If they did, it worked.

Though momentarily, the coverage is understandable. Michael Jackson dying is a huge story.
I suspect it was Mark Sanford and the GOP.
There are certain moments that illustrate why I don't fully fit in with the culture of Seattle. Seriously, no SLOG dedicated thread to MJ's death other than a secondary story attached to the unrest in Iran? Two of those threads?

Yeah, this will basically blow every other “news” story out of the water for at least a week.

It may even be important enough (momentarily) to interrupt CNN’s 24-hour Jon & Kate coverage!

I'm sure the media will treat the funeral with the respect and dignity we've come to expect.

Farrah got shafted...
I'm hoping that Jon, Kate, Heidi, and Spencer all fall into MJ's open grave at his funeral and get into a huge fistfight on the lid of his coffin (which should ideally be covered with 500,000 diamonds and emeralds).
These things happen in threes. I wonder if we'll be lucky enough to hear that Camille Paglia gets hit by a bus. Just wondering. Oh damn--I forgot Ed McMahon.
Shit. Well, maybe with the next three.
I was wondering how long it would be before that idea (the Muallahs killed MJ) was floated once I saw Brendan's post.

Well, someone had to say it, so why not Dan.

Makes more sense that most conspiracy theories including the ones being floated by the Muallahs themselves.

Would it be like him to fake his death so he could "resurrect" three days from now to promote the O2 tour?
I learned to moonwalk watching MJ videos. I hope he's found the peace, that seemed to be missing in his life.
"Neda," not "Nada."

Neda ain't no Nada, that for sure.

De nada --
Watching Larry King right now and listening to other pop icons check in -- Cher, Donna Summer and .... the Rev. Jesse Jackson ??? Yeah, whatever. Glad you're still around, guys!

Like Cher could ever die.
How much web traffic is being lost because all the threads are on line out? Why is Tim Keck blowing so much money to subsidize Eric Grandy's blog of misogynist rants?
The mullahs were pissed at MJ because he was living in Dubai, maybe?

@7.... ouch.
I had the same thought... and it disturbed me.
Nada? Are you seriously this fucking dumb? Both of these people died. You're not being funny or clever. You're just being an ignorant dick, as per usual.
It was "Nada" in CNN's transcript, 18, and "Neda" in Sullivan's headline. Wasn't sure which was correct, went with CNN. That was my mistake. No intentional slight or joke.

As for making light of my mother's death, well, you just did. So... yes we can make light of my mom's death. Have at it.
You're a douchebag. But you know that, and are apparently proud of the fact. Still just wanted to point that out.
I think Cheryl Ladd did it.


Grow up, please.
@20: Noted!
22, No.
@22 Grow up because we don't believe in every word that Dan writes? Are you seriously that much of a fucking sycophant? Dan claims to be a writer, editor, and yet he can't correctly spell the name of a dead girl who has been ALL over the fucking news. Dan is often, often extremely wrong on pretty much every issue (not necessarily in ideology but mainly legally/technically/tact). Most of us who read here believe in marriage equality, but may not believe in his tactics. They are Rovian: misleading (20 percent is a majority? Who knew?), fudging the numbers (people in one state are fat, so they must be homophobic-bible-thumping-pricks?), and bullyish (change homophobia in America overnight or I'm gonna talk about the N word!). He needs to work on his people skills. I think Dan sounds pretty articulate when I see him on Maher, but some of the stuff he writes on here is just PLAIN wrong. He writes before thinking/editing. I hope he gets help.
Well, I was sure pissed that my evening 'news' shows were all about MJ.

I *wanted* updates on Iran - and information about WTF is happening in Iraq.

MJ was talented and fascinating. But all this coverage strikes me as absurd- and, in a weird way, insulting to his memory...
Tacky. Really really tacky. Now please go watch the video of Neda Agha-Soltan dying, in shock, choking on her own blood in her final moments, at least a hundred times, and imagine if that was your child, or friend, or fiancee, or sister, that was murdered in the streets, and then come back and make snarky comments. A doctor that was there was interviewed on the BBC and thought that the bullet hit her aorta and punctured her lung. He said he'd never seen anything like it, like the bullet had exploded inside her chest. Fortunately death only took about a minute after she was hit.
Not to mention that her family and fiance were forbidden from mourning her in any public way. The government gave her a rush burial and threatened her family if they attempted to have any memorial. In fact, they have been forcibly removed from their apartment, and news media have interviewed their neighbors and found that the entire apartment building was under virtual martial law, with police preventing any family, friends or neighbors from visiting the parents. Since you are probably totally unfamiliar with Iranian culture, mourning is taken very seriously in Iran, and bereaved family members are kept in constant company for weeks after a death. To be denied that, and a proper funeral, would be the ultimate insult, as if there could be anything worse than having a family member gunned down in the street.

You're opinion is valid, just rise above the name calling.

I agree, and I think that is the reason for Savage's blog post, the snark is directed at the news entities and the amount of time that is going to be devoted to covering MJ's death.
Michael you left to soon my brother. My prayer's will go out to the Jackson Family. May god take you in his arms and comfort you knowing that you"re his child. I feel as though i have lost my little brother. As for the Jackson family, stand strong for one another. Michael you will be missed by many, much as the world loved you god loved you more. M. J. RIP
I'm amazed at how many people think this post was making light of either Neda's or Jackson's deaths. It's also interesting the way these same folks complain about Dan Savage's writing, yet they are on Slog, for hours and hours, day after day.
I was surprised as well, I didn't think this was an attempt to make light of either Neda's or Jackson's death. It was directed at the those reporting the news, and their priorities in reporting the news. Perhaps, I fail to see how someone who just lost a loved one, could make light of the death of others and their families suffering. But, I'm a person who presumes the best in others.
It was our government who killed MJ to distract us from the carbon tax bill that went to vote today. It will be a massive tax, imposing average of 3000 dollars per year per household in new taxes, and gives government the power to regulate nearly everything produced in the United States. It is much bigger and more ominous than anything happening in Iran right now. And all that hullaballoo over there in Iran was engineered by US and British operatives fomenting unrest.
It makes sense why Neda would be killed by the CIA however it doesn't make sense why Iran would kill Michael Jackson. He was a high profile superstar adored by millions who had recently converted to Islam and who was about to gain a whole new load of publicity in which he would no doubt have spoken about his new religion and what it meant to him...

I can think of one particular warmongering nation that has for the past several years dedicated itself to demonising Islam for political purposes who wouldn't want a superstar icon coming along and undoing all their hard work, and it ain't Iran. YOU do the math.
HannaG, the 'reports' of him being emaciated and bald etc were false. Just like a lot of other information being reported about him is false.

He was physically fit and in the best shape of his life. He was killed off because of his conversion to Islam. Anyone influential challenging the status quo is not going to live very long.

He follows in the footsteps of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Tupac Shakur who were all rocking the boat and who all died in mysterious circumstances at a young age.

He was killed off by the powers-that-be, period. A shame that this isn't screamingly obvious by now.

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