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The King County elections processes are in the paper handling dark ages. The county elections office is not immune from criticism and questioning and while I’m certain that the current staff of professionals at the county elections office do as good a job as could be expected, they simply don’t have adequate resources. Nor do they have experience gained from repeating the paper handling process day in and day out. They only get to practice their craft a few times a year and under intense scrutiny every four years. I am not being unkind, what I mean is there are many very high quality systems and procedures in the software and hardware industry that handle large volumes of paper, under extremely trying conditions. The good people of the elections office might not be aware of them.

The noted psychologist, Abraham Maslow is quoted as saying “He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail.” The paper-based election process needs to be brought into to the current state of the art for paper handling systems before it can move on to electronic voting. Electronic voting WILL happen and I think the county needs new leadership in the form of “outsiders” to make that as painless as possible.

Bill Anderson
I hope you filed an "in-kind" contribution notice for your Sherril Huff booster ad - this is not a piece of news reporting. Only two other candidates named, no links to any campaign web sites.

And will it ever be possible for any of the Stranger "writers" to produce an article without the word "fuck"? It's not offensive, it's boring juvenilia that contributes nothing to what you pass off as news.

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