Bad News for King County Democrats: Closet Republican Susan Hutchison leading Dow Constantine in latest poll for King County Executive. She has 47 percent support to his 42 percent support. He's even trailing by 18 points among voters 18-24 years old, which should be his base. Conservatives prefer Hutchison by a 5-to-1 margin; Democrats and liberals favor Constantine by nearly 2-to-1 margin. Eleven percent of voters remain undecided.

How Gays Fight the Fight: Public Disclosure Commission reports show that the campaign to approve Referendum 71 has spent roughly $425,000 on televisions ads, most of which air on televisions stations in Western Washington. The opposition has spent $100,000 on radio ads.

Finally: Lornet Turnbull and Janet I. Tu at the Seattle Times politely raise issues about bigots who put R-71 on the ballot, Gary Randall and Larry Stickney, but then politely let them off the hook.

Larry Stickney, campaign manager for Protect Marriage Washington, and Gary Randall, his philosophical soul mate, see the tightly contested battle as one not about pension rights and sick leave but as their last chance to protect traditional marriage in Washington. ...

The twice-divorced Stickney, a 51-year-old construction worker turned conservative-political activist, has denounced as blatantly untrue allegations from an ex-wife that he abused her. And Randall, an Oregon resident who can't vote on the measure he helped get on the ballot, has had a record of unpaid taxes, which he says he's since paid off.

Mayor's Horse Race: Joe Mallahan leads Mike McGinn by six points in poll. Mallahan holds the upper hand among in outlying legislative districts in the city, and all age groups except 50 to 64 year olds. McGinn leads in the central city.

NYC Mayoral Debate: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg defends his right to serve a third term, despite his pledge to stick to the two-term limits, which he overturned. The candidates were asked: Has Obama done enough for gay rights? Bloomberg says no, but the challenger, Comptroller William Thompson, says yes.

Health Care Costs: Senate Finance Committee passes $829 billion health-care reform bill by 14-9 vote. By supporting the bill, Republican Olympia Snowe risks losing appointment to a commerce committee.

Backlash: Lawmakers resent insurance industry's attempt to sabotage health-care vote with bogus report.

Fail: Launch of plagued with glitches.

Among the problems were the posting of administrator passwords, a list of GOP accomplishments that ended in 2004 and a “future leaders” section that was devoid of material. In addition, the site was inaccessible for much of the day.

Special Protections for Conservatives: Initiative huckster Tim Eyman sues state to block release of petitions.

Joe Mallahan: Running $95,000 in the red.

In the Mail: City Council Member Jean Godden cuts the city a check for equvielant of 10 days pay. "I have decided that I want to participate fully with other city employees and have agreed to take an equivalent reduction in pay," Godden says.

Bailey Gatzert
  • Seattle Municipal Archives
  • Bailey Gatzert

Mayor Bailey Gatzert: Held the office from 1875 to 1876. He was Seattle's eighth mayor, but the city's only Jewish mayor. He is survived by an elementary school bearing his name.