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Republican Candidate Can Run, but She Can't Hide


The fact that Susan is a Republican is not a surprise to anyone ... can she beat a Democrat is the question.
Hutchison is a Republican, and ECB is a thief.
"there must be some way out of here... says the joker to the thief."

Seriously, if you're going to condemn public behavior, you might want to make sure you don't have a rap sheet.
Dear Goodness gracious the above two posts are boring. I could look at a blank wall for 2 hours and be less bored than I got when I read LNFI and it's sock puppet. zzzzzzzzz.
Dear Stranger,
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for pieces such as this one. It is so important voters--young and old alike-- know what is going on in local politics. I am pleased you are our messenger.

Many thanks!
A Republican? In western Washington? Oh my god. How many are there now, nine? This is a threat? Any chance we'll lose our majority? And risk diversity? Here? I'm glad we're a one-party region, have been for a long time, and will be for a long time, no inconvenient opposition to worry about here. Maybe put her in a zoo, or museum?
A few years ago a friend of mine worked in production at KIRO.
One night, getting ready to read the news, Susan couldn't get her earpiece to work. She said to the sound engineer, "all I hear is hissing, like an air hose.". Her co-anchor said, under his breath, "That's where she gets her refills".
Good piece Erica, glad as hell youre on this, major outlets seem to be giving her a pass because after she is their former co-worker.

Though, it is true that a good number of us king county voters know who she is and what she stands for, there are tons of uinformed voters who see her as a friendly media tv face. Thanks again for this informative piece. They have eastern Washington and now they want a piece of king county. Hell no! Vote Dow all the way!
Liberals pretend they are tolerant people...of course, that is true until someone who doesn't share their views gets in the way. I say its about time we get some fiscal responsibility in the government!!!!
Same trashy hot air went after Mark Sidran for 'republican'. The job of King County Executive is now officially non-partisan. The Stranger should stop with the 'Crappy Nappy' Janet Napolitano and McCarthy style smearing. The writer Barnett would best be served by talking to the thousands of people that could offer positive personal relationship stories about Ms. Hutchison including competitive TV station folks.
Liberals pretend they are tolerant people...

you don't tolerate us so screw you.
Anyone who supports teaching creationism in Science Class shouldn't be in public life - we are already so far behind in education - let's see if we can make the gap a little wider - WTF???? Keep religious fanaticism where it belongs, in the privacy of your own home!
Better yet, if you want to live in a theocracy - go try Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia and see how you like it... in fact we really ought to deport Phyllis Schafly there..
So, it's so bad they can't even be seen as a Republican. Disingenuous label, disingenuous operator. Would you trust such a person or are you so hungry, you'll vote anybody with your label into office? Pathetic...
I feel sorry for her. it's not easy being ignorant in this day and age
This just in! Susy Hutchison is a republican. And a Christian!! Puleeze.
Your reporter’s hair is on fire! Here’s what we could do with voices that are counter to King County’s single-party system. Don’t be a freaked-out fear-biter. Listen to her points (harder than bashing a caricature) and engage her in dialogue. Just a thought.
I always love it when republicans bemoan how intolerant the left is of the right's intolerance. Regardless, to all the nuts reading these comments, I am a progressive voter who is totally intolerant of backwards religious idiots, this is especially true when they run for office.
Also, someone should let SeattleAl know that there is no such thing as a non-partisan office or, party affiliation aside, if you advocate or sympathize with an evangelical Christian causes you will have a very hard time getting elected to any position in King county. This is provided you aren't able to shroud your ideological baggage in the anonymity of non-partisanship. Kudos to the Stranger for not letting these fundamentalist assholes hide. I am sure there are plenty of well intentioned and socially palatable bible-thumpers out there, but that doesn't mean I ever want them in a position of power at any level of government, especially not in my hometown.
Any work that is political is also partisan. Some issues cross partisan lines, but most do not. It's important for voters to know who politicians are, especially when those politicians are reluctant to tell.
Another deity fearing hack job remnant from the dark ages, trying to make us toe the line for their Great Daddy in the sky. I wish they would leave us in peace, or go start a commune of their own somewhere safe away from sensible humans.
If Dave Reichert is a faux-moderate Republican, there must be no actual moderate Republicans. Which is nonsense.
SeattleAl is obviously a fan of Glenn Beck and the ilk. By that determination, I bet if Hutchison was a dem trying to sneak into office in Republican-controlled Seattle, he'd be all for outing her.

