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King County Elections Director: Vote for Sherril Huff


Julie Anne Kempf deserves an honest look, without the continued "accusations." Someone should ask themselves why "ballots mailed-late" is a headline all over google? If Julie Anne Kempf was the problem in King County Elections, we wouldn't still be seeing thousands of ballots rejected by the system:…

Julie Anne has been an advisor to many in the voting integrity movement, and knows more about the process of voting than anyone I've ever met.... who is actually also willing to be HONEST about the problems we face, with whatever system the county council, executive, and Secretary of State, chose to force down our throats.

The reason papers are dying, is that none of the papers out there seem to actually do any real research, or ask tough questions. This is why people look for answers on Google. At least there are other sources for information nowadays.

Omigod thank you for posting this. Huff it is.
Thanks for posting this. I was baffled by the ballot, myself, and too lazy to research it myself. I was gonna make the Husband do it, but you've saved us the trouble!

Pam Roach is the Handmaiden of Satan, btw.
Listen to Roach famous "were are my roses" speech here:…
ECB allegedly is a "horsewoman," a lover of horses. In certain circles, her name allegedly is "Enumclaw Erica."
a few days ago i emailed all my friends who are registered to vote in king county and told them that i think they should vote for huff.

after having worked for king county elections for the greater part of '06-'08 (all under her leadership) i know firsthand that huff is a fair, levelheaded, nonpartisan leader and she deserves to keep her job.

she's got my vote, and i think the SECB is spot-on in their endorsement of her.
I don't know what Gentry Lange is smoking. Kempf is a pathological crazy...fired from her previous job in the county elections office for lying to the council and the public. Total nutcase:…
consider the competition ... Chris Clifford ... who's also leading the effort to recall port commissioner Pat Davis

You say that as if you think a Davis recall would be a bad thing?
Once Sherril Huff wins, can we petition her for better-tasting glue on the envelopes? The security envelope was especially nasty-tasting...
What I'm smoking? Years of working to understand King County's election. But hey, nameless trolls on slog obviously know better than I who to vote for... the Stranger has already told you.

I happen to know Julie Anne Kempf, and have for years... she is the only one in the election department who has a shred, a shred of honesty, that I have every dealt with. And to that and, there are lots of election integrity activists that know this, and there are lots of Democrats in this town that know how she was scapegoated, and the know-nothing reporters in this town have done nothing but help destroy an honest election worker.

Pathological? There's a lot of that in King County's government, but if firing Julie Anne would have solved anything... why so many major screw up later?
how come I have to put a stamp on my absentee ballot? lame.
Well, I just got a robocall asking me to vote for Sherril Huff.

So, I definitely will not.

Did the Stranger have any second or third picks? Certainly not Kempf, who is an incompetent liar. Maybe the bank manager.
Gentry Lange-

Bringing your personal feelings about Kempf into this conversation have cemented my opposition to her candidacy. Your need to let everyone know that she is the most honest person ever rings hollow and lacks credibility to convince me that she wasn't part of the problem and that the allegations weren't true. "Allegations" have been a routine part of her public life since at least 1999, with her alleged coverup for her mom. Whether the long list is true or not is important, but, even if not true, it assuredly points to a likelihood that those she works with don't get along with her very well. This history of accusations and blame-deflecting, cover-up crying included, are indicators that she has not been able, nor will be able, to lead a government entity with efficiency and without controversy.
A stack of lies against someone often hold some truth, whether in reality or motive...
My vote goes to the Bill Anderson guy He seems like the only honest one in the lot of them.

Of course the stranger would never dare not to endorse the Democratic candidate. Yeah, because she has done such a good job so far.
"Chris Clifford, a Republican schoolteacher from Renton"...."Pam Roach, a gun-totin' Republican state senator"....why are these two the only people in this article who are identified by political party? If this job is truely just administrative, why do their personal politics matter? I really am so sick of the stranger. Is there anyone on that staff that isn't an over the top bleeding heart liberal? If they replaced the word republican with the word fag in every issue of the stranger from now on, someone would be picketing outside of their offices for the rest of eternity. Why is being conservative such a horrible thing? Oh yeah...Obama isn't the savior of this country like everyone thinks he is. He's just annother guy doing annother job....

What is Kempf's record of activism, besides covering her tracks and doing a poor job of it? I've never read about her on the BradBlog. Does she work with Bev Harris?


Why does she remind me of Tonya Harding, in a pathologically dishonest kind of way?
Gentry Lange = Julie Anne Kempf

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