I was disappointed to hear that rather than allow Constance McMillen to attend prom with her girlfriend, the school district canceled the prom. This move singles out Ms. McMillen for harassment and humiliation. I urge you to reconsider your decision and gain back the dignity that your school district has lost in taking the petty and bigoted action of canceling the prom for all students.

When I attended high school, nearly ten years ago, the lesbians who I went to school with were allowed to attend prom with their dates in whatever manner of formal dress that they so desired. I assure you that my high school graduating class, and the resulting doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professionals that came from that class, were not negatively impacted in any way by the lesbian students that attended my prom. Indeed, having my friends, all my friends, at prom my high school prom is one of my dearest memories. If you are at all concerned about your schools national reputation, I urge you to reconsider your decision.


Mae Axelrod

To Superintendent McNeece and members of the Itawamba County School District:

Your decision to cancel prom is an example not only of a blatant act of discrimination against an already subjugated minority, but also a pathetic reflection of an ignorant and limited understanding of love. Actions like yours not only amplify unfounded fears and prejudices - they also target individual students directly: the exclusion experienced by Constance McMillen is psychological violence on the highest scale.

You are all guilty of inflicting pain on a teenage girl, and of promoting the bigoted ideas that propagate such violence. I implore you to renounce your decision and apologize, in the interest of civil rights, but also in the interest of human feeling.

Thank you and sincerely,

Chase Gregory
Boston, Ma

Dear Ms. McNeece,

The bigotry shown by your decision to cancel prom shows a blatant disregard for the safety of your gay students. Kids look forward to prom, and having it taken away is surely going to cause some teenagers to retaliate against the people they feel are responsible. And it probably won't be you, it'll be the homosexual students in your school district.

You aren't going to stop homosexuality by banning it at your prom, or by canceling your prom, or by creating a situation for gays to be attacked in a place they are legally required to attend. This story has already traveled around the globe, and people the world over are pointing their fingers at your bigotry. I hope you're embarrassed because I sure am embarrassed for you.

A. Coraccio
American resident of the Republic of Ireland

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