiring levy...

Food for thought.
Yeah...what he said.
NO on I-1029.

As a parent of a disabled child I can tell you that if I-1029 were to pass, the requirements to become, and remain, a caregiver for our son would be unnecessarily burdensome. For some, these new requirements might actually apply to a disabled child’s own parents or an elderly person’s own children.

Go to to learn more.
I'm going to go be depressed now that my mother (who has long since passed the leaning part) is crutching heavily in McCain's direction, especially because she loathes Palin.
"Renters won't pay a thing for this levy--it's on the property owners. "

Of course you have to pay. Landlords just up the rent to cover it (and typically more).

Food for thought...

Gregoire is rumored to be on the short list for a Cabinet position in the upcoming Obama administration. If she's tapped, the Lt. Gov will step in as Gov, which makes that race almost as important as the Christine/Dino bloodbath above it.

I don't know if that will influence your pick, but it might be a reason to take a closer look at Owen (who, admittedly, is a bit of a douche in person) and McGraw (i.e. does she have any advantages over Owen that are not pot-related?).
For the last sixteen years, I have cared for seniors and the disabled, going into their homes to clean, bathe and dress them, and help them get around. I love this work, and it’s rewarding because it keeps them independent and out of nursing homes.

But a lot of people I knew who did homecare had to leave their jobs because the wages were so low and they were not provided with adequate training. This is now making it is extremely hard for seniors and people with disabilities to find qualified workers – some get stuck with people who don’t know how to care for them properly or even try to take advantage of them.

That’s why we need Initiative 1029 – Safe Quality Care for Seniors and People with Disabilities. This will make sure our seniors will have access to certified, well trained and qualified homecare workers by increasing training hours, certifying workers, and requiring federal background checks. It will help more seniors receive the care they need and deserve and allow them to stay in their homes longer. Please join with me in supporting YES on I-1029.
Yes, support Parks! Go tree huggers!
William...initiative 1029 does not increase pay for caregivers. If that's what is needed, then another law or initiative needs to be written or voted on.
I-1029 will not give us what we need which is better caregivers. It will only make it more difficult for the ones we want to get certified.
14's a link to several papers with oped pieces giving lots of reasons to reject I-1029...
No on I-1029 Our elderly have access to well trained, qualified caregivers. what is missing is quality supervision and better pay for the caregivers who provide low income adults with their care. This misguided initiative will not solve the problem it will make it more difficult to have a strong workforce for the growing elderly population. Vote no and if you are a member of SEIU, ask them to work for you in getting you better pay and more regularly available supervision that can provide training with each particular client.
I certainly want to take political advice from an asshole that uses the word "fucking" four times in the first four lines of his column.

Can't go much wrong by voting the opposite of whatever the Stranger recommends.
Anyone know why I can't vote for State Senator on my absentee ballot? This is not an option, and I'm in dist. 37... does this have anything to do with it?!
Caregivers are severely underpaid (so are the corporate staff at places like Merrill Gardens; it's not a high-profit industry). I-1029 is not the answer, and will really only create more problems. Big fat NO on 1029, and a big yes to unionizing caregivers.
Fuck Parks. I'd like everyone to know that I have been collecting proof that giant events like that Sloan birthday party at Gas Works last August was illegal and taxpayers invested at least $50k in putting on that rich guys party...

Parks has been finally started giving me some of the 'good' documents i requested more than 400 days ago! (they are supposed to supply them in 30 days...)

These fuckwads deserve NO MONEY for anything - beacuse it will only end up paying for lawyers forced to litigate Parks because they are inept morons....
If I vote yes on Prop 2 will they still ban beach fires at Alki and Golden Gardens?

Seriously, fuck the Seattle Parks Dept. No on Prop 2.
Listen you sh*theads. I loathe Sarah Palin as much as the next person, but you shouldn't be printing such offensive "jokes" about her vagina and retarded things that may or may not be coming out of it. Grow a sac.
Vote No on I-1000
Poorly written law that lacks safeguards and if passed will be a big win for the Insurance companies.
what crack is SECB smokin re 'state treasurer'? you are endorsing candidates that don't even show up on my nov 4 ballot! are we supposed to write them in? pls clean this section up.. i think you copied and pasted it from the primary
It is so disappointing that the Stranger stooped so low to make that Sarah Palin joke. It's a shame that it seems you're abusing your power.

