Taking a phone call from 
Dominic Holden.


Oh dahling Birchsteen, don't be naughty now. Fine representations of all that is good continue. Remember, it was you who pointed out the meaning behind what we've come to consider Seattle's epitomy of artistic excellence, "Giant Robot Turde in the Woods" in Sculpture Park. The glossy black angular shape of a giant turde plop-ped upon the "last" and only grove of trees in the park so embodies our glorious industrial triumph over nature, I am simply rapt at its marvelous ability to express reality; our reality, dahling, not theirs. Oh, Sculpture Park's repertoire of distorted imaginings is so delightfully Dali! Don't trouble yourself, dear Birchsteen, with the terribly terribly mundane.
Dear Mr. Steen:

As usual you are spot on.

One wishes you would write a book about the state of America, not just a column about the sorry state of a "news"paper in the State of Washington.

Best Wishes for the New Year.

Yours Truly,

Your Faithful Reader,

Mike in Oly

[NB to whoever writes "Mr. Steen's" column: I'm serious: You really should think about writing a book. It's the first thing I read when The Stranger comes out each week. What makes it funny is so much of what he/you writes is true. Ironic, isn't it?}
Yup! the wars did not end but the graphic news and details of it and the dead did? no super bowl Sunday partys or extravagance of the military as per the Republican years? In fact not much of a thank you for the armed forces over the holidays.

Made Me wonder about the Democratic dominated Media and the Republican looser's and there failures to hang on to even the soap in the shower?

But the media and news has always been caned garbage since "media" was born. All propaganda to support ass holes and sell cheap goods in mass commodities?

Luke 20? and all of that Luke stuff in the bible? The stone rejected will become the corner stone and those who toss them selfs on it will be broken to bits and those who the stone falls on will be grinded to power?

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