Sneakiness is shameful no matter what and Hutchison is more concerned with power and oppressive, non-sense politics than doing what the majority of Seattle wants.
Wow. This piece shows how insecure you Libs are. Do you not hear the fascist-one-party-state tone any more or do you just not care (or care to hide it) anymore ???
Thank you.

Up till now, I only knew of her as a TV newsreader. I know almost nothing else about her.

If she wants to own up to being a Republican, fine. I have no problem with an honest Republican trying to run for KC Council. But I really hate it when someone pretends to be middle-of-the-road, non-partisan, when they are in fact strongly partisan.

I would feel the same way about someone from the far looney-left pretending to be a middle-of-the-road non-partisan.
WOW what a great article!

EXCEPT FOR WHAT YOU LEFT OUT. Based on your page count and my own experience, most people who pick up The Stranger do so for your great coverage of Arts & Culture. Your cultural and arts coverage is often outstanding - there is seldom a month that goes by that I don't go to something amazing that I'd otherwise never hear of.

But this article is WAY short of that standard. You didn't even cover the BASICS.

I find it astonishing that you can trash Hutchison for being a Republican... and yet not manage to point out that she is the CHAIR of a local cultural institution you devote a fair amount of coverage to!


Or, since you had so much fun trashing her for her views on science... how about mentioning her work in support of The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and the Seattle Public Schools' Inquiry Science Program.

How did I learn about these things? It's called Google.

If you were the kind of reporter that did more than rewrite a press release from Larry Phillips, I'd suggest giving it a try.

OR - HERE'S AN IDEA - maybe they should give the next assignment like this to one of your folks from the Art, Music or Poetry sections!

They at least would care enough to spend 5 minutes on the internet doing a little research before rewriting some campaign flack's hit piece.
She wears no visible identification that she is a Republican. Is that legal? I thought they had to wear some sort of ID, a star or a letter or something.
It was 1991 and I was doing laundry at the old laundry mat in the U Village. Susan Hutchison walked in with a pile of clothes. I was surprised of course. A seattle celebrity: What the hell is she doing here?

Anyway, she grabbed a machine next to mine and started to load her laundry. Meanwhile, I had a stack of 4 quarters on my machine ready to start my next load. I bent down or turned around- I don't remember which- but when I came back to get my quarters, they were gone.
I think I was robbed by Susan Hutchinson. How about that?
I do not believe she intends on interfering with public education. Public schools are the city's jurisdiction's.
Im sorry you misplaced your quarters, she is definately not compulsive thief, eric. I have known the woman for a little while and would have picked out an "off" characteristic of that sort.
What is the point of this? Should we form an angry mob and lynch her? It is too bad American politics have been reduced to playground name calling. "You, you - Republican!"
Thank you, Erica C. Barnett, and The Stranger, for the warning about Susan Hutchinson silently being a Bush-sympathizing Republican, and keeping us informed on voting and upcoming political measures.

Boy----JUST when we thought we were safe.......
I'd really like to say thanks, great article, great message.

Unfortunately, the messenger has absolutely no credibility outside the Stranger inner circle. The fact that this article was written by Erica Barnett will likely result in a net gain of votes for Hutchison.

Please, please, please hand this one over Eli or Dominic.

The Discovery Institute believes in Intelligent Design, not Creationism. While they both argue in favor of design, they are not the same.
What will matter to the people of unincorporated King County will be Ms. Hutchison's views on land use. Her views on so-called "intelligent design" and all that, will mean nothing; as indeed it should in a race that is officially non-partisan.