If I could, just as I am allowed to with these comments, I would report this article as "off-topic, spam, false or abusive."

Come on, Stranger, you can do better.
I thought the Palin joke was in extremely poor taste and also hilarious. I do not look to the Stranger for gravitas.

Jack Wallups is either making his own hilarious joke that I don't get or has not-great reading comprehemsion.
Please what is difference from "idiot" against "fucking idiot"? Every day I hard work to learn the English but it gives many word and group of word not in dictionary and I can not understand.
I realize for most people, the race for the Commissioner of Public Lands is not going to be the results you turn to first, but please consider reelecting Sutherland. Goldmark has made a lot of promises that he can't keep, and reveals a startling lack of knowledge about the position he's running for. I have yet to see or read an interview where anything he says about DNR is remotely accurate. Although I'm a D when I'm not a Green, Goldmark appears to lack any integrity, while Sutherland has gotten our state forest lands green certified and balanced public use to the extent the constitution currently permits. To me, integrity in a politician is a rare trait, and much more important than voting party line.
Every other health care provider in the country has to do some kind of training, pass some kind of program, get some kind of certification. Pharmacy technicians, medical assistants, phlebotomists, EMT's, etc... and the requirements are all about 4327895X more "burdensome" than seventy-something measly hours. Suck it up and get educated, people. Health care professionals should know what they're doing, and training requirements help ensure that they do.
It's no surprise to see The Stranger endorse Initiative 1000. But, this is the first time you have openly and honestly communicated the full depth of your prejudice and discrimination against seniors and people with disabilities.

"The people who wipe old peoples butts and take care of the disabled"

It's great to see bigots pose as progressives but make it clear that they are truly impostors when it comes to progressive causes and any adherence to civil rights.

You are fucking idiots!

I am a die hard liberal feminist. I cut my teeth working in social services at Planned Parenthood in their aborton clinics, I worked at a womens shelter counseling abused women and children, I spent five years at a community mental health agency working with children who have suffered from abuse and neglect and who often time had disablities.I have used the Stranger Voter Guide Umpteems times in tha past and I used it today for the November Elections. I completely agree with you and your endorsements. The thing isand I know you guys are smart asses and all that but your Sarah Palin joke was cruel and offensive. I know she's a dumb ass and she and the Republican party frustrate the hell out of me but honestly, that was the most offensive thing I've heard, read, or seen throughout this campagaign. Fuck you for lowering yourself beneath the Republican party.

King County
Charter Amendment No. 1
Elected Elections Director


Shall the King County Charter be amended to provide that the position of county director of elections be created as a nonpartisan elected office?

Wouldn't that mean we would want to vote yes? Keep the director of elections non partisan?
I'm truly shocked by the mentally retarded drivel that gets distributed (and taken seriously!) on the streets of Seattle. No wonder Kurt Cobain blew his brains out.
I got my ballot at long last, though, oddly, no voters pamphlet.

The ballot says of the City of Seattle Prop 1 (Pike Place Market levy), "Taxes collected in 2009 would be limited to $2.60 per $1000 of assessed value."

For a $400,000 house, that would come to over $1000. That can't be right. The ad campaign says $46/year.

What does this phrase mean?
I'm so glad you guys do this every year. I'm way too fucking lazy to do the proper research all by m'sef.
Fucking iditos vote for Barack Obama.
Soooo do we have any primary sources on the McKenna FTM thing? The Stranger's word is the only evidence I've seen.
@esl483: "fucking" is just an curse word, a vulgarity. It's used to make an adjective stronger, and to say that the speaker feels strongly about it. "This is delicious pie", would just mean the pie was delicious. "This is fucking delicious pie" would mean "I am really amazed by how delicious this pie is, also there are no children, old people, or very religious people nearby who could be offended by my use of a curse word". Of course the Stranger is not worried about offending people so they use it freely.

