Dallas Voice:

Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead has promised a complete investigation into actions by officers with his department during the June 28 raid on the Rainbow Lounge.

He also said he intends to appoint a liaison to the LGBT community, as well as to other minority communities, and that he will implement sensitivity training that specifically addresses LGBT issues.

Um... how much sensitivity training is required to induce cops not to brutalize the gay residents of Fort Worth?

The latest news from Fort Worth reminds me of Dave's partner Jake's reaction to a billboard in Oklahoma promoting a Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Workshop: "How long could that workshop last?" wondered Jake. "'See this baby? Don't shake it!'" A sensitivity training session for Fort Worth cops could be handled just as quickly: "See this fag? Don't slam his head into the floor and give him a potentially life-threatening brain injury!"

And some good news: Chad Gibson remains hospitalized, but his condition is improving.