Don't let a major trajedy get in the way of partisanship.
Another incompetent costs this nation dearly.
lol I see a new slogan on the horizon.., sucking the water out of Huckabee's pool since 2001.
"Democrats won't make a political issue out of this tragedy during the primary."

With all due respect, you certainly have your head up you ass this morning.

if huck doesn't run it will help romney
Huckabee granted clemency, not always, but mostly based the convicts' belief in Christ and conversion stories. Not fairness or justice or new evidence or rehabilitation. Criteria practically every Slog writer and reader would fail. How his religious test got past courts, is for somebody else to determine.

Four dead cops is as good an opportunity as any to score cheap political points.
The stiff drug laws enacted by Congress were a response to the insane crack epidemic going through the cities in the 1980's. Remember? I, for one, am glad the drug laws were enacted and the epidemic was controlled.
Yes #8...because it is SO HARD to find drugs in the USA.
Actually, the very first thing I thought when I heard that he pardoned the cop killer was that there was no way he'd be elected president now. People don't take kindly to letting cop killers off... especially cops.
Huckabee get off the air, quit, just go away PLEASE
Yes, a crack epidemic caused by Reagan and Oliver North allowing the Contras to sell drugs in the USA so they could fund their war against the communists.

Because hey, defeating communism is worth it as long as it's only blacks in poverty who get addicted to crack.
Huckabee was right, there was a series of failures in the criminal justice system. The series starts with Huckabee and concluded with the judge that let the suspect out of jail 7 days ago with such a small bond. Child rape + $15,000 = freedom? What the fuck!

I think the word "gig" is a giveaway. No doubt, he spends his evenings in jazz alley smoking a "lid" after his "gig".

Girls, you can't pin this on Huck (he is a weasel shyster, no doubt, but this particular dog won't hunt...) All Ark had this guy for was robbery. Your Washington judge that let him walk on child rape is the one with 4 cops' blood on his hands....
Gawd Dan you moron Huckabee was being sarcastic and ironic with the 'Fox gig' line.
ps Palin does not have the nomination wrapped up or anything like it- that is a liberals dream but not reality.
2012 will be a red year, Dan- make book on it.
The Republicans currently have no front runner for 2012 OR 2016 or even a known, legitimate candidate that could win.
Palin has rabid followers but she also has rabid haters.
Huckabee is a genial boob who could only get elected if you counted votes from south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Romney has presence but he also comes off as fake...and the Mormonism isn't going to help him. Mormons are certainly right wing Christians but the other right wing Christians look at them with great suspicion.
Republicans desperately need a sane, charismatic, populist to unite short, they need an Obama and there doesn't seem to be one on the horizon.
insightful thoughts.
Dan ragging the Mormons 24/7 over Prop 8 gives Romney cred with the evangelicals.
While a child molester shouldn't be allowed to just walk, I don't really think there's any connection between that charge and killing cops. I don't think that pedophiles are particularly known for going on cop-killing rampages - that is, I don't see a connection. So while he ought to have been locked up, that isn't that relevant to these murders - getting tougher on pedophiles I wouldn't expect to have any positive effect on violent crime. That is, unless it was a violent rape of a child, in which case, there's probably more of a relation.

The only question as far as Huckabee is concerned, from my point of view, is whether the decision was made based on the guy being 17 and given such a harsh sentence, and evidence of good behavior and good mental health (some of the descriptions I saw seemed a bit like schizophrenia, or some kind of mental illness at least), or whether Huckabee allowed something like a conversion to Christianity to be a deciding factor. Only the latter would be damning of Huckabee in my eyes. If the prison psychiatrists didn't catch his problems, that's not Huckabee's fault...
Pass the Buck Huck is trying to blame failures in the criminal justice system in Washington? Um, nice try there fella. He's out on $150,000 bail - Washington state law only permits no-bail holds in capital cases. The judge set bail high, but he found a bondsman willing to front it. What, precisely, failed in Washington state's criminal justice system?

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