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Pony Fetishist Says He's Fighting a Hostile Takeover

Mark Kaufman


Slow news week?
Gee what a surprise - people into BDSM have power and control issues...

Saying they are "concerned about safety at NWPP events" is a death sentence toward Cyber as an organizer. Could you be more specific or ask Jake to be more specific, please? This is important part of the article.

This work of fiction is amusing.
hey jn- most people have power and control issues. at least folks in the bdsm community are honest about it
The Stranger



December 16, 2008
Taking the Reins
Pony Fetishist Says He's Fighting a Hostile Takeover

yber the War Pony—not his real name—has been involved in the fetish scene for nearly a decade. In that time, he's spent $100,000 to build a dungeon in the basement of his Renton home, acquired 300 gas masks and a gynecology table, and started an online pony-play fetish group, Northwest Pony Players (NWPP), which boasts nearly 700 members. But after two years of running NWPP, Cyber, 51, is locked in a tense battle for ownership of the group,
Misquote CWP owns the NWPP outright, founder Yahoo, always has. There IS no battle for the NWPP. NWPP became inert due to MR. Snake/WetSpot.

which has splintered the pony-play community and sent members stampeding away from the group.

There’s 700 people in the NWPP, how is that a stampede? It’s some Wet Spotters married at the hip.

"They've said if I do not turn [NWPP] over, [I] will not play in this town again," Cyber says.

Misquote, There is no “they” Total misquote outa context. 1 and only 1 person said “If I do not turn over the NWPP to this individual in question” quote. “All WetSpot support will be pulled from the NWPP Group” quote. When CWP asked what this vague threat was, I was told “You take it for what it’s worth” quote. What it sounded like, the NWPP (me) is going to be hard pressed to find either indoor or outdoor locations to hold pony events, basically, cutting the NWPP from playing the the Seattle area. This came true.

He claims several former group members—who are also members of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC), formerly known as the Wet Spot—have been attempting to undermine him and steal away the pony-play group in which he's invested years of his lie.

Invested years years of my lie? Do you even spell check? Misquote, Nobody “stole” the NWPP. It was just cut off to starve. 1 person did the undermining, a tiny, tiny few went along for the ride.

Cyber contacted The Stranger to complain about the supposed hostile takeover of his group,

Again, misquote. I was told to hand it over, ownership/moderator, NWPP Yahoo. I DID not. Mr. Snake had it seemed, giving what is called “gifts”, which turned into an “investment” in me and the NWPP. When I was taking care of an internal affair, none of Mr. Snake business, Mr. Snake deemed to jump in and demand I step down, as Mr. Snake had “invested” in me, stacks of DVD/CDs doing some of the shoots at my NWPP events, and even a huge expensive TV. “Gifts”. When Once, way before, I had asked about all the “gifts” Mr. Snake said, quote, “Someday I’ll need a favor” To my thoughts, it’s like, help Mr. Snake move or something like that. Instead. Mr. Snake was calling in that so called “favor”. The word “Invested” and “TV” “Gifts” came up in this yell fest from Mr. Snake. Turn over the NWPP to Mr. Snake. When I did not, the “All WetSpot support will be taken from CWP/NWPP. I stood my ground, nobody owns CWP, nobody buys CWP.

which has apparently caused quite a rift in the pony-play community.
Pony play is a fairly small subgenre of the fetish scene. As Cyber explains it, pony play is "a form of performance, a form of animal play. It's not S&M; it's more bondage and role-play." Members of NWPP dress up in elaborate leather gear, pull each other on carts, and act out other scenarios. Sometimes sex is involved, sometimes not.
It's an expensive fetish to get into, and ponies apparently require a great deal of space to play. The limited appeal and resource-heavy nature of the fetish led Cyber to hook up with the CSPC, which hosted parties for his group.
"I was having people coming from all over the area to get a pony and fetish group together," Cyber says. "I had people coming from Idaho, Portland, and Vancouver."
At the CSPC, Cyber met several like-minded pony players.

Never met any WetSpot ponies “at” the WetSpot ever. I found them all over, at other venues, other groups, a tiny few have been in Seattle, in the beginning. Some I had known a long time before the NWPP ever was founded by CWP and Pony Mistress D. NWPP just did a few indoor outa the cold winter rain, events at the WetSpot, that’s all.

Like Cyber, all of them have code names—like a clandestine group of superheroes that get together and fuck instead of fight crime.

Pony Play is about shedding the human skin and outside vanilla world, to be a proud pony, to be a proud animal in play. It has aspects of bondage, servitude, performance and practice to be a pony. Think the Anne Rice novels, “Beauty”. In ten years of hoofing it, I only saw 1 pony play couple screwing in the woods. It’s most defiantly not about swinging superhero sex. Leave that S+M poly swinger stuff for the WetSpot elite's, regulars. live ins, and status quo.

