Is this the same Publius who claimed there is a secret treasure map in Pink Floyd's albums or is this just some other conspiracy theory nutjob?
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis (1935)
While teabaggers may not directly associate with anarchist white supremacist groups, they have certainly created an environment for infiltration by these groups and offered them a safe place in which to blend in and network.
I feel Captain America would be as disgusted by Teabaggers as Jesus would be disgusted by them, too.
The quote was pretty spot on.

That describes them exactly.
If teabaggers are going to be Marvel's next supervillians, they're definitely going to need better costumes.

And some of them should probably consider losing a few pounds - spandex is very unforgiving when it comes to unsightly bulges.
@4 Captain America and Jesus would be a Marvel Team-Up worth buying.

Or better yet, a "What IF - Captain America WAS Jesus!"
Captain America is a product of wasteful government spending anyway.
@9 They built him in a crummy old basement, they were scrimping and saving for their on their penny wise pound foolish super-soldier creation programs. (why build a single infantry soldier when you could just build an atom bomb)
Whether it's right-wing teabaggers soiling their drawers over perceived insults in funny-books or left-wingers wringing their hands over some mildly offensive characterization in a Garrison Keillor monologue, it all adds up to the same thing: Nothing.
@10- I guess it depends on which version of the origin story you're reading.
Tired but true: "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."
Go Cap!
Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

~Oscar Wilde
#11 Captain America is awesome; Garrison Keillor is boring. So there.
@16: But they more or less have these things in common: both wear red-white-and-blue tights, have wings and a capital "A" on their masks, and fight using a star-spangled shield, appropriately turning a defensive instrument into a bludgeon -- probably the perfect metaphor for American military power. Both delight audiences with their low-key anecdotes of middle American small-town values embodied in the fictional town of Lake Wobegon. Both have outlived their relevance by about seventy years.

Also, your opinion of either one has not one whit of political relevance. It's simply a preference, like "I don't like licorice."
I totally had that Ronnie Reagan snake-man issue as a 6 year old...I remember the supposedly-cured Reagan at the end in a panel focusing on his shining fangs....
When did Captain America come back to life?
I think there's a difference between the message of the Tea Parties, which is the exact same thing conservatives have been saying for years save for the crazy people who want to bomb Iran and kill homosexuals, and the people in it. Those people have adapted themselves to the narrative because they saw some angry old white people screaming about government on the TV box and figured it was a good time to chime in.

Furthermore this isn't some liberal agenda, it's real life. The only reason this hits a sour nerve is because it's partly true, just like it's partly true Obama is a socialist (As Bush participated in socialism and so on). It's about calling dangerous and racist people dangerous and racist regardless of their label, they can't hind behind "Tea Party" and get away with claiming we need daily votes on political figures, or civics test to make sure people know whatever kind of English our politicians want us to before we're allowed to vote on them.

The tea party people need to address these issues in their camp before anyone will take them seriously. Their demons are huge, because they deal with people who are so nationalistic they'd rather we execute people in America unless their citizens. The movement got Palin to yell about attacking Iran, someone thinks we're supposed to show some kind of restraint're a member of a political party? I'm not sure what kind of reality these tea baggers are living in, but they need to remove the cock from their nose canal and start using their brain device. Fuck your war, fuck your "limited government" and fuck your couch.
Captain America's been a raging liberal pretty much ever since they first brought him back in the 60's. I'm always kinda amazed when people don't notice that (and annoyed when the writers don't notice that). Fighting the American far-right is a standard storyline for him. The only 'new' thing here is that the Tea Party is the new real-world glaze they're putting over the same old story.
"I am loyal to nothing [...] except the dream" -Captain America
Where did all the good people go? The people that discussed policies and moved forward together towards a common goal to better this country. All I see here is left vs. right , and childish name calling tea baggers, socialist, you are all being used like tools against each other and unless you wake up now ... This country will fall due to your own ignorance. Trust no one and fact check all politicians no matter what party affiliation they are. Only looking at one side will cause more harm than good and isn't that what we all should want for this country "good". Obama=Bush just look up the policies he has passed and what Bush was doing too (patriot act) you have nothing to lose except your ignorance.
I'm gonna go buy me the new issue of Captain America. And if I can get a subscription, by golly, I'm gonna do that. I've always been a Batman chick (the comic Batman, please, not the insipid movie versions) but I might just switch. God Bless Captain America!

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