What The Stranger needs to do is to stop applying a filter to whom people should consider for higher office that would make Lenin proud. Diversity of thought is not a crime in America, even in politics.
Right, we should indeed know what party affiliation they are. But lets stop there. Not suprisingly The Stranger is the State paper of Seattle, with the ring leader Dan Savage for whom all gay men must replicate their lives after. Afterall Savage is not capable of understanding "that which is legal, is not necessarily honorable." Lack of political diversity in the discussion borders on Orwellian. We are also led to believe gay conservatives/libertarians such as Andrew Sullivan or Camile Paglia are turncoats or anomilies. It is the worship of the left without contention that gives us such hacks as those in San Francisco who believe JROTC should be banned froms high schools for corrupting children.
Maybe this is the wrong time for it, but did anyone else notice that Gear99, in the LustLab advert, bears more than a slight resemblance to Steve Raible?
When a candidate "tidies up" their story, and background prior to running for office there is always an attempt to play to whatever strategy is deemed "winnable". In this case, shed the Republican brand.

I don't have a problem with this move, as long as the credible information has an outlet. ECB just performed that task, that is called journalism. Yes, the Stranger is a liberal paper, and yes so are many of the readers and maybe that makes you angry? Why shouldn't this viewpoint have an outlet? I don't object to any conservative publications right to publish. This notion that journalism is ever neutral is absurd. I understand the intended notion behind that rigorous goal, but it really is unattainable. But good well-researched, accurate journalism can be philosophically transparent and still be competent no matter what that viewpoint is.

Finally, putting ones life in a public context always invites scrutiny. Mistakes made in this light are magnified. I think being forthcoming about this (ie- stealing...naughty Erica) is the only decent recourse. Don't you wish our politicians could emulate? Shoplifting is pretty lame but calling someone a thief at every turn makes you a dick. So stop being a dick.

I also worked at KIRO in the last decade. Susan is only concerned about herself. So she wants to run? No problem. But her track record is also running with her. She is a gop shill.
Hutchison is very hot.
Hay some of us didnt know that Susan Hutchison is a Republican. I want to thank the stranger for keeping me informed!
Nice work Erica. Credit where credit is due.

Guess what, rightards. We don't LIKE you. We don't LIKE your policies. We don't LIKE your politics. And we don't LIKE your candidates.

Hutchison is just another right-wing piece of shit. We're going to beat her like a drum. And you're powerless to change that.
"including anti-choice nut job Mike Huckabee"

in which she sneered at "activist atheists"

C'mon ECB. Maybe it's time to grow up a bit and not write like a high school newspaper journalist. Just the fucking facts please. If you write a strong article the readers will get what your are saying. You don't need to constantly interject colored commentary. Your readers are not that fucking stupid.

Your shit is amateurish, yo.
'Liberals' are just as bigoted as any other narrow minded people.
They just spice it up with the hypocricy of believing they are open minded and fair.
Hutchinson is a Republican.
Barnett is a tool bitch.
compare and contrast.
Liberals pretend they are tolerant people...of course, that is true until someone who doesn't share their views gets in the way.


You're missing the entire point. It has nothing to do with tolerance, but disclosure of truth. If you want to be a Republican, why hide from it? As a moderate with no party affiliation (well, registered Dem due to our state's requirements), I find this news to be appalling.
Guess what, rightards. We don't LIKE you. We don't LIKE your policies. We don't LIKE your politics.

Wow. Grow up, maybe?
The Discovery Institute believes in Intelligent Design, not Creationism. While they both argue in favor of design, they are not the same.


Someone needs to do some research into the "intelligent design" movement.
On the plus side, it'll be nice that a candidate can't gain instant approval or dismissal based solely on party affiliation. Lose the D or R, and suddenly the voters have to look at the candidate as a person instead of a party member.
i don't care that she's a republican. i care that she's insane, which unfortunately alot of today's republicans seem to be. this trend is bad for liberal voters too -- we basically have no choice but to vote the democratic ticket. that's kind of sad.
better a Republican than someone who steals shit like wine
I've stolen about $20 worth of deli meat and cheese from QFC. If ECB was stealing, she was doing it to get drunk. I went home and farted a lot. Who is the REAL criminal?
creationism and intelligent design are the same thing.
A few thoughts. While the story was good, I think your front page is even better.

Honestly, everyone who reads The Stranger is probably already informed. The biggest outreach has to be to the kind of people who don't pick up any paper, or at least not this one. The cover does that very well.

