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Two Crazy Churches Try to Convert the Heathens


For a much more thoughtful recounting of Pothast's conversation with Fariss, please, please (!) check out her blog today at…
For a much more insightful recount of Pothast's conversation with Fariss, please, please (!), read her blog today at….
I can't fucking believe you even wrote about this. Just look at this. There was nothing to talk about. Nothing happened. At all. And so much of nothing happened, nothing happening couldn't even be made interesting in an article.
Who the fuck is this "most" that holds hostility towards Christianity? They're the fucking majority by huge margins! At least Muslim crazies try to convert you at the point of a gun; they don't have to hide behind a victim complex. They just come right out and call you an unbeliever and tell you to get in line. I truly can't fucking stand these "Oh woe is us, poor maligned Christians" asshats.


He's referring to the population of Capitol Hill. And in a way, he's right. I hold hostility towards Christianity. Reason? People like this guy. Even when you move to a specific neighborhood to get away from all the judgment that fucking Bible throws, people like this asshole move in with a mission to manipulate you with friendship exclusively in hopes of making you a believer. Because you don't believe what they do, something is wrong with you. Diversity doesn't come in religion or sexuality with these people. It only comes in skin color and it only matters if you share the same beliefs. Fariss is a blatant fascist.

I embrace my cancer, Fariss. There isn't any problem with my sexuality, but there's definitely a problem with your religion. Get the fuck out of our neighborhood. If you ever talk to me I'll punch you in the face. Then you can kneel down and pray and act like you're stronger because of it. You aren't. You're pathetic.
I really try and be graceful toward the Stranger there is so much negativity in the comments. However, after reading Emily's post on her blog I've come to the conclusion that The Stranger missed a really good opportunity to have someone who actually understands where Mars Hill is coming from explain exactly why the church is off mark. It would sure beat the Stranger's usual knee jerk, uninformed reaction to anything Christian which doesn't do anything to convince people who aren't on your team already.
Thanks, Beth C and brokn2pieces, for your kind words. Indeed, my primary motivation in meeting with Fariss was to try to understand HIS motivations a little better, and write a little something about the experience. I would have settled for a conversion as well, but Jonah's right, that may take awhile. =)

re: The Stranger's "knee jerk, uninformed reaction...which doesn't do anything to convince people who aren't on your team already." This is something that frustrates me about American discourse in general. But it's also understandable. Most of the writers at The Stranger are coming from an emotional place on this issue. Their/my community is full of people like Mr. Poe, who have experienced hateful discrimination that is directly fueled by churches like Mars Hill. But the individuals who attend Mars Hill and subscribe to these beliefs are like leaves on a tree, of which Mars Hill is merely a branch. I'm interested in addressing fundamentalist Christianity at its root, which runs mighty deep (in both our history and our psychology.)

To some extent, I think The Stranger is always going to be preaching to the choir, and I personally wouldn't want them to lose their edge. BUT I think they could do a better job at using their influence to help their audience find the tools and information that WILL result in pulling that tree out by its roots.

In my blog post, I refer to the books of neurobiologist Andrew Newberg. Some other great books that may help shed light on where Mars Hill is coming from are The Fundamentalist Mind, by psychologist Stephen Larsen, and (for a perspective within Christianity), Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism by Bishop John Shelby Spong.

I think we all agree that this hateful shit absolutely cannot gain a foothold in our community. I'm suggesting that arming ourselves with information and understanding (including compassion for the human being trapped inside the cult!) is what will ultimately win this war for our side.

Thanks, Jonah, for letting me be a part of this conversation.
I am believer of Christian faith and we are not the ones to judge cause we all fall short as well. We do not have that power to say some is going to hell that is for God to decide!
Although I spent my early years as a devout christian I eventually recognized the folly of this limited world view and converted to Buddhism, an open and non-constrictive philosophy that isn't concerned with converting others. There are many branches on the buddhist tree, none of which denigrate other belief systems, not the approach of the constricted and self righteous Mars Hill know-nots, who would do well to try to get a more expansive understanding of religion before attempting to stuff their "New philosophy" down the throats of the new generation of folks looking for a meaningful life philosophy.

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