Some dumb fucking bigoted pieces of shit—or "patriots," are they're known on Fox News—snuck on to a golf course in Massachusetts and carved this into a green...


I [swastika] Obama? Um... what does that mean? Is it supposed to be a riff on that "I [heart] NY" campaign and its tens of thousands of variations? My boyfriend has an "I [club] Hippies" shirt. But hearting/loving and clubbing are things a person does; one is a feeling, the other an action. You can't "Nazi" someone the way you can "heart" them or "club" them. Unless... are the vandals making an admission here? Are they telling us that they're trying to make Obama out as some sort of Nazi? That this Nazi meme is something they're doing to him, that they're running around sliming the president by making a patently false and politically inflammatory accusation? That would make it an admission of guilt or evil intent on their part.

Or... did they leave out a comma? Did they mean "I, Nazi Obama," like, "I, Claudius"?