@Georgia Loves McCain: Oh, honey, nobody takes the Stranger seriously. The Stranger is that guy at the party spouting off with wit and vulgarity; you kind of love listening to him and you may sometimes think he's on to something, but you're never going to take him seriously unless you're as high as he is.
Dear Stranger - Please correct the format of your CheatSheet PDF or make a big NOTE to COMPLETELY FILL IN THE OVALS on your ballot - putting a simple Check Mark as your Cheat Sheet shows May Not Register your Vote - follow instructions in your ballot. Thank You.
everything green must be soccer field, bad parks dept.
Have you seen this, about Reichart?

$500K in illegal credit from Seattle TV stations ...
I was all for the Parks levy until yesterday when the King County Council overwhelmingly voted to approve a tax-payer funded giveaway of one of our parks to a private company with millions of dollars in the bank.

The park WAS 60 acres south in Redmond. The organization on the receiving end is Lake Washington Youth Soccer League. The county has allowed LWYSL to use the north side of the park for years in an apparent "lease" deal in which the county has received $0 in compensation while the soccer league has become richer and richer.

Anyone that tells you that this deal is "for the kids" is full of crap. After this vote, it is clear to me that the King County Council and Executive do not have the best interests of the parks or their users at heart. I will not vote to give them another dime!
I think amendment no. 6 was misread by SECB. A 'no' vote would not 'impose deadlines that are twenty days earlier than exisiting deadlines'
Right, like it isn't hard enough to find caregivers. Low pay and more restrictions will bring them running for sure. So, instead of "seniors and people with disabilities" having caregivers that may or may not be desirable, with this initiative they won't have any care at all.
Hey Mark, do you think my landlord pays one penny of the property tax on the condo I lease from him? Nope - he passes it along to me, in the form of rent. Fine by me - I don't mind paying for parks and all the other services that taxes provide. But I'm sick of people suggesting that renters don't pay taxes - we do!
Snarky Sarah Palin made her own vagina an issue in this campaign, so it is fair game for any jokes.
Further, her own lack of scruples when speaking to her inbred crowds leaves her open to all scrutiny.

In fact, discerning voters would like to know what Sarah's vagina is "Palin' around with."

Could it be ...terra-rists?!?
Hey no on parks - you do realize that a park in Redmond has nothing to do with SEATTLE city parks, right?
but how would you vote on who's hotter, republicans or democrats? :)
Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?
By Orson Scott Card

Please spread the word. Every American needs to read this be it Dems, Reps or Independents.
Get out and VOTE!
The world has something to say about Obama. Dig it!
Why if on the KC Elections site ( it shows Gregoire with 57.75% of the vote and Rossi with 40.09% of the 2004 results is there still discussion of a 133 vote difference in favor of Gregoire. It is listed as a final count.
"If I-1000 is approved, no one will be compelled to end his or her life."

I very much want to support this Measure, but that is the sticking point. I have heard stories, mostly in the form of worst-case scenarios, that this is a law that is more exploitable than would appear on the surface. I am wary of throwing my support behind an initiative measure that in the end will be used as a catalyst to do more harm than good. I want to see solid evidence that safeguards would be put in place to prevent its' use for ridding families of "unwanted relatives", be it for burden or financial reasons. Can anyone here supply that info? If so feel free to send a message to Saad at Your responses are much sought after.
IM 1029: I'm a health care provider and even I am voting 'No' on this one because I've gone through those trainings and extending the required hours to train, although a good idea on paper, isn't going to do much more than frustrate the states fiscal reserves (ha! ha!) and prevent those who are ready, or are urgently needed, to start work. Furthermore, we are required to complete additional training courses with each passing six month (or year) period. Don't let the wording fool you, we already have stringent background checks and training that have so far served the system well. This initiative tries to fix what ain't broke, and you know what your grandmother has to say about that.
If you are a fucking idiot, you'd want Obama and more false flag terrorism like 9/11 and you'll get it soon. Biden even guaranteed it when he spoke in Seattle last. Cynthia McKinney for President 2008. Or Barr or Nader or anyone but Obama/McCain. Shame on The Stranger on this one.
A big YES for 1029!!!