Over time, one of the pony players, Snakeman, became the NWPP's unofficial photographer, snapping pics of group outings for the group's message board. Then, says Cyber, Snakeman and other members, including Sugar Pony Jake, became active in setting up activities for the group.

Not even the truth. Misinformation. Mr. Snake, SugerPony, Jake, “Never” set up any, period, NWPP events, Indoor or outdoors. CWP did all the planning, emails, write ups, food, labor, and 1/2 of all the tack and a pony cart. CWP did just about “all” the work. Including coming out before the 2006 WetSpot Paradise, to dig up and re-grade a steep down ramp, that some of the smaller pony girls were having great difficulty in going down, as it went into a road, where you could not see if a car was coming down the road, and CWP was concerned that if a small pony girl fell down on this steep down ramp, that the weight of the pony cart and rider would drag pony into the gravel, out into the road and run over the pony cart, as they do not have brakes, and or, smash into a car, as pony girl could not stop the weight pushing her down this steep little down ramp at the Long House. My efforts to re-grade resulted in my back to blow out. I missed the 2006 WetSpot Paradise, as I could barely stand.

SugerPony Jake, went to only, and only 1 outa 1 dozen NWPP play events in the 2 years the NWPP existed. The 2006 1st Annual Pony Play Round Up at the Long House. (SEAF was not a NWPP event, it just happened) Not on the NWPP calendar. SugerPony Jake played away from everybody else in the grass with his “of course” WetSpot board member date, and rarely interacted at all with the other ponies and people that were there for this event. SugerPony Jake did not attend any other NWPP events for 2 years. Neither Mr. Snake, nor SugerPony Jake ever did any setting up for 2 years any NWPP event.

In the last year, several NWPP members set up pony-play events without running it by Cyber. Cyber says these "unapproved" events were tantamount to a coup, which added to the tension within the group.

Misinformation, misquote. Only 1 individual set up an pony Play event at the Long House. Without asking CWP or Mistress Pony D. The posting on the NWPP read to the effect that this person was setting up his own pony play group through the NWPP, and was doing a “cattle call” to all to attend. It was a carbon copy of my pony events, right down to the free Sunday morning breakfast I cooked for everybody in the Long House kitchen., except now, it was 15.00 per day instead of 25.00 which the extra measly 10.00 per day was for the food, usage of thousands of dollars of pony tack, pony carts, and after paying the Long House, whatever I had left, I gave to Pony Mistress D. CWP never ever made 1 thin dime from the NWPP. Never made any money, I spent money on the NWPP. And was happy to do so. I called the booking agent for the Long House and voiced my concerns about this sudden posted pony play event. This 1 and only non NWPP event. The Long House booking agent said, “quote”, “You and Pony Mistress D, didn’t okay this?” I said no, Fuss Pony just went and did it. “Quote” Well, Fuss Pony said both of you okayed this” So, I find out, that my and Pony Mistress D’s names have been used to set up a pony event, and didn’t even run it before, with the founders of NWPP. I voiced my concerns regarding a non NWPP event, through my NWPP Yahoo site, a cattle call for bodies, in the effect that both CWP and Pony Mistress D had quietly before at other pony events, asked several to leave, and to not return. CWP and Pony Mistress D had a code word for these problems, we called them “Frankos” after a nasty came in and was mad about the price, food, where’s the girls etc. 1 couple that had attended several NWPP events, had always a scene. This male half, always ended up yelling and belittling at this pony girl. The Long House is not for this kind of negative vibe at all. It is a privilege to be at the Long House, not a right. Just because you paid entry fees. This individual ran this pony girl into the ground, disappeared with Pony Mistress Ds pony cart all day long. When they returned the last time the pony girl was falling down and passing out. We had to do an emergency tear apart of Pony Mistress Ds pony tack, to get her out of the harness. We wrapped her in blankets and hydrated her on the ground. That was it for Pony Mistress D. Next day, Pony Mistress D personally told them, she’s welcome, he’s not. As the unofficial pony play was worded as an offshoot, my concerns were that the “Frankos” would see an open door, and would return to cause possibly some grief. Which would reflect on the NWPP, as Fuss Pony was using the NWPP to set up his event. Too many males standing around, too few pony girls, novices, not knowing what their doing and hurt the necks of ponies with yanking on the reins, this had already happened once before with a WetSpot elder, “novice” yanking on the reins too hard. That time the ponies just had sore necks. And possibly a “Franko” with a pony girl yelling all over again at her. The booking agent acknowledged and said “quote” If both you and Pony Mistress D want this pony event canceled, it will be canceled, as Fuss Pony misrepresented himself to gain a pony event at the Long House. I called Pony Mistress D and she concurred that this pony event was a really bad idea. She recommended it be canceled. I said “Let me contact Fuss Pony, I’ll just ask him to make it an official NWPP pony event, that will close the doors to the many Frankos” I emailed Fuss Pony, voicing my concerns about the “Frankos” and what I received back was completely insulting and demeaning. Fuss Pony said, “quote”, I’m offended, that CWP had (politely) asked, that you want to have it a NWPP event” “This is my pony event” “I have thrown bigger, better play party events than you” “I don’t care about the “Frankos”, They are grown adults dealing with their problems” “Do not contact the booking agent for the Long House” “This is our pony event and that’s all there is to it” “Our event”. I called Pony Mistress D with the results and we both concurred that Fuss Pony was completely out of line and to call the booking agent for the Long House and have this event canceled. I called the booking agent for the Long House, and she said it’s done, canceled. I emailed Fuss Pony about all this, CWP name and Pony Mistress D name was used improperly, to set up a pony event, which I also interjected, the way your going at this, your going to possibly create a split within the group, and that came to be. As CWP and Pony Mistress D kept a good rein on events, screening new people, we never ever had any real problems. We took care of the people. We didn’t want ”Frankos” causing any grief as the owner of the Long House would stop allowing the NWPP to host events, if a few caused problems, and the owner of the Long House found out. Next thing I know, Mr. Snake is on the phone yelling at me, I cannot cancel a pony play event by Fuss Pony, nor delete said post on the NWPP. The rest of the conversation included the word, “Invested” and it was off to the races. Soon, the booking agent for the Long House re-canted her story, she never said that she would cancel Fuss Ponies event off my NWPP Yahoo Group. (Footnote: in 2006, the booking agent was let go of her position as booking agent for the Long House. I had voiced concern to the owner of the Long House, that it wasn’t because of the NWPP event, as she was very hard to get any communication from her. I had the write up for the NWPP event, and time was running out to get this posted in the Long House calendar for NWPP members to read, and know what’s going on for the up coming event. The owner of the Long House said it had nothing to do with CWP nor the NWPP group. Many back then in that event, “knew” about this information, Pony Mistress D, Mr. Snake, AT, many others in 2006. The booking agent was later reinstated, and it would be easy to spin this information around, into a “CWP” caused you to be let go as booking agent for the Long House. Then I could understand “why” she changed her story. I’d want revenge too, if I thought someone got me fired.)

