I've been listening to NPR—in bed, with a pounding headache. A headache that NPR's yakking heads made worse. Apparently winning the Nobel Peace Prize is a Very Bad Thing, potentially very damaging to the president. Because, hey, Obama's nice but he's no Nelson Mandela, no Mikhail Gorbachev, no, er, Henry Kissinger. There was some speculation about whether or not Obama would accept the compliment and decline prize. But the president accepted the peace prize in the spirit in which those sneaky 'wegians awarded it to him: as an affirmation of his goals, an attempt by the prize committee to build momentum and help him achieve those goals, an A+ for effort. The only question that was shouted at the president by the press corps after speech:

"What will you do with the money, Mr. President?"

Our priorities are in order.

UPDATE: Obama's peace prize is already paying dividends. It helped the Taliban and the Republican National Committee find common ground.