Evan's comment that the state's largest labor union wanting its members to be better trained is true, but why is that a bad thing? Members AND the people they care for are screaming for the training workers need to care for our rapidly aging population. The union is helping that happen, and it is in the state's interest to make sure that it does. If we don't invest in long term care now, we will pay for it later. If we don't make sure that our homecare workers - who only make about $13/hour and contribute a portion of their pay to help pay for this training - are able to do their jobs safely, we will find ourselves paying for it in more accidents, injuries, crime and expensive nursing home care. 1029 is an investment in our grandparents, parents, and ourselves. Vote YES!
"'Renters won't pay a thing for this levy--it's on the property owners.'

Of course you have to pay. Landlords just up the rent to cover it (and typically more).


This may be true, but it is not at all obvious. Housing is pretty supply-inelastic, at least in the short term, so it's not clear landlords would be able to raise rents.
Rob McKenna stated:
"I am pro-choice, and I'm on the record as being pro-choice."

He may be a republican but he's the best AG Washington's had in decades. And he's totally cool with you fishing your unwanted baby out.

Now pass the talking stick.
Under info for State Treasurer, the Palin joke - "Only some of the stuff that comes out of her vagina is retarded." REALLY low and not humorous - this insults a handicapped child who holds no responsibility for its own condition, or its mother's obvious inadequacies - both to lead the country and to committ time to this child she brought into the world.
I am also a caregiver. While William is well-meaning, he did not do his homework on I-1029. This initiative sounds good, but it is misleading. Caregivers already receive background clearance checks and training. Much of the extra training that is being recommended is costly, and irrelevant to the particular care being provided. This means that resources that could be serving people who need it would be wasted. This is why Washington State Hospice is against this measure, as is Aging Services of Washington, Developmental Disability Advocates, Community Care Coalition of Washington, and the Home Care Coalition. Yes, we need better services, but this is not the way to do it. This initiative is "highly politicized" (in the words of the Seattle P-I), would restrict part-time caregivers, and would in the end negatively effect the most vulnerable in this state.
This is a GREAT service and GREAT reading....except for that completely bullshit joke about Palin's kid. Snarkiness is cool. A blatant jibe at an innocent child is not. Delete it.
Though I had heard it once before from a completely unrelated source, when I read the Sarah Palin joke from the SECB, I laughed out loud, AGAIN! I thought it was hy-freakin'-sterical to see it as a pop quiz in the middle of all the issues! If you were offended by that, then maybe you shouldn't be reading the Stranger in the first place. Sarah Palin made her genetically engorged child a campaign issue from the moment she was struck by the lightning otherwise known as the McCain Campaign. Carabao Barbie's kid is open game. Joke you if you can't take a fuck!
Re: Initiative Measure 985

I hereby publicly challenge Tim Eyman to a no holds barred fight.

I am 40, fat, out of shape and only have one eye. But I did wrestle in high school and I have more than a bit of an Irish temper. Anywhere, anytime, any place - I won't even bring my Mom in case I tap out (which I won't – I PROMISE you).

Eyman's incessantly irritating misuse of our state's initiative system via his own perverted view that EVERY INSIGNIFICANT THING needs to be decided by our Athenian democracy option is no longer just a joke among progressives - it is an abomination that simply has to stop now.

If you do not like the way city, county or state politics are going – vote the bums out – that’s what we PAY these people to do. I.e. sweat the small stuff. I am done with this delusional hack who isn’t even qualified to be a “greeter” at Walmart.