I also think one could draw a parallel to this piece and the right's labeling of Obama as a socialist.

And would everyone shut the fuck up about the wine thing already? If ECB runs for office, feel free to bring it up. If not, go to hell. I used to shoplift candy and donuts in high school. Doesn't prevent me from having an educated opinion on anything else.
To the person above your a douche. If your a republican, selfish, crazy let it be known. The fact that she has to "hide" anything just tells you wrong her bringing her crazy ass right wing beliefs to the public square are. You act like a dick, your going to be called out.
ECB is similar to Hutchison. ECB attempted to stay under the radar about her copping a plea for stealing wine from QFC. The truth about ECB stealing wine from QFC needs to be exposed as does Hutchison's party affiliation.

In brief, ECB is a thief, and Hutchison is a Republican.
Take what you want from this article. For me, the fact that Hutchinson made a contribution to the 2004 Bush/Cheney campaign and espouses id/creationism/whatever allows me to write her off completely.
Just because one reads The Stranger does not make one informed, despite the staff's best efforts. So bullocks on that, "BombasticMo," if that is your real name.

I'm glad that somebody drudged up Hutchinson's history. If they had not, some well-meaning moderates or even liberals might have taken her campaign at face value and voted for her, not knowing that they were promoting creationism and the like.

This article exemplifies what journalism exists for: Giving the people information that those in power would rather not have known.
@Seattle Al -- simmer down Gramps. You'll blow a gasket.
On the flip side I wonder if the Republican electorate will actually support Hutchison. Will they recognize that Hutchison is a weak candidate even though she is one of their own?
Go, Ivan, go!!
I used to look up to you, could you? HAIL SATAN!
'Liberals pretend they are tolerant people', yes, as opposed to Repugs who don't even try to pretend that they are tolerant; witness the racist, bigotted ravings at the 'tea parties'. As for fiscal responsibility, Repugs wouldn't know what that is, if you actually think you had it for the last 8 years. Your party is tired and so very 2000, that is why even Republicans don't want to admit that they are Repubicans, they obviously think it is something to hide. Thank you Erica for at least giving us awareness, so that we can make an informed choice ('informed' being a dirty, frightening word to the 'Faux News' crowd).
I'm thirsty.
Erica, want to go out for some wine?
Susan is pretty easy on the eyes,
even you gay boys have to agree...
ECB should have to wear a scarlet PT for petty thief. Hutchison should have to wear a scarlet CR for Christian Republican.
And "Let's not forget it" should have to wear a scarlet CAL for complimentary ass licker.
It's shocking and shameful how hateful this article was, and how shallow and intolerant so many of the comments were. What is wrong with you people? Since when was it a crime to be a republican? Only fanatics vote straight party line, and only idiots too lazy to research the issues vote for a candidate based on their party affiliation. Shouldn't the real discussion be about the issues and not what party SH is affiliated with. More important is would Hutchinson do a good job in office. Religious belief has nothing to do with how well one does a job, and vilifying an individual for having religious convictions is criminal.
Interesting story. Will you do similar length profiles of Dow, Larry, Fred and anyone else who runs for the position?

And will you do an in-depth story about the goals of the candidates for bus service, jails, incorporation, land use, the environment, police funding and the chronic revenue shortfalls of county government?
proudrepublican, thanks for letting us know that religious cronyism should be kept out of politics and is no reason to vote for one candidate or the other. We should really follow the example republicans have set in this regard.

"Only fanatics vote straight party line, and only idiots too lazy to research the issues vote for a candidate based on their party affiliation." It's true, if republicans weren't such open minded guardians of the democratic process lord knows we would blindly be voting for starting illegal wars, torturing people and suppressing civil rights for minorities.

