Election season's town-hall-style forums are riddled with inconveniences. First off, you have to shut up and listen to everything, no matter how arcane the question or droning the politician's answer. There's no fast-forward button, no pause button, no chance to shoot down dumb questions, and no beer.

These were the paramount considerations weighing on us while designing The Stranger's online town-hall forums for every local political race. (See the schedule below.) You want to know the difference between each candidate on your ballot—in detail—without feeling like you're watching a marathon of C-SPAN? You like a mix of wonky questions and general questions? You want the best questions to rise to the top and the worst questions to be ignored? At Electionland, readers ask questions ahead of time, other readers vote on the quality of the questions, and at a scheduled time, the candidates duke it out. Meanwhile, you can read along, grab a beer, howl obscenities, grab another beer, comment on answers, grab another beer—however many beers you want to drink is fine with us. You know the politicians are pounding 'em, too.

What have you missed so far? In the beta Electionland test run, mayoral candidate Mike McGinn answered questions about the crime rate going up, the state budget for services to help transients, transportation funding, the tunnel, Seattle public schools, bikes, farmers markets, and Godzilla (seriously). In the first full-on Electionland debate, between the two candidates for city attorney, readers asked incumbent Tom Carr and challenger Pete Holmes about marijuana, nightlife, the city's obstruction law and whether it's ever abused as a "catchall" by Seattle police officers, subpoenas issued to Seattle Times reporters in 2007 by Carr's office, jailing the homeless, and tons of other topics.

Electionland will host eight more throwdowns in October. In order of appearance:

• City Council Position 6: Jessie Israel vs. Nick Licata

Wed Oct 7, 1–3 pm.

• Housing Levy: Anna Markee vs. Kirk Robbins

Thurs Oct 8, 2–4 pm.

• City Council Position 4: Sally Bagshaw vs. David Bloom

Tues Oct 13, 1–3 pm.

• Initiative 1033: No on I-1033 (Tim Eyman refused to defend his crappy initiative)

Wed Oct 14 1–3 pm.

• City Council Position 2: Richard Conlin vs. David Ginsberg

Wed Oct 21 1–3 pm.

• Mayor: Joe Mallahan vs. Mike McGinn

Thurs Oct 22 1–2 pm.

• City Council Position 8: Mike O'Brien vs. Robert Rosencrantz

Tues Oct 27 1–3 pm.

• King County Executive: Susan Hutchison (who has not confirmed) vs. Dow Constantine (who has ostrich huevos)

Thurs Oct 29 1–2 pm.