Eyman Opposition: Labor unions contribute nearly a million dollars in October to stop Eyman initiative, state records show. Today is the deadline for campaign contributions over $5,000.

Insurgent Teabaggers: Trying to unseat Republican incumbents who support stimulus spending or reject anti-tax philosophy.

March Over There: Gays march in Washington, D.C. to goad Obama and Congress for repeal of DOMA, DADT, and to fulfill other campaign promises. Does the White House take their opposition seriously? Nope, the White Housing thinks they're "really part of the Internet left fringe," according to an NBC correspondent.

March Over Here: Hundreds march through Capitol Hill and head to federal courthouse to cap off LGBT Equality Weekend.

White House Vows to Push Back on Fox News: Communications director Anita Dunn says Fox News is "widely viewed as a part of the Republican Party ... let's not pretend they're a news organization like CNN is."

Pedestrians in Peril: Woman killed by hit-and-run driver in Sultan; eleven-year-old autistic boy hit and killed by car on Highway 99; homeless man downtown hit and killed by woman, suspected of drinking, who sped off on I-5.

Off the Lam: Hijacker turns himself in at same airport he departed from—hijacking a plane from New York City and redirecting it to Cuba—after hiding out for 41 years.

Whipping Girl: Republicans plan to target Pelosi, noting trends of her declining popularity, to bolster their mid-term election strategy. The Republican Congressional Committee hopes to put her "in her place."

Ms. Pelosi Thursday called the statement sexist. "It's really sad. They really don't understand how inappropriate that is," she told reporters. "I'm in my place. I'm speaker of the House, the first woman speaker of the House. And I'm in my place because the House of Representatives voted me there. That language is something I haven't even heard in decades."

Get. Over. It. Republicans still grousing about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Capitulation: Democrats yank health-care commercial, featuring Bob Dole, after he balks.

Vaccination: Anonymous researchers say AIDS vaccine less effective than claimed.

  • Seattle Municipal Archives on Flickr

Seattle Mayor William F. Devin: Held the office from 1942 to 1952. In the quote below, he talks about appointing the Civic Unity Committee, which was tasked with addressing potential racial violence. Two weeks later, a race riot broke out at Fort Lawton in Magnolia due to the inequitable treatment of African American soldiers.

They argue, 'Why appoint a committee to work on the problem of racial tensions when there is no problem?' This argument did not appeal to me, but there are still a great number who feel that the committee should not have been appointed. [...]

It was also my theory in appointing this committee that a great bulk of the people in this city haven't any definite prejudices for or against the Negro people or anyone else. We are a northern city which means that we did not grow up with a prejudice against the Negro race. However, we are all ordinary citizens and we are apt to be influenced very easily and swayed from one side to the other by unthinking people and leaders who bring to us misinformation that causes prejudices against not only the Negro, the Jew, the Catholic but against all groups.