News Apr 2, 2009 at 4:00 am

City Attorney Opponent's Staffer Bolts—to City Attorney's Campaign


Tom Carr is going to win, not only because he is dedicated to public safety and cares about whether minors are being served alcohol in bars, but also that teenage prostitutes get off the streets and Night club noise doesn't affect residents. He stands for what is right about Seattle while Holmes stands for everything that's wrong and you're darn right they are not alike. Holmes is not even qualified for the position let alone eligible. He is just desperate for ajob cuz he has none and hasn't had one for the last few years.
The Tom Carr Show (aka, "If you liked Sidran, you'll LOVE Carr" or "How I learned to stop Caring the Carr way") has jumped the shark. Bringing in that old bag Cindy Laws, like a used up soap star with no other options, only shows that Carr has few options and few friends. (Didn't Laws leave town after her monorail disaster?) Viewers are tired of this worn out story line and want a new hero. Pete Holmes is the only candidate who has made any effort to hold the police accountable. And as a former partner at a major lawfirm, he has more experience and gravitas than Carr or any attorney in City Hall.
I find it hee-larious that Christian Sinderman is talking about conflicts of interest and ethics, considering he seems to be the only other political consultant in Seattle (unless Cathy Allen is still doing her tired thing). You can't play politics in Seattle without running up against friends, colleagues, etc. -- it's just too inbred a scene. This is kind of a non-story.
Seattle Democrats make me sick. I wish the process contained some kind of mechanism to attract better people and clean out the old guard. At least Obama took a few of them off our hands.
Holmes? Who? Seriously, is he even a practicing lawyer? From all accounts he hasn't held a job at a law firm in eight years and only recently reactivated his WSBA status which deems him ineligible. What a joke! Tom Carr will win hands down and Holmes will just be wasting his time especially when the Elections Commission of King County finds out that he is not qualified to run!

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