Despite Cyber's insistence that members of NWPP have threatened him and turned against him, Jake says that's simply not true. "I don't believe I ever recall anyone threatening to shut him down or take away his mailing list," he says.

Not even correct, total misquote. Nobody threatened me. Pure sensationalism on the Strangers writers part. I was simply shoved aside after 2 years of building, when I did not hand over the reins to the NWPP to Mr. Snake. With no “acres” for pony play, cause and effect is no pony group. The owner of the Long House said, “No pony Play events here until this is resolved.” “Contact the WetSpot owner, Allena to moderate, and fix this”

Last September, after Jake and several other members had distanced themselves from Cyber and NWPP, citing concerns about safety at NWPP events,

Total misquote and totally untrue. I ran a safe, and clean Pony Play events. 2 years, and 1 dozen almost perfect pony play events. Dozens of ponies and owner/trainers will tell you that Suger Pony Jake is full of it. Jake is not at all telling the truth here. He was at only one NWPP event way back in 2006, and did his thing away from most of the others there. This is a “death rattle” to say “unsafe” This is a total scare tactic fabrication, un truth, on the part of SugerPony Jake.

photos posted on the group's private message board began disappearing.

Photos need rotating, there are tons in the NWPP galleries, including 10 years of performance’s before the NWPP ever came about. The wonderful, who were showing much love, Mr. Snake, he who didn’t get the NWPP, under several different names, kept taking pot shots at CWP, so in the end, yes, started to get rid of those that have become dead weight. Keep on posting negativity's towards CWP, doesn't work, when the hornet nest kept on getting poked, I’ll poke even harder back. I’m the Owner of the NWPP, and, simply put, I have the right to delete messages, and images, period. Nobody said one peep when I deleted this one person who keep posting. AT had complained, and I acted on it. Eventually I banned this problem. Nobody said a “peep”. I see “no” difference between that and those that poke at CWP.

Cyber received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice from Yahoo—where the NWPP site is hosted—notifying him that Snakeman had requested the photos be removed.

CWP has “stacks” of signed, dated, pony events, paid for model releases. These images have been in NWPP and cyber space for “years” freely shot, Mr. Snake would,nt let me pay him for this. Mr. Snake would follow me and other ponies around and shoot. Burn a CD, mail it, and it was up to me to pick out what would go up on the NWPP. Free and clear, years ago. Now, what images? The Yahoo info on copy rights, click of what is Mr. Snake wanting to pull after so much time, and “nothing” Nothing comes up, so I don’t know what images he’s all of a “sudden” now, wanting to start chipping away at something he didn’t get.

