Obama's Holding an Online Town Hall Right Now: Watch here.

Geithner Proposes Regulation: 'New rules of the game.'

New Exhibition on Global Credit Crisis Explains Everything: At the Museum of American Finance. (Via Culture Monster.)

West Seattle Human Traffickers: First under a 2003 law.

'Nightline' Episode Re: Satan: Filmed in Seattle, airing tonight.

Viaduct As Tunnel: Chopp starts basically supporting it.

Mega Billboards (Does POP! Count?): LAT architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne kinda likes them.

Spring Break!: SPU students go homeless.

Doesn't Really Pay to Protect the Guy Who's Screwing You: Fire chief and Hannah-Montana-ticket-demander.

More Circumcisions: Are needed! No! Not needed! Poor penises.

Tornadoes Hit in the Dark: In Mississippi.

I Did Not Use That Cat: As a weapon.

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