Don't trust Halstead.
Because fags are the only people police ever brutalize.
Is that one catch-all liaison he's proposing, or one for each minority group that squawks loudly enough?
Dan, even simple concepts like "Don't bash innocent person in head" may be a little much for a Texas cop to comprehend. These are the kind of people who join the force simply because they like fighting, but don't want to go to jail for it. That's it. Telling them that they can't beat innocent people into comas is like proving to Rick Warren, conclusively, that there is no god.

What will they do with their lives?
@4: Become County Constables or Sheriffs
Why does any self-respecting individual want to live in that shit-hole of a state, anyway?
@2 Fuck you. Hire gay police.
will we get pink berets?
I imagine that part of the sensitivity training will include strategies to deal with the apparently overwhelming fear that a gay man might make some sort of overture. "if a gay man looks at you, that should not be taken as an invitation for sex. Let's role-play some ways to deal with feeling 'hit on' that don't involve beating the shit out of someone."
9: I think it's funny that the chief of police hears about one of his men beating a gay man nearly to death, hears that the group that man belongs to is outraged, and thinks: "gee, they just need sensitivity training."

That chief apparently doesn't see the difference between a cop making an unwittingly offensive remark, and a whole group of cops consciously targeting gay bars and beating the fuck out of innocent patrons. The former might need sensitivity training; the latter needs jail time.
6: Good things: Mexican and Tex-Mex food (plentiful in restaurants, taquerias, and ethnic markets), overall good economy, low cost of living, inexpensive housing market, no harsh winters

Drawbacks: SUMMER (almost 3 months of 100+ degree temperatures), bigots, and bible beaters
I'm glad to hear his condition is improving.

On a side note, Hilton linked his blog to Dan's article. Some commentors are sending emails to the Fort Worth mayor, city counsel, etc., and some are saying they have spoken to witnesses at the Rainbow Lounge. One even said that Mr. Gibson pulled his dick out and started dry humping the air. Has anyone read any news sources that support that? I don't consider blog comments to be news sources. It shouldn't need saying, but bad behavior on the part of patron (if true) is never deserving of head trauma.
I know that sensitivity training sounds excessive--how much "training" does it take to get people to be decent human beings? But the reality is that it can make a difference. I hope it really happens; at the very least it may show Fort Worth police officers that their community cares about making sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again.
A butch friend of mine was arrested by a rookie cop looking for a man. Luckily, the rest of the officers of the local police force were regulars at her coffee shop. When they saw their favorite barista in cuffs because of a case of mistaken gender, they laughed at the rookie. Two years later, he's still getting made fun of and my friend is a police officer.

What is sensitivity training? I think it should be learning that making judgments based on someone's appearance will haunt you for the rest of your career and eventually that person will be given more respect then you ever will. This is of course assuming your mistake was only one of stupidity.

I think sensitivity training for violent, homophobic police officers should be the loss of their badge, their gun and some time behind bars so they understand the true criminal nature of their actions.
@14: True that. The cops should be charged with assault. Fired at a minimum.
Exactly. They don't need sensitivity training. They need to be fired. It's not okay to bash anyone's head in, gay OR straight.
@ 11,

Don't forget the humidity and mosquitoes. Those are suck-tastic too in Tex-ass

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