Cyber also says he was told by Snakeman that he would lose the support of the CSPC if he didn't give up NWPP. However, Allena Gabosch, executive director of the CSPC, says Cyber has never been denied access to the center.

During the WetSpot Paradise event, 2007, even before that, I had emailed and called into the WetSpot many times to Allena, to have a meeting regarding the hoopla. I never said “what” the meet
ing was really about. Just some new information on the NWPP. I finally received a e-mail right before Paradise 2007 at the Long House. Allana said that she’d talk at the Paradise event. Which is questionable, as she’s “way” too busy during Paradise,but went with it anyway. For 2 days, I performed as CWP, and for 2 days, Allana blew me off. I didn’t at all pester, just ask once per day. On the last day there, at the Long House, I went to see that nights dinner menu. posted on one of the columns for the kitchen. Allana and 10 other helpers were inside the
open side kitchen, preparing that evenings meal. And as I approached to read the menu. Allena began to scream at me, about, “quote”, “I’m a no good pony”, “Iv’e ridden better ponies than you” The others just cringed and rolled their eyes and said “nothing” during this tirade. So, somebody got to Allena too, just like the Long House booking agent, and eventually wore down, Pony Mistress D, she bailed too. I parted with her when she started to beat me as a pony that day, all “because” the 1K pony harness I bought from her, “my paid for pony harness”, helping “her” bank account, I had altered the reins. For that she started to whip me. I’m not ever into animal abuse and “she” knows that. So all avenues, all doors were now shut, to resolve this ridiculous stupid penny annie conflict. I’m on my own. No place to host an official NWPP event. indoors or outdoors, least outside of Paradise. To kill a pony group, just make sure you pull the ground out from under the ponies. make sure no pastures to run. While the innocent ponies are not knowing what to do, set up quick, another pony group to replace the NWPP, and open the pastures, (Long House)and indoor play space, (WetSpot) and there you go. Months later, CWP as male, “did” show up at the WetSpot on late night on a Thursday night. There were 2 ladies on the cash register, none of whom I know. As the cashier was taking my money, the other lady whispered into the cashiers ear, and then, I was told, I can’t come in, and handed my money back. When I asked “why”, I was told, “You just can’t come in”. So I totally dispute WetSpots Allena’s assertion, quote, that I have never been denied access to the WetSpot. Either she’s talking the talk to a reporter, or she “truly” doe’s “not” know what is going on under her roof, just like Mr. Snakeman.

Cyber says he has faced harassment from former NWPP members, including the posting of his personal information online and late night hang-up calls. "I'm worried about every car that stops in front of my house," Cyber says.

My deed to my house, my address, my lawyer, was posted online in a e-mail to me dated Nov28. Along with the gimmie gimmie back after years, NWPP images, most likely of CWP. My house has already been broken into. While I was out getting supplies for an up coming NWPP event. 900.00 damage to the front door alone, not to mention all the goodies that disappeared. And with many connected to the WetSpot, much is known what is here, and “not” in a basement, again, Stranger writer mis quotes, misinformation, and lets soup it up for the tabloids. So when personal documents are “outed” on the internet, your damn right, I’m suspicious of cars that stop in front of my house for no apparent reason. Especially now.

But he isn't the only one alleging harassment. "As the years have progressed, [Cyber's] seemed to get more and more agitated about things," says Jake.

Got to the point, that really, I had nothing to lose, when I tried to mediate through Allana, at the WetSpot, and have every door and avenue closed, with not even a real chance for CWP to even speak. CWP was muzzled, and what looks like “agitation” is really, “frustration” Again, SugerPony Jake amping up the drama hype.

Another NWPP member says she was "outed" to the group when Cyber posted her real name on the message board. "I told him at one point, don't use my real name on the list. He did it anyway," says Pony Mistress D. "Not everybody wants to be that out.... [Cyber has] managed to alienate almost everyone in the group."

I made a mistake “once”, on that. Everybody has all these needs, which photo, I don’t like that look of me, I want to be called this, put this photo in front of this photo, requests, requests, pull that image, I decided I don’t like it, please blur my face, on and on. I made a mistake, and quickly corrected it. Pony Mistress D quotes wrong in the sense that overtime she ever posted on the NWPP, her real “name” was always displayed. So she focused on what I had mistakenly had posted, not hers. As for alienate, Nobody stood up, especially Pony Mistress D, my “partner” in the NWPP, preferring CWP to take all the hits, including her wise “advise”. Just got me deeper. Pony Mistress D never backed her partner, except the Fuss Pony affair, then she backed away, let CWP get clobbered, she hung me out to dry. That’s the power of the WetSpot. Sacrifice one, doesn't matter if it’s right or wrong, Don’t ask don’t tell.

Finally, Cyber's supposed nemesis, Snakeman, contends that he's the one who has been receiving harassing phone calls and e-mails—from Cyber. "He [called and] said, 'You killed my group. If I see you, I'm gonna punch you in the nose,'" Snakeman says.

