There's non-Americans shocked and outraged, too.
Don't they have a Mayor?

More info:…
@ 1 - I'm not sure that the Forth Worth City Council even cares about people who live outside Fort Worth, never mind people who live outside the United States.

Speaking of which, Dan - is the Fort Worth daily or alt weekly covering this at all?
Jungus Jordan? Ahh...the south and its wonderful names.
I just wrote them all - and the mayor.
Thanks @3
I am unconvinced that the Fort Worth City Council will be swayed by angry letters from a bunch of northern libruls. Can you show that they even give a shit about people who live in Fort Worth?
The TABC was doing its job, and bringing order to an area that desparately needs it in a routine inspection. What's become of our country, when the drunken aggressor is made a hero??? I guess gays just need to be handled by female cops. Anyways, I hope they keep up the good work and don't let the talking heads get them down.

P.S. I guess this is a tangent, but its common knowledge that the owners of the rainbow lounged are involved in drug trafficking. If they had pulled their inspection off at 1 PM on sunday as opposed to 1 AM they would've seen a whole lot more shady stuff going on behind closed doors
I live and own a business in the same District this event took place. All of the Ft. Worth Council members have heard that the FWPD do not always enforce the law equally. I have sent various emails stating this for several years now. Funny how the ones most affected come out with this political BS when something happens. Up until now, they have done nothing when complaints have been sent in about how FT. Worth enforces the laws/ordinances unequally and selectively. Bottom line, they are only calling for investigation now because this event has been made very public, otherwise, they wouldn't do or say a word. The councilmembers do not make sure, on a daily basis that this city operates like it should. They are all bought and paid for my special interests and they don't fix problems in the City nor do they respect our tax dollars. Sure they are calling for an's now the politically correct thing to do and say! Yuk yuk yuk!!!
Suzette Watkins
I wrote to all the council members, and just got this back from Jungus Jordan, District 6. Looks like he is supporting an investigation now:

Thank you for your email concerning the unfortunate incident at the Rainbow Lounge. I have called for a complete and thorough investigation of this matter, and that all findings be formally reported to the full City Council.

Fort Worth has earned its well-established reputation as a community where all people are treated with respect. We pride ourselves on our active practice of the "Golden Rule" because we sincerely believe and adhere to the principles of individual liberty and common courtesy.

I firmly believe that ours is the finest, best-trained professional police department in the world, and any violation of civil rights by any citizen or employee will not be tolerated. Chief Halstead has guaranteed the citizens and Council this investigation will be handled in full compliance with the highest standards of conduct, civil rights and integrity.

I personally assure you that my fellow Council Members and I will insist upon the thorough scrutiny of this incident, and fully evaluate all the facts before issuing any official rulings.

Again, thank you for your inquiry.

Jungus Jordan
Council Member
City of Fort Worth
District 6

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