Promoting creationism and attempting to put 'intelligent design' into classrooms is strictly a Republican agenda. Susan Hutchinson promotes unique set of belief that can only be described as a Bush era Republican. To ask the public to play along with idea that she is non partisan is to demand we remain ignorant of her intent if she were to gain a seat in public office. Reporting where Susan stands on issues is not a smear campaign unless of course she ( and possibly SeattleAl) are painfully aware her candidacy will in no way represent the constituents. Non partisanship should not be invoked to bully the public into silence and shame them for attempting to make an informed voting decision SeattleAl. I don't want to know personal relationship stories, I want to hear her vision on future policies she would put forth. Which lobbyists she accepts from and who she donates to. The bed she lies in and the favors she owes as it were. There is too much 'Who do I want a beer with?' mentality and not enough 'How will their policies affect my life?' in the current public vetting process.
"You liberals think you're so tolerant! And yet--you disagree with me! How dare you!"
It's silly how many apparent right-wingers scoff at this as if it's a "smear". Some of the comments are a bit snide/rude/whatever, but the point is that someone whose beliefs would not be appealing to most voters around here is shedding a party affiliation that's pretty clear. "Look at the person, not the party" - fine. But a party affiliation does tell you something about the person! Fuck initiative 26. Although as a result, we know where Hutchison stands perhaps more thoroughly than we might have otherwise.
wow, imagine voting for a candidate based on what they say and what their history tells us instead of just looking at the D or the R next to their name on the ballot. Whats the problem with that, requireing voters to actually take a serious look at the candidates.
There is no such thing as "non-partisan." The same people are going to be supporting the same candidates.

The difference in King County now is that it is going to be harder to find out who those people are.
terrible, biased pos article
I happen to like and believe several of the things this author despises and which she derided Ms Hutchison for believing. But King County Executive does not deal with the major partisan issues such as creationism. I'm more interested in what she's going to do for the King County residents who need better transportation, better health care, lower and more fair taxes, ending the ever-growing homeless dilemma, etc., etc. And I also don't have a problem with non-partisan office, cuz there really isn't much of a difference in the local positions like there is in state & federal.
Maggie writes: The Discovery Institute believes in Intelligent Design, not Creationism. While they both argue in favor of design, they are not the same.

Of course they're the same. ID simply declines to specify a deity by name. The main ID textbook even included a botched search-and-replace artifact that made it clear that, after losing a court case, they simply went through the book changing instances of "creationists" to "intelligent design proponants" (the botched result read "cdesign proponantsists").

ID is simply Creationism with the serial numbers filed off.

Terry Parkhurst writes: What will matter to the people of unincorporated King County will be Ms. Hutchison's views on land use. Her views on so-called "intelligent design" and all that, will mean nothing; as indeed it should in a race that is officially non-partisan.

It's sensible to take a larger view and ask whether this is a person whose political career you want to help launch. It's also sensible to ask whether a creationist has the sort of ability to analyze data and make decisions that will make him or her a good executive.
GASP! A conservative is running in liberal KING COUNTY?! We must mobilize the cool aide pitchers, organize the big blue barrels of blue dye, and fortify ourselves with massive stacks of unread copies of The Stranger. How dare someone with a career in journalism run for public office without wearing an elephant or donkey on their sleeve. I mean, just like the hacks here at The Stranger, sure every broadcaster in Seattle is equally as biased in their reporting of the news? In copy and pasting the "facts" sent to you, undoubtedly by some consultant working for one of the other guys (wait, Hutchison is the only woman in the race?), you forgot to mention: the group she works for funds the Chair held by Richard Dawkins at Oxford. The Executive has no control over public schools or science curriculum. She won a lawsuit against KIRO for discriminating against women. Oops! But she's a conservative. So she doesn't deserve anything but being slimed.
Oh, Erica, it's hard to continue to be a liberal when I have you on my side. This, combined with the blog post about how there's only two sides to the abortion debate and they should stop talking because they don't have common ground sounds like a petulant child who can't deal with a world that doesn't think completely like her and asks her to engage a bit more of her own intelligence.

Hutchinson is a Republican and I probably won't vote for her because of it. Unfortunately, that really makes me a lazy voter and an unengaged citizen. If I were living up to my responsibility, I really would read all I could about the decision making track records of candidates. I feel guilty that I don't make the time to do it but really, girl, as part of your job you should be a smarter representative of the liberal perspective than you've been in the various articles I've seen you post since I subscribed to Slog in the past two weeks. Your post amounts to, "Hutchinson has chosen not to label herself with a term you can be prejudiced against, so here's your convenient label so you can go back to not really paying attention to the candidate's actual actions."

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