Made a speed dial mistake one night, and Mr. Snake picked up. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation, but I never threatened him, that’s just covering his tracks even more. Making him more popular at the WetSpot. Punch him, this is just more “spin doctoring” by Mr. Snake. He should run for office. Spin doctor the “gifts” The TV, the “investment” word. A gift is not a gift, if it’s brought up in a conversation that, that it’s some sort of mafia joke, for some future “favor” It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, that’s why the spin doctor must spin away, how could a respected elder, pump cash into WetSpot, basically lives there, home away from home, possibly strong arm,or at least attempt to get a “return” for the “investment” Naw, of course, can’t be true.
Nemesis, that’s funny! Stranger writer, should moonlight for the National Inquirer.

In addition to the threats, Snakeman says Cyber continues to trash-talk him and other members on the NWPP list. "A lot of my friends are being slandered without cause," Snakeman says.

There is no on going “slandering”, not at all now. There has been lots of love exchanged, starting with all those pot shots at CWP, poking that hornets nest. Eventually, people get stung.

Cyber, meanwhile, says he is considering filing an antiharassment order against Snakeman.

No, there is no ongoing anti-harrasment unless I see more personnel documents on the internet, and if anything happens. I looked into it, after my personal information was posted. Lets just say, I know what to do for the future. More sensationalism from the Stranger writer. Must be a WetSpot member, if not, think he got a year’s free pass. FYI, on those images in question, “copyrights”, CWP has on file, a whole stack of original, signed, dated, model releases, and what pony play event, and even the paid for by CWP, model release’s. CWP put the NWPP on the world stage, lobbied hard to get the NWPP in Equus Eroticus magazine, the world’s largest pony play magazine. 2 years, nobody complained, at the WetSpot, nor at the Long House. It took just “one” phone call to ruin it all.

Whatever happens, NWPP's membership remains scattered, and the ongoing fight has severely disrupted the Northwest's small pony community. "The turnouts [for events] right now are a lot thinner than they used to be," says Sugar Pony Jake. "There are certain people who just don't feel particularly safe coming out."

This is total hype scare tactic fabrication on the part of WetSpot (board member) SugerPony Jake. Maybe justifying his losing his rank and file as maybe just a few ponies have what is called, “a doubt” in the back of their pony minds. And maybe SugerPony Jake isn’t at all a good leader either. Don’t blame CWP for your short comings. Better to blame the economy, instead of making CWP your scrape goat. I ran it successfully for 2 years, I built it, you just “inherited it” It was growing faster then the Stampede Group outa the San Francisco Bay Area. I put 4 pony carts at one time on the trails of the long House. Built it from nothing a tiny few. Your losing people because you can’t run a pony group, little ole me, many miles away, and your doing the things go bump in the night? Shows you can’t lead, Just an excuse using the boogey man scare to justify your dwindling numbers. I could have put money down on that bet. I got Pony Mistress D off her butt and back into the light, back into the groove, not just once a year. She made couple of thousand dollars, hadn’t sold a pony harness in years. Fixed her pony cart, made it better. Put up with her. I had thrown decent play parties here, and safe and sane pony play parties. Anybody say other, is not telling the truth, and is working the scare hype that is a cover up. Meanwhile, my private information is up for grabs, even have a site devoted to love me dearly.

Things could have been taken care of, Pony Fuss didn’t need to completely trash what I had done for the ponies, the NWPP. Mr. Snake used the word, “investment” and the TV was part of my being “invested in”. I didn’t give 2 years of planning and work, to just hand it over, just like that. And so,,, I paid the price. No ground, indoors or outdoors to host a pony play event. The booking agent switched her story. Owner of the Long House said fix it with Allana. Fix it, and ponies will run again at the long House. Allana crawled down my throat at Paradise 2007. Last chance to fix it, last door closed. Damn right I was frustrated, depressed from it all. Shut down at every turn, somebody seemed to get to each person before I did, before I could say my piece. I’m not no angel in all this, painted into the corner, I started to feel, I have absolutely nothing to lose. This Stranger story is mostly misquoted outa context, and the most important information is absent, glossed over for National Inquirer sensationalism. What really hurts is all those that I have known for a few years of the NWPP, right from the get go, all looked the other way. Hardly a one even asked. It is too ridiculous that someone would want the NWPP over a TV and a stack of images and fetish porn. Certainly, not a long standing elder member of the WetSpot.

The end result is a dead pony group, and SugerPony Jake putting in the boogey man scare to justify his losing rank and file in the WetSpot sponsored Seattleponies. I knew down the road he would tank. CWP has been hoofing it for many years, I’m not owned, and not likely to take demands, and gifts, and just that, gifts. And a funny thing, Mr. Snake doesn’t even run the hollow what’s left of the SeattlePonies, just wanted my “ready made” NWPP for the WetSpot, and install a WetSpot board member to run it. Same person that only went to 1 NWPP in 2 years. Mr. Snake doesn't even have any pony tack or gear, least for 2 years, just showed up with a camera.