Please, please, please for the love of GAWD, Tim, get over your microscopic penis complex and take me up on my challenge or just simply fade into the sunset and SHUT THE FUCK UP! I am dead serious about putting my rapidly aging body on the line to do it. Think I'm kidding, Tim? I triple DAWG dare YER PUSSY LIL' PINK PANTY WEARIN' ASS to contact me at


-Col. T. Porter Harp
Uh, before you spelling bee whiners go and get a bee in your spell-checker bonnet, I did mean, "SEVERELY & UN-RESPECTFULLY".

thank you, thank you, thank you for the huge amount of thought and work you put into this!!
Your comments about Sarah Palin's child are repulsive and make me want to not read your newspaper and column. Please get a clue!
KC Charter Ammendment 4
What is wrong with higher qualifications? wouldn't that be beneficial? I'd like to know someone coming into a gov't job actually has the credentials needed to perform the level of service required. We don't hire people if they don't have qualifications?
...look at Sarah Palin, certainly some higher level of qualification should be necessary to run for that office. hmmmm, maybe I just answered my own question. or maybe I need your perspective? help me out here.
Scott White -- the mud has stuck. The King County Ombudsman discovered that White doesn't mind lying even in a formal investigation, and he'll say the dog ate his homework before he'll take blame. The Stranger seems like the last place you'd find people too delicate to look at the mud and see if it's real. Pity the 46th, if it chooses White over a progressive and honest alternative, Gerry Pollet.
Hey! The Parks Levy does much more than provide swing sets. It also helps out with restoration of our parks. Did you know that many of the trees in Seattle's Parks are nearing the end of their lifespans? They only live 60 years? Then they DIE! If more trees aren't planted we will be a city without a tree canopy. Think about it...what's more important than that? NO, WE CANNOT WAIT TO SAVE OUR PARKS AND THE TREES THAT PROVIDE THE OXYGEN WE BREATHE! NONE OF US CAN AFFORD THAT!
Save the trees! Vote yes on Prop 2!
"Renters won't pay a thing for this levy--it's on the property owners. "

Which is why taxes like this pass much more frequently in a city like Seattle with a high proportion of renters

"Of course you have to pay. Landlords just up the rent to cover it (and typically more)."

I wouldn't got quite that far, but increasing the landlords expenses sure doesn't help your rent.
Thanks for your endorsements. I use your endorsements and vote exactly opposite.
Not true that renters don't pay property taxes. Who hasn't had a rent increase from a sighing landlord mentioning another round of property tax increases.

But my real question: When will elected officials looks to something BESIDES property and sales taxes to fund their favorite projects? I am SO TIRED of these two options, one horribly regressive the other also regressive -- depending on the size of house the wealthy choose for themselves.

Let's repeal Eyman's flat vehicle excise tax. I drive a used car and it didn't save me a nickel, but all the SUV and luxury car drivers saved a small fortune. Now we have crappy roads. Thanks Tim!
OMG! Everybody vote for Obama...because he's just like so oh my god awesome and McCain is such a old...guy. I mean, Bush sucks ass and like Obama is so freakin amazing...he just, like speaks about things and its going to be great, you know? I mean...McCain is like a crazy old war dude and an IDIOT! And Obama is like...there are SO MANY PEOPLE who love him and he'll fix everything and make this country FUN again! It just makes so much fucking sense when you THINK, assholes! Just do it. Go vote! Get out the vote! Vote for Obama! He's the man...or not just a man, he's like this amazing guy who just like is AWESOME! He better win, too...or we'll ALL BE PISSED! And like get all in their fucking faces you old Vietnam veteran son of a bitch old guy! GO-BAMA! (I just made that up!) See all of you guys at the party! Yes! VOTE FOR OBAMA! The Stranger ROCKS!
I thought that the ammendment about descrimination was a no-brainer too, until I read the text and noticed that it also seems to limit the ban on discrimination to "non-governmental organizations". This seemed like such a poison pill that I can't convince myself to vote for it, if it could conceivably open a loophole to permit the government to discriminate based on race, gender, or sexual orientation...
I wanted advice on Propositon 1, so I searched google using: Stranger Proposition 1

The first hit was for 2007's guide, titled "How to Vote - News - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper". It advised me NOT to vote for Proposition 1, saying it was deceptive and would hurt public transit. Ooops!

Fortunately I was able to cross out my choice and change it to Approved, but somebody really should edit the 2006/2007 endorsement pages to note that they're obsolete! It would be great to include a link to to the most recent page, at least until Google catches up.
Thanks for the info! I will make sure I vote AGAINST the candidates and issues you commie cunts prefer.
More Big Brother, SWEET, just what I needed.
See you sheeple in the soup line. Maybe we'll get borscht if we're lucky.
Initiative 1000: You already have the right to refuse life-extending (or any other) treatment. If I'm an insurance company and you are deemed to have 6 or less months to live, what would I cover? Your last prescription? Or seemingly futile life extending treatments? VOTE NO

Initiative 1029:
"...home health-care workers—the people who wipe old people's butts and take care of the disabled...of course we don't want to be stuck wiping our own parents' butts..."

Guess what? Butts need to be wiped. And you are SERIOUSLY being pathetically patronizing in your critique of home health workers. They serve a much bigger function that just "wiping butts." Check it out sometime.

And when you find that your parent, the same one that did so much (hopefully) to get you where you are today, is dying of cancer and needs your love, compassion and physical assistance, well...let's just say I hope you don't feel "stuck."
VOTE whatever you want on this one. BETTER PAY and RESPECT for Home Helath Workers!
Great information and helpful perspective, thanks. Agreed on 80% of my voting with The Starnger.
I have always referred to the Stranger Election Guide in past elections but not this year. I actually filled out my ballot using my own brain. And I am gratified to see that I more-or-less voted in line with The Stranger, the only major exception being the parks levy. (I figure in this economic downturn I deserve to say NO to at least one would-be hand reaching into my pocket. Sorry parks.) And I voted against Polett without even knowing about his mud-slinging, etc. I voted no against him because —get this— because his signs were freaking UGLY and because I counted NINE of them within one city block near my house. I was punishing bad design and egregious sign-proliferation, but my instinct about him (being a no-class mud-slinger) was right on the money. Suck it Polett!

Now, about that Palin joke. I'd heard it before and even repeated it myself and take comfort in the fact that The Stranger still has teeth enough not to shrink from such 'blue' material. Yes, I feel sorry for the poor baby who can't defend himself, but the joke is not an attack on the child (except the use of the word "retarded" which some sanctimonious buttholes take offense at.) The joke is an attack on Palin herself, on her own severe mental retardation and her poor judgement, selfishing choosing to have a fifth god-damned child in her 40s and condemming that poor soul (the down baby) into existence. Fuck her.
"selfishly", that is

Oh, and for you bleeding hearts... Palin endangered that poor kid even further by taking an 11 hour flight (factoring in layover in Seattle) from Texas to Alaska AFTER HER WATER BROKE, risking the health of the child just because she didn't want to deliver it at a strange Texas hospital.

The woman is selfish and... while not clinically retarded (at least she'd have an excuse) certainly STUPID.

Okay, I'm finished.
Thank you SO much for the endorsement of Randy Dorn for Superintendent. Terry Bergeson has done a horrible job, and as an educator I've seen her speak on numerous occasions and she couldn't answer any of our questions without sounding condescending.

I did a little happy dance when I saw this--The Stranger ALWAYS comes through. Thank you again.
Please vote No on I-1029. Caregivers of those with developmental disabilities and others in long term care need higher wages, not generic expensive training that will never be funded anyway.

As a caregiver and advocate for adults with developmental disabilities, I am dismayed that SEIU is using its liberal cred to impose such a damaging initiative.

THANK YOU, Stranger, for seeing the light. I got invited to the Seattle Weekly election night party, but when I noticed that SEIU was a sponsor I crossed it off my calendar.

Note: There are a lot worse things in the world than wiping asses.
Charter Amendment No. 6 Budget Deadlines is completely mis-represented in this guide. The amendment, "impose(s) deadlines that are twenty days earlier than existing deadlines" not later as the stranger guide suggests. The only "no brainer"(to use the strangers words) in this election is this paper itself.
please disregard the last post as amendment 6, by imposing earlier deadlines on budget preparation provided more time for budget consideration and ramification.
In response to Mattbama's remark on 10 21: Charter Amendment No. 6 requires that county agencies submit budget information to the county executive twenty days earlier. Thus, a yes vote gives the county government twenty more days to review this information. The amendment also requires that the county executive present his (or her) proposed budget to the county council.
Vote NO on I-1029

I-1029 will not "make sure seniors have access" to the care they need. Care giving is an entry level position into the health care field and requiring 75 hours of training will dissuade some from entering the field thus leaving us with a greater shortage of caregivers.

I-1029 does not have any thing to do with raising care givers wages either.

I-1029 will increase costs for some of the people receiving the care. Private caregiving agencies will have to raise rates to clients in order to pay for the 75 hours of proposed mandated training.

Vote NO I-1029
Do any of you opposing I-1029 actually have a family member in the care of a provider? these folks need all the training they can get! and higher pay as well. Of course, my bill will go up, but so will the quality of care - and that's what this is about.
I was about to print out your endorsement cheat sheet when I read your "offensive joke" that only some of the stuff that comes out of Sarah Palin's vagina is retarded. What a horrible thing to say about her son. I'm no fan of the woman or her politics, but it's just plain wrong to make fun of a baby with Down Syndrome. Shame on you, Stranger.
I like how THE STRANGER says they love Obama so much but right underneath this comment box is a McCain-Palin advertisement. FUCKING SELL OUT FASCISTS
I stopped reading the Stranger because of it's generally boring disdain for most things in this world. I figured that this cheat sheet would be the last section of this paper that would not contain sexist jokes and pointless negativity, but I guess I was wrong! I've learned once again that I was better off before I read your cheat sheet - the only useful thing about this was getting to hear reader's responses in the comments...
Anita, I don't think you understood the joke. You see, her baby is retarded like Corky from Life Goes On, because it's a retarded Down Syndrome baby. A retarded Down Syndrome baby fell out of Sarah Palin's vagina. It probably even has one of those weird, vacant, half-lidded drooly faces. Retarded babies freak me out. Hmm... I forgot what the hell I was posting about.
Smart move on placing the cavalier attitude on I-1029 before the Palin joke--you made it palatable. Well, as palatable as being force-fed a heaping tablespoonful of horseradish before being made to choke down a garlic bulb can be.

Apparently, the SECB has not toured some of the "skilled" nursing facilities (while I use that term loosely, that's what they're called) or adult family homes (AFH) in the area. Both could/should be considered human boarding kennels staffed by people who range from incompetent to apathetic to just plain hateful and neglectful with AFHs being the worst offenders by far.

You'd call for reform in the way these people are trained too if you had to pick someone up from one of these places whose adult diaper is so full, the ammonia piss-smell emanating from it can be summed up as follows: Worst. Catbox. Ever. Times infinity.

Or the SNF nurse who's concerned about her normally responsive, but now non-responsive patient who fell out of bed, hit his head and had a 15 minute long seizure shortly afterwards---eight hours ago.

While ignorant and stupid people are abundant (even in health care), they shouldn't be tolerated. Educate the ignorant and put the truly stupid out of business and out of work.
Hold on, Prop 1 & 2 state an additional taxes would "be limited to $2.60 per $1,000 of assessed value"; that would be $1300 on a $500,000 house. Then it states, "including approximately $0.19 of additional taxes"; that would be approximately $95 for a $500,000 house. So which is it?
If anyone has ever step foot in any care center for the elderly they would know that more training is absolutely necessary! The fact is that because there is such a high demand for heath care workers in these facilities proper background checks and training are often lax. Care given to these residents are not up to standard. These people are our parents, grandparent, and other family members, they deserve better care and our support.
It's nice to see the election guide, but if The Stranger is dolling out "you're idiots" critiques to its readers -- what's that about?! -- then I've got one for The Stranger:

The people at The Stranger are idiots (but don't worry, you're not fucking idiots!) for including the joke about retarded things/Palin's vagina. If it's not obvious to you why that's idiotic, then that proves my point.
You think we'll see a spike in redstate heart-attack rates with this wonderful outcome? Biostatisticians Unite!!!!