The cops went after the prostitutes, of course, and not the johns. From the Kitsap Sun blog:

The four women arrested at a Bainbridge Island hotel over the weekend likely represent only a fraction of the island’s illicit sex trade, according to Bainbridge police.

The four suspects were arrested on misdemeanor prostitution charges early Saturday morning. Additional felony charges - including prostitution promotion and providing a venue for prostitution - are pending the investigation’s culmination. The suspects were booked and released from the Kitsap County Jail during the weekend.

Police would not disclose the suspects’ names or ages, but confirmed that they are over 18 years old and that two are Bremerton residents and two are Seattle residents. Police declined to name the hotel where arrests occurred. The hotel had been used in cooperation with police as a staging location for the sting.

Kitsap blogs are freaking out ("What the?? Prostitution here?")—but bedding down with lawyers and lobbyists in trade for cash, cars, and a nice vacation home is a hallowed Bainbridge tradition. They call it marriage. (Wocka wocka!)