Most of the misquotes and pure fabrication on the parts of several interviewed, show the lack of running with the truth, to portray in a glossed over, rose colored lens view, a distorted story of half truths and scare tactics. Something beautiful was ruined, by 1 person, with 1 phone call, 1 person acting most likely, behind Allana’s back. Who deemed to do as he saw fit, after all, I did get a big TV.

In the 2 years I ran the NWPP, many played, stayed here,, played here, and got to know quite abit about me. How I take care of people, and many of the non truths and sensationalism in this Stranger write can be rebuffed, as many out there, of the NWPP know me and the truth, least can collaborate some of my points. many are just not wanting to also be on the WetSpot, Mr. Snake radar, or they too, could not get to play, as the WetSpot is the only game in town. Factoid, in 8 years, some people get “gone” when radar is focused upon them.

I took care of my ponies, my success seemed to warrant un needed extra attention, the propaganda by Mr. Snake, SugerPony Jake, is a smoke screen to cover some tracks, and to blame for their own short falls. The Stranger write is mostly pure hype, pure front page National Inquirer. Paint the CWP in sensationalism. I’m not happy with myself, I have a hot head, wish it would have never got this far. But I know what transpired, and I’m in the right. I sleep quite well, regardless of seeing the power trips, of seeing 2 faced creepies working their magic, of feeling the love. After all, “It’s just business”

Footnote: Last summer, on a week end, I received a call from the owner of the Long House. “CWP”, “There’s ponies out there, I didn’t authorize any pony event’s, I made a promise to you CWP, that until this is fixed, no separate pony play events are to be held here” ‘What do you want me to do Cyber”? “Ill go out there right now and tell them to leave”. I reminded him of the booking agent’s switched story, there by setting up CWP for a fall. Then I said, “It’s not the innocent ponies fault, they have nothing to do with this, all’s they want to do to run” It’s just 1-2 that ruined the NWPP, not the ponies” “Let them run, let them run free, I’ll be back another day”.

My rebuttal to the badly written story.

Taking the reins, they never left mine or her hands.
No hostile take over, just a snuff job.

Peace in hoofs.

Cyber the War Pony
oh, boo fuckin' hoo, cyber. cry me a fuckin' river.
Wow. Great rebuttal, Cyber the War Pony. Your statements are articulate and insightful, and you clearly demonstrate why you are the sole victim of drama that was obviously not of your making. Nice job!
what is going ON in this world.
I think there are some very positive results from this article.

CWP seems to be spellchecking his writing.

Over 60 messages written by CWP have disappeared from the NWPP site, most likely pulled by CWP. I for one am happy to see these public threats and libelous innuendos go away. Unfortunately his post where he uses my legal name and address still remains.

CWP's bullying and tantrums have helped to build a unified local coalition of pony players. Everyone who has been targeted by CWP, (which includes just about everybody), agrees that he has been acting like a jerk. It is rare to find consensus within such a diverse group, he has helped to unite us.

"My rebuttal to the badly written story."

This is possibly the worst piece of writing ever published on this, or any other comment page.
13 abuser acting like someone who's abused.
Think what you will, I am fine with that. I'll take the heat and hope that it helps to protect those who have already been outed against their will. Those that know me know me, I do not demand respect from anyone but I do try to earn it.

I have been privileged by many damning truths regarding CWP’s past and present actions. I do not believe that he is or has been acting with a concern for ethics. However, if I do not extend the same confidentiality and discretion to him that I would extend to any other animal role-player, then I would feel guilty of the very hypocrisy he has been accusing me of.

I don't consider The Stranger to be anyone's personal bully pulpit, however I do hope Jonah enjoys all the payola CWP implies he has already received.
Think what you will, I am fine with that. I'll take the heat and hope that it helps to protect those who have already been outed against their will. Those that know me know me, I do not demand respect from anyone but I do try to earn it.

I have been privileged by many damning truths regarding CWP’s past and present actions. I do not believe that he is or has been acting with a concern for ethics. However, if I do not extend the same confidentiality and discretion to him that I would extend to any other animal role-player, then I would feel guilty of the very hypocrisy he has been accusing me of.

