Next up Dan will tell us it is because they are mean to the Gays...
I just...I can't wait until Pat Robertson dies. Falwell is gone, Roberts is gone, WHY WON'T YOU TAKE YOUR SON PAT HOME TO BE WITH YOU, JEEBUS?!
"The devil said "OK, it's a deal'" - I love that line.
This "pact" was a slave revolt. Robertson's always been a big fan of slavery. Maybe he should -- no, fuck him, he's ineducable and not worth saving -- maybe YOU should read up on the history of the sugar trade that might have led the slaves to do such a thing. They used to work them as much as TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY during the harvest seasons because it was cheaper to just get new ones when they inevitably died after as little as four years. No form of slavery was ever as brutal.

Pat Robertson digs that, just like he digs the diamond and gold mines in Africa he's got a heavy economic stake in, or the eight-year-old boy soldiers pumped to the gills on meth who fight the wars for his close personal friends like Charles Taylor of Liberia.

Pat Robertson is seriously one of the most evil fuckers alive today, probably the single most evil American.
Granted, it was stupid for Robertson to utter that. But, what's eerie is that Haiti IS Hell on earth right now. Weird.
My biggest fear is that everything Pat Robertson says turns out to be 100% completely true.
Ah, every time we need a little levity in the face of tragedy, Pat Robertson comes through for us.
Everyone who's had the pleasure of knowing or encountering a Haitian knows that they are mostly Christians, Mr. Robertson's words in this matter "making a pact with the devil" would be highly rejected by all of those who know a little bit about the Republic of Haiti and it's people.

It's should also be brought into attention that most of the people in the eastern half of the island (domican republic) which thrives on racism and in many cases on enslavement of Haitian migrants in agricultural fields, are just as much economically destitute as those Haiti. The only difference is that there's a somewhat higher percentage of an elite who thru their racial ancestry and connections has kept the the majority of the wealth on that side for themsleves. But by no means can it be even remotely deemed "prosperous" as Robertson has done.
Robertson is CERTIFIABLY insane!
It's called "blaming the victim" and pseudo-Christians like Robertson do it reflexively anytime they need to explain why they've decided Jesus' imprecations to treat others as you would like to be treated and to help the poor don't apply in a particular instance.
Religion does brain damage. It's a fact. Use it as you will.
Let me see if I understand this: two hundred years ago, some people allegedly made a pact with the devil, and now their great-great-great-great-great grandchildren are paying the price.

Apparently Robertson hasn't read the Old Testament that he likes to quote so much when it comes to fags and adulterers; 2 Kings (14:6) and 2 Chronicles (25:4) contain virtually the same words, which are: "Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sins."
He's telling a black woman that the Haitians should have stayed slaves. So classy, Pat.
@11 I have a feeling that Pat Robertson was just nuts to begin with.
@14.. makes me think of the adage ' who's more fool, the fool or the fool that follows the fool ?'
Well of course the Haitians made a pact with Satan. Their old pal Jesus wasn't doing them any good.
You know he really is the last of the 80's evangelical monsters to go. Falwell, Roberts, Swaggert (he is dead isn't he?)... This particular genus of hateful, mean-spirited religious dinosaur may really be dying out...or is that too much to hope for?
@12 Unfortunately, that concept is contradicted in virtually every other passage in the bible. Cities are wiped out because of some perceived slight, and all are born into sin because of Adam & Eve. (Adam & Steve would have never made that mistake!) The god of the Old Testament just liked to kill randomly: it was up to the survivors to make up the stories about the dead.

Even when Pat & his generation die, there will be another group to take their place. They hide their racial hatred now, but when they get to the pulpit, it'll start flying around the room.

And remember, kids, Jesus makes you better than other people!
You'd think Haitians would've gotten a little out of it at the beginning, a little peace and wealth, perhaps? Satan's even more useless than God, it seems.


Just to underscore your point, by the time of the Haitian revolt, 90 percent of slaves in the colony had been born in Africa.

