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The P-I's Online Future May Be Union-Free


Eli, when is the Guild going to represent the employees of The Stranger? What are you doing about it?
Actually, that is a good point.
You beat me to the point, this is interesting to me staff from the non union stranger critiquing the de-unionizing of the PI staff. When are you going to turn into career journalists and unionize instead of being the all intern paper that you are. And I mean with and without pay.

What do these have in common?

They were heavily unionized industries that went bankrupt.

The only industries left with unions are the ones sucking the taxpayers dry, teachers and government employees.
Hearst's recent union-breaking activities extend beyond Seattle. In San Francisco, the guild contract was all but destroyed during recent negotiations from which 150 employees will be riffed from The Chronicle. Among long-time contract protections lost: Seniority.

@4 You forgot the current strong union industries:
Service Employees(Office Janitors, Semi skilled healthcare workers, Security Gaurds, including pinkerton etc)
Maritime Shipping.
Major Hotel Workers
Trade show set-up
Grocery Store Employees

The pockets of strong unions have more to do with logistic advantage and the adaptability of the unions in that market segment than anything economic.
Janitors, pilots and truck drivers.
Anyway, the CEOs make more than the workers do. Non union car companys are taking losses. Oh, and Boeing is doing fine.
Are you sure about Connelly making some big severance sacrifice, Eli? He was sitting two rows behind me at the Jonathan Alter event on Monday and I thought I heard him speaking to the contrary.
If you do back-breaking work that risks your life and/or livelyhood, the union is probably doing you good. If you sit at a desk and have to compete for your wages by constantly improving your skills, the union will do you no good whatsoever. In this case, P-I writers are much better of without.
Why are you worrying about another shop when your own shop isn't organized? Tim Keck is so cheap that your news editor is reduced to stealing wine from QFC. And where is the Guild? With the demise of the P-I, surely they can get off their butts.

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