I don't consider The Stranger to be anyone's personal bully pulpit, however I hope Jonah enjoys all the payola CWP implies he has received.
and I thought I knew it all - really - far more interesting than money for banks

too bad they are fighting
Jeebus Effn Keyrist!!! The article wasn't ghastly enough- we had to have the rebuttal too!?
Sounds like the ponies all need to go to the knacker's and get a good klonk on their heads to get over their egos.
Slow news week indeed
Oh my god, Cyber the War Pony? Who thinks this shit up? I'm deeply saddened that I will never get the past 6 minutes of my life back.
I swear I saw a CSI episode on pony play... weird.. life imitating art...
Thanks for sharing what has got to be the most amusing thing I've read in ages... I'm afraid I won't be able to keep a straight face the next time my guy wants me to ride him 'cowgirl'...
please where is the 'flogging a pleather horse' mis-joke?
I love all the double entendres you can make about ponies and horses. Well done!
I'm confused about one thing here ... Someone else decided to schedule/plan/organize an event separate from NWPP. He wanted things done his way, so took it upon himself to make it happen. CWP and PMD then decided that for some reason they had the right to cancel this event??? WTF? I can see being pissed if he used your name and said he had the ok from you, but to cancel it because it wasn't NWPP? What gave you that right? Who said you get to pick and choose who comes to non-NWPP events?
And "HERESSSSSS" Mr. Snake!

This is the REAL Mr Snake, the Snake that called me, foaming at the mouth one day, demanding I turn my NWPP over to him and the WetSpot. This is WHY if all started. 3 more phone call's, more and more foam and the veiled threats.

Look at the difference in writing and attitude, there's 2 posts from Mr. Snake here, articulate, "spin doctor" at work, his best work of hiding, and as par usual, always sticking his nose into other peoples business and LIVES.

Here's the Snake with true vemon I know and so love, sent to me yesterday:

Really great!

Cyber the War Pony proves to the world that he is a whiny, spineless, tantrum throwing little crybaby bitch. The Stranger is not your own little bully pulpit, deal with it.

After slandering so many others it is a pleasure to see you slander yourself for a change. Everyone who knows you already thinks that you are an idiot; it's very good of you to prove it to everyone who hasn't met you yet. LOSER! IDIOT! ASSCLOWN! And finally JUSTICE comes.

There he is, and still on the attack to cover his slithery tracks.

Hear, their's a huge TV for the story for Mr. Jonah, but then, down the road, Mr. Jonah will get that phone call too.

Just say neigh.
can we limit post size to discourage crazies?
This is why I prefer AlpacaPlay, ponies are notoriously temperamental...
From afar, the only thing that holds these people together is hate. Talk of CWP holds them together.

Mr. Snake revels in the thought as he welshes across the WetSpot sweaty lair, "what" did CWP say tonight?

Finally, Snake got "popular" at the WetSpot, People actually "talk" to him. AND without AT, a paid for side kick!

I made Snake popular! from miles and miles away. "Hands off",,, With the touch of a finger tip. Puff his scaly chest up, surrounded by yes WetSpot 24/7 people, (live aboard') and a few scarred kats with doubts.

I did "this":) By the breath in me:) Now, that's power!

I know this, 2 can write, me and dipwob Snake, not the Stranger writer.

This is fun, seeing it all go! Let us go at it!

In the Stranger!

I can handle Snake, I'm sure he can handle the War Pony, why not do a "column"?


Leave it to the folks that dared to comment:)

Cyber the War Pony
You people are batshit crazy. And I say that as a happy kinky person. You guys are fucking insane and you need heavy medication and years of therapy. Or maybe we could put you both in a Time Machine and make you grow the fuck UP!

And I cannot believe the stranger is actually reporting this.
I'd like to think that poor Jonah got taken by this CWP guy. I imagine that Jonah, as a professional journalist, must have done his due diligence in interviewing these people and that the ranting and raving of "CWP" would have shown itself in said interviews... But I suppose maybe the CWP was on his best behavior on interview day? What can you tell us, Jonah?
God I miss Seattle!!

All I can say is that I have known Allena for a lot of years and the sentence "she was screaming at me" by CWP couldn't be farther from the truth. Additionally, I have known Snakeman for almost as long and he is a helpful person who is very kind - sometimes too kind.
The ramblings and now name calling by CWP speak to his character and shine a light on his lies and inaccuracies.

Truly, time to go play in another park. CWP, If you are not welcome at CSPC it is of your own doing. Look inside yourself for your answers.

long time member of the CSPC
Cyber--I am sorry for your problems. Everyone hates 'drama' yet it seems to be created by people who just have 'issues'. This is not new in the vanilla OR the kink/BDSM community and we try not to let it happen. Time will change the situation. Good luck. PS I and my partner tried pony play with a borrowed cart and tac at an event here in my state this past month--unique! different! What an eye-opening experience! And we have the generosity and openness of the pony people involved who let us the equipment for our first venture. You pony guys rock. You, Cyber, are one of those kinds of people. Keep the faith.--LW
Mmmm... Methinks I can see why people didn't feel like hanging with Cyber anymore.

So why is this tempest in a teapot in the Stranger at all? Because the editors knew Cyber would jump in and amuse us by embarrassing himself? Because they know fringe fetish news brings in page views? Because things were very, very slow?
This has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read in the Stranger. Seriously hilarious.