I also don't remember all those Egyptian first born sons having done anything wrong, other than be born to parents who had enslaved God's "chosen" people.
I am ashamed for him. I'm ashamed of him. He needs a damn ball gag, or some duct tape. What a FGB!
What the hell ever happened to smiting? This evil demon needs smote immediately.
@22: remember after 9/11 when the "american taliban" term was starting to stick to robertson et al, and then john walker lindh came along and now "chardonnay sipping marin county hot tubber" = "american taliban"?

this country sure is dumb sometimes.
@19, Must not forget Mel Gibson's favorite verse (Matthew 27:25):

"All the people answered, 'Let his blood be on us and on our children!'"
This isn't exactly breaking. He's been a dumb fucker for an extremely long time. This is just the latest batshittery.
Recite this wishing the worst for Pat Robertson.



No. The REALLY fucked up thing here is that Pat isn't on the weather channel presenting the other side of every forecast.

Will the sodomites draw God's wrath this weekend, or can I do some antiquing? Will the defeat of gay marriage in New Jersey break the cold snap in time for my business trip? I need to know these things, and we all know these meteorologists are neither trustworthy nor speaking with God's voice.
Pat Robertson is an idiot, indeed. And the best the Stranger can do is whine about. Not force him off the air. Not bombard his station with millions of emails, phone calls, faxes, and letters, shutting his business down. The Stranger is like most liberals: they whine about bad shit, but refuse to do anything about it because they actually did anything, they wouldn't have jobs tomorrow.
Yup, he's one crazy muthafucka, alright!
@30 That's the problem: "doing something about it" in the way you suggest would only empower them to make more crazy statements. Bombarding CBN with emails, phone calls, faxes, letters, etc. will do exactly jack shit except reinforce their persecution complex. "Look, millions of atheist homo liberals are writing in, calling for our heads! Oh, how persecuted we are for the sake of the gospel!"
Why the fuck to they allow people like this on TV? I just don't get it.
Aw, Kimmie, bet you thought I wasn't paying attention.

And I could certainly think of far better use for each of them.
Because Paul Constant said it:

Pat Roberston, Dumb Fucker
Wow, I guess he doesn't believe that black people could free themselves without the Devils help. It's a racist twofer:

1) God wants black people to be slaves
2) Black people aren't competent.

What an asshole.
How about this: Get one of those Twilight Zone watches that stop time. Activate it, find Robertson, and, while he's immobilized and helpless, arrange him in space so he's dangling naked, spread-eagled and ass-downward, above a giant spike. Start time again and watch gleefully as gravity deposits the spike up into his innards. Side benefit: The newspapers would decide his death resulted from some perverted form of auto-erotic masochism.

If you have that watch, please let me know. I'll give it back when I'm done.

No, I trust your paying attention. Yes, I know you have better uses for them, but can't you tip off someone on Robertson's staff? Think of it as an act of compassion and charity.
Sorry, but I don't have the inside line to Pat Robertson. And even if I did, I wouldn't even tip him off. Hell, I wouldn't even warm up the anal hook for him. (For you, though? Sure thing.)
You're such a wicked flirt.

There goes my hope of hushing him up. He'd take one look at me and start running or trying to run. Cest la vie ...
That should have said "I wouldn't even warm it up before using it on him."

And no, I don't miss much around here, even when you and Matt and Irena are talking about me behind my back in the wee hours. (Irena's right, BTW, I'm a lot of fun to get drunk with.)
Wait a minute, I'm a flirt??? I'm not the one showing off my sexy legs to the whole world every time I make a post. (Not that I don't have them, of course.)
I knew he'd have something to say but I would've thought he'd blame "God's wrath" on the gays as he did for Katrina. But he's clearly showing the true colors of the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) who historically supported slavery and used the Bible to justify it(…). If he and his racist minions are saying this about Haiti then you can only wonder what they constantly say regarding Lincoln freeing the slaves.

Anyway, Pat's hatred is tiresome but always a reminder of what kind of people there are still today who take delight in seeing minorities suffer.
I talk about you behind your back? Can you quote me? I don't think so, 'cause I like you.

Seriously, I'll happily apologize for any offense you think I have done to your person. I'm not into emotional pain.

You don't like my legs?
For a minute there I thought the black woman was going to go off on him...
"You are one crazy-ass mutha-fucker, you old cracker! Where do you come up with that shit? We all want to know why you ain't you dead yet! I know - YOU is the one who made the pact with the Devil!"
Maybe next time...
So he thinks the only way blacks could overthrow whites 200 years ago was if they had HELP FROM THE DEVIL?!? Funny stuff Pat!
Geez, what are you going and getting all offended for? Yes, you have talked "behind my back;" you never said anything but nice things, though, so I'm hardly offended.

And I love your legs. Though if it were up to me, I'd have you put them in a decent pair of nylons. Call me old-fashioned if you want. But my original point that you're just as much of a flirt as I am still stands.
@18 - Jimmy Swaggart isn't dead, but he is languishing in irrelevance in what's left of his decrepit fiefdom on Bluebonnet Boulevard in Baton Rouge. He's a joke here, even among the sizeable evangelical set.
"Jimmy Swaggart " that's a name I haven't heard since I was growing up in South Carolina.
I like how "full of resorts" = properous and healthy country. WAT

Have you been into the WT? I'm not mad, you made me laugh. I like laughing.

I did not consider expressing my appreciation for your presence here as "talking behind your back". I'll need to re-think that if the occasion rises again.

Thank you for the compliment. Nylons would have looked lame with the shoes I was wearing at the time of that photo.

BTW, I like flirts.

I'm done hijacking this thread.

Take care.

1) Oh yeah, long time ago.

2) Why? Like I said, no offense was taken.

3) When are women going to start listening to guys about what looks hot instead of other women? Trust me, they don't want you to look hot.

4) I know you do.
And I like you too, BTW. ;-)
Shepard Smith played that clip on his show today, and obviously found it difficult to keep the disgust out of his voice. He only partially succeeded.…
Wait a minute, I thought the French were the evil ones aligned with the devil?
Fuck you, Loveschild. The Dominican Republic does not "thrive" on racism, unless you want to define racism as aluminum and bauxite mining as well as money sent home from Dominican American immigrants. Bigot.
Actually, I take back the bigot.
This man is evil. There is nothing Christian about him; there is nothing human. Only pure, unadulterated evil.
He's so tacky. Note to self: no dinner invitations for Pat Robertson.
Loveschild, Robertson's remarks are no less bigoted than the things you say about gay people.
Pffft, Wanna know how I know Pat Robertson is a delusional piece of shit?

Because anyone who's ever played war games, or studied history for like....4 minutes knows that you don't need a blood-pact with Satan to beat the goddamn French. :p

"When are women going to start listening to guys about what looks hot instead of other women? Trust me, they don't want you to look hot."

Sorry, can't answer that for you. I don't listen to other women or even men. Nylons with sandals, or any open toes shoes, is UN-sexy and I would feel idiotic wearing that combination, which isn't hot. Now, silk stockings and garter belts with closed toed heels is something entirely different. Nylons (and tights) are not my cup of tea, they pinch the waist, and I avoid them. Not hard as I'm not fond of dresses/skirts, wear them once or twice a year. Jeans and tee-shirts are my style, stuff I can be active in and that can get good and dirty.

Another reason that I would never be able to get close to Robertson in order to duct tape his trap shut. I don't fit the physical description of a "noble woman worth more than rubies".

I feel sorry for people who take Robertson's rants as gospel. I wish someone who really cared for him, would help him hush his mouth.
Anyone else catch Haitian ambassador to the US, Raymond Joseph on Rachel Maddow's show last night? The man sounded genuinely hurt by Robertson's bullshit.
I blasted both the 700 club with a nasty email as well as Pat's email. Doubt they will read it, but if enough people do the same, maybe we can send them a message. Fire the douch bag!

Help seize up their website with email. Here is the link to the 700 club editors:…

and for Pat's email:…

Commence attack
These heartless networks should stop exploiting the mentally ill for ratings.
Jon Stewart has a lovely takedown of both Robertson and Limbaugh on last night's show.
Stewart isn't flawless, but when he nails things like that I want him to be president.

He read uplifting passages FROM THE BIBLE, about how God gives HOPE, which is what a "religious" man like Robertson should do at time like this.

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