Suspected Cop Killer: Finally caught, fatally shot.

The Urge to Surge: Obama to expedite deployment of 30,000 more American troops to Afghanistan.

Rape Doesn't Pay: Roman Polanski remains in jail while trying to come up with $4.5 million bail.

Neither Does Crazy On-Court Cussing: Serena Williams fined $82,500 for lashing out at U.S. Open lineswoman.

No Fair: Killer on Florida's death row dies of natural causes.

Fourth Time's a Charm?: Rush Limbaugh announces forthcoming nuptials.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Sued for Gluten-Free Copyright Infringement: And the photo accompanying the news item makes her head look weird. She's also wearing the most laborious pro-McCain t-shirt you'll ever see.

It's Too Bad This Item Concerns Hinduism Instead of Buddhism, Because Then I Could've Used the Title 'Grodysattva': Hindu sacrifice of 250,000 animals begins with decapitation of thousands of buffalo in Nepal.

No, #1 Is Not 'Google': Top 10 Bing Searches for 2009.

Finally, today is World AIDS Day. To commemorate, here's a late-career gem from an artist who's been fighting AIDS since before you were born (or at least since the early '80s, when the disease robbed her of a lot of her friends). Also, it's been an awful few days, and this song cheers me up. Enjoy.