Nice find, Jonah.
I don't know what's funnier - the pony fetish, the drama or the epic post written in the third person!
If anything reinforces the stereotype, it's this entire thing. yucky. Worse than creative anachronists, reality shows, nerd wars, and rat mammas.
who cares?
Why anyone would expect a well-written and insightful article from the Stranger is beyond me.
That is some fucking inane shit going on right there.
And people say ladies with several cats are odd ...
This is fuckin AWESOME!!!
If it wasn't so boring it would be funny.
was the rebuttal really all that necessary? I didn't bother reading it, it was too long and chock full of unnecessary words that my brain didn't feel like thinking about right now.

oh and btw.. the article started out sounding like it could be funny, and ended up sounding like we were being presented with a piece of gossip. "trash-talk?" are you kidding? what decent journalist would actually use that term in an article? granted.. this is the stranger, it's not the ny times, but still..
There's ying and yang here, WetSpot Do not ask, do not tell. Many know what I went through, they too felt the boot of the WetSpot. Do as your told and all's okay.

To those either lucky to have never felt the boot, "lucky you" The Radar is not upon you.

My suggestion is become a member of the WetSpot, pay that yearly dues, go through the lengthly signed away forms.

Hand your cash over as you give greenbacks to fat women at the cash register. (they live there)

And stand there in 80+ heat, surrounded by old fat folk in some surreal kickback sauna fantasy. (Look to the owner for all this, from the top down)

Plus's, never had a leather, nor rubber 1K coat stolen.

Minuses, unattractive bodies, sloppy dressed DM/s, crappy equipment. Garbage for more fat eats.

Basically, completely over run by poly S+M swingers, back rooms for sex, (Why do you have to fuck in front of ugly people? Because you can?

The last great HIV fuck fest was shut down on Capital Hill not long ago. Ask the scores of previous managers about all that, no wait, their all dead.

Cyber the War Pony, 1st foot solder to the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypses.
Northwest needs a NEW place to play and party! WATCH as it comes to fruition! See what all the FUSS is all about!

Cyber the War Pony, Hoof Solder to the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse.

None of them are into snakes.
Oh, big ads in The Stranger for WetSpot, "all" of a sudden:)

Cause and effect, Don't ask don't tell, and damage control.

Look at the past WetSpot ads, small, sporadic, New are: (showing sorta slender girls playing together) all of a sudden they went from 100.00 to 500.00+

You don't SEE the FAT.

Cause and effect.

Damage Control of a failing Sweat Spot.

And the personal "Thank You" comments keep coming in from all over, even a phone call from the owner of the Long House, praising me on a well written true pony tale, which finally makes sense, and he, "himself" knows and looks around. Right in his backyard. Doubt.

Snake is exactly who he is named as.

Your world is crumbling 2 face, you showed your true face finally just recently.

Will the mass phone calls start again? I think not.

Enjoy your nothing Snake, enjoy the black.

New posse, and none wants anything to do with you or WetSpot, we are going to do a beautiful new place, and god forbid, I let the WS ugly"s in ever.

But the WS newbies will be offered a discount to come "on over".

Count the finger! Then check out my bare bent over ass! For you Snake! My bestist friend, TV, tons of gifts and all. Yeah a girl or 2.

Just "business". Hum-mm, me thinks Allana of WS, even though you throw mass bucks at WS, live at WS, and by day show what your all about on the computer, stick your nose into Seattle conscience. views you, not as benefactor, but more as a "Liability". Think Allena gets this finally now. Money don't talk when you become an loose idiot to an organization, set up for elites.

I don't cry next to you in your beer. I feel nothing in your demise. Just go away.

Fresh meat comes in, not fat "yet", high paid for elites swingers swoop in. Hello Silver.

Third power team is coming up. Already have a posse.

I lie at any turn they say, why don't even "1" call the owner of the Long House? Ask Nirov.

Least as a power, he realised I got my white ass up and walked to the front of the bus, and if it was a black world.

Cyber the War Pony never backs down ever.
CWP, Lets add another thank-you to your list.

Your rebuttal was succinct and worthy of praise. It is so obvious now that the heart of Mr. Spangenthal-Lee’s article was all about the CSPC. Informing us all about the vast conspiracy that is the Wetspot demonstrates that you possess an unselfish spirit and a dedication to public service above and beyond the call. Good Job!
John Q Public hairs, SnakeMan as always out there,,,,,,,,

Amazing your world doesn't include what is a right and wrong, no matter what. I walked to the front of this bus and SAT DOWN. And that's it.

Ask Nirov,

The owner of the LongHouse. I'm now going to be the third power in King County.

Sweet, a ruse to take over Seattle! SPSC a front for CWP!

how can i get involved in the pony community? a ponyboy from montana and would like to get involved here in the seattle area..i can be reached at

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