Microsoft Tax Break: Bill sponsored by State Rep. Ross Hunter would give Microsoft an estimated $100 million break on taxes. The bill has given rise to and a debate over whether giving tax breaks to a gigantic employer—whose 40,000 staff boosts the state's economy—makes perfect sense. Hunter represents Medina, which is also where Bill Gates lives.

The Sweep in Afghanistan: Have you been following the story of 6,000 soldiers descending on the Taliban holdout of Marja? They’re going door to door looking for fighters who have enmeshed themselves with the city of 80,000. But not all is going well. Over the weekend, NATO-lead forces fired a rocket into a shelter, killing 12 civilians. A NATO general has apologized. As of this morning, many Taliban fled the city into Pakistan.

Buh-Bayh: Democrat Evan Bayh will retire, citing divisive politics in Congress. Speculation abounds that Republican take the Indiana seat, further whittling the Dems’ influence in the Senate.

Elephants on Tea Time: Republicans attempt to woo tea party activists before midterm elections.

Prosecutor on Politics: AG Eric Holder sharpens tongue for political messaging after a series of gaffes.

Stabbing on Capitol Hill: Early Sunday morning:

A third unknown suspect joined in the struggle and assisted the others in pinning the victim to the ground. During the struggle the victim felt several impacts to his mid/lower back and a dull pain. The suspects removed the victim’s wallet from his back pocket.

In Lighter Capitol Hill News: Cardboard-tube-wielding knights battle in the park.

Garbage Can Bombs in Laurelhurst: “The covered metal garbage can was totally destroyed by the explosion,” writes the SPD.

Free Texas: Republicans trying to out-conservative each other for primary nominations in Texas. “We will tell the E.P.A., ‘You have no authority here,’” says Debra Medina.

Do the “Mike Tyson”: To a bouncer:

Police responded at 10:45 p.m. to the nightclub in the 300 block of Union Street where the bitten bouncer explained that the woman had been harassing customers waiting in line outside the nightclub. When the bouncer asked her to knock it off, the woman put her arms around his neck and proceeded to chomp on his earlobe.

Even Though Gay Marriage Is Already Legal There: Dems in Iowa join with anti-gay Republicans to force vote on gay marriage. The thinking behind the movement: “Anyone who has read the Bible knows that while individual battles will continue, the ultimate outcome of the spiritual war was settled long ago by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Iowa, Kenya—Like Peas in a Pod: Gay witch hunts in Africa.