MADISON VALLEY: A teacher working over the weekend at Seattle's private Valley School discovered 40 strange metal discs—covered with cartoon characters and bar codes—scattered across the school's playground. According to the school's director, Barry Wright, the discs—which he describes as "heavy pogs with bar codes"—along with several dozen postcards, were advertising for The Dokodrop website is registered to a New York company called Mammoth Toys. Company president Frank Landi says Mammoth is trying to be careful about how it markets its game and "didn't consider that playgrounds [were] connected to schools." The Dokodrop discs were cleaned up before students returned from a three-day weekend.

CAPITOL HILL: Ramsey Campbell was fired after two days of training at Seattle's Online Coffee Company chain. Company owner Ken Fox left a message on Campbell's phone, telling him he was being let go for making "unnecessary and inappropriate [comments]" at work. But Campbell says he was fired for telling coworkers he's transgendered and undergoing gender reassignment. While training as a barista at Online Coffee Company's Capitol Hill location, Campbell says his coworkers started referring to him as "she." "I told them I actually go by male pronouns," he says. Campbell then explained he normally wears a binder, which he says he described to coworkers as a "really tight shirt." Campbell says he was told he was fired for discussing "[managing his] female anatomy, [which] was just as bad as if a male had talked about his genitalia at work." Transgender people are protected from discrimination in Washington State and Campbell is taking legal action. Fox did not respond to requests for comment.

DOWNTOWN: In response to Mayor Greg Nickels's war on homeless encampments, homeless activists are bringing the fight to his front door. On March 13, protesters plan to camp overnight on City Hall's plaza. Hopefully, there will be s'mores.