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Ballard's Building Boom Lacks One Thing: Tenants

mark kaufman


i dont buy this story at all. Go on craiglist apts and search for 'leva': this apartment complex is asking only-in-seattle outrageous prices for their 1BR and 2BR apartments. the 1 BRs START at 1200.00 and go up to 2000.00, and they are not exactly luxury rentals.
Oh, we're so pretty
Oh, so pretty...
As a former renter, I can't understand why a renter would choose a condo over an apartment building: An apartment building has a manager, and usually an infrastructure behind that.

Renting a condo means you have a cheapskate absentee landlord, and the rest of the building looks down on you.
@ the bitter truth) Monthly rents at the Leva are mostly in the $1000 to $2000 range. The quote from Adams is in reference to price reductions offered by landlords for apartments around the city.
It's funny, I picked up a sales flier from the Trace North building on 12th Ave and it read:


So I went and checked the county records for sales and found that in 2009, they have not sold a SINGLE UNIT.

Such dishonest sales tactics just make me happy to see developers fail.
Oh Eric, given them a break. After all, they didn't say January of what year ;-)
Maybe I'm dunce but what exactly is the point of this article? Having undersold condo buildings isn't new concept. I think having so many near empty condos is good for renters and buyers -- the over supply will push rents and condo prices down to affordable levels.
Yeah... let's here it for 268 more gauranteed monopolies.

More Ice cream please...

I'm getting stomach pains again.
Why aren't the terms condo and apartment treated as orthogonal? Isn't it confusing if you try to explain single-family condos or multi-unit buildings that have both apartment renters and apartment owners?

Of course we have football now so we could say flat. But condo has nothing to do with the physical arrangement; it's a legal and ownership term.
" the over supply will push rents and condo prices down to affordable levels. "

Are you trying to explain a market economy to Stranger readers: baristas and trustifarians?
The NoMa website sells